Hi Everyone!

My name is Nicolle and I am interning at the Center for Community Engagement this semester!

The photo/quote above was something that I saw when I was scrolling through Pinterest. I love Pinterest. It always amazes me how many great ideas people have. Not only that, but I have gotten some great recipes off of Pinterest! There are also days when I go on Pinterest and I feel so encouraged by quotes, such as the one above, and the stories that people are able to share just by “pinning” something on their “board.”

Yesterday, I felt so inspired, and it was not because of something I saw on Pinterest or another social media site. I felt inspired because of what I saw at the Service Fair that took place alongside Eastern’s Activity Fair. There was table after table exhibiting all the amazing community programs; alternative break opportunities and special events taking place this academic year. Student leaders sat next to community members conversing about their projects and why they were important to them. Posters, flyers, stickers, sunglasses and candy made the tables look so interesting and engaging.

As I watched Eastern students, from freshmen to seniors, walk up to these tables, I saw faces light up with passion as genuine conversations took place on what issues interested them. Pages and pages were filled on student interest sheets with names, phone numbers and e-mails of those interested in reaching out to the community through volunteering.

There were tables featuring the CCE, the Food Justice Committee, the Alternative Break Program, The Access Agency, WAIM, Relay for Life, afterschool programs, The Journey House, tutoring programs and so many more!

I just wanted to thank everyone who came to run a table and everyone who supported the Service Fair. I love that I do not have to just read the quotes on Pinterest, or just hear about great things happening around the world on the news to be inspired. By seeing how many people were interested in signing up and wanted to find out more information about all the community service opportunities happening this year, I know that there is going to be some amazing, encouraging and inspiring things happening right here in Willimantic, Connecticut!

The Service Fair was only the beginning; Let’s get started Eastern Connecticut State University Student Volunteers!