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Elderly and Special Populations

St. Joseph Living Center

St. Joseph Living Center has an extensive recreational department that works with residents to keep them physically and mentally active. The residents love when students come to visit so they can share their stories and work along side them on projects.

Lyon Manor

Lyon Manor is a group home in Willington, CT where about 30 residents live. The individulas living there have either mental, emotional, or intellectual disabilities and most are very high functioning. Volunteers from Eastern visit once a week to play games, make crafts, and simply hang out with the residents.

No Freeze Hospitality Center

Each year the Windham Region No Freeze Hospitality Center, Inc. welcomes students who are seeking volunteer opportunities at our shelter. Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities based on the needs of the shelter. We realize that each of you bring your own special talents and interests to the shelter, and if you would like to volunteer doing something that is not listed, please let those at No Freeze know through us, the CCE. Activities can be held at the shelter, in the community or on campus.

Established opportunities include Staff and Guest Support, Office Support, Facilities Support, Program Support through Fund Raising, and Grassroots Activism.

To find out more about the center and it's opportunities visit www.nofreeze.org


Program Information

Program times vary and opportunities include afternoon and evening times. The No Freeze Center program begins in Novemeber when the shelter opens and goes through Spring.

*Note: In order to volunteer at St. Joseph you must attend a training session and get a PPD shot.