Town Pride Town Wide

By: Talene Balian

Volunteering at the Town Pride Town Wide on April 30th was an experience I will never forget! At 8:30 in the morning, we gathered at the Clock Tower by halls, clubs, teams, etc. I was in lowrise group. We had to go around Willimantic and pick up any trash that we saw on sight.

At first, everyone was tired because of the time of day (and because it was a Saturday) but as the day went on, everyone started to have a good time and walk around everywhere in Willimantic. We all made jokes and got to know each other better! The event went on until noon and the Center for Community Engagement provided everyone with lunch.

I would tell anyone who goes to Eastern to sign up for this event because it was a fun time and you can do it with your friends and make new ones too! Come sign up Town Pride Town Wide at the Center for Community Engagement and have an experience you will never forget!