Service Award Nominations

Service Award Nominations

This is a Spring 2017 Event


New information will be posted later this year after planning is completed and the program is ready. The information below from last year will provide background and context for the awards.


Eastern is very fortunate to have a large number of engaged members of its community. The Center for Community Engagement seeks nominations for the 2016 Service Awards. Students, faculty, staff and community partners are eligible to receive one of the awards below. Please consider nominating a worthy person. All nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, March 30, 2016. Click here to nominate.

Student Community Engagement Award: This award is given to a student who has created positive change in the Eastern and surrounding communities while demonstrating a commitment to improving the lives of others. The award recipient leads and encourages others to become involved in meaningful service. Through the student’s inclusive nature and heightened sense of social responsibility, the impact of his/her service will continue long after the student has graduated from Eastern.

Faculty/Staff Community Engagement Award: This award is given to a faculty or staff member at Eastern who influences students to create positive change for surrounding neighborhoods and communities. The award recipient demonstrates leadership in service to others. This individual serves as a mentor and a role model to students and is passionate about addressing social justice issues.

Community Partner Engagement Award: This award is given to a member of the community who has demonstrated commitment to civic engagement by working with Eastern students, faculty and staff. This individual inspires others to take action and works tirelessly to make an impact by enriching Eastern’s relationship with the community by his/her efforts.

Service Learning Award: This award recognizes students and/or faculty who apply their academic knowledge to solve real-life community problems and challenges. Through their service-learning, the ideal candidate(s) must demonstrate their integrity and academic excellence to the community while showcasing their social awareness and passion for social, educational or environmental justice.

Community Event Award: This award recognizes either a Special Event (one-time) or a Community Program (continual service) that will have a lasting impact on the local community. The program should be reciprocal in nature, with both Eastern and the community partner sharing their knowledge and resources while empowering each other. The shared vision that fuels the project should strengthen the relationship between the University and the surrounding the date