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What should I do?

Who am I… really?
Where am I going?
How will I get there?

With TypeFocus’ online career development program, you can assess your personality, interests and values so you can choose careers and majors that match your natural strengths.

TypeFocus Success Through Self Awareness

The site password is Ecsu88

If you would like help interpreting your TypeFocus self-assessment results, our experienced career counselors would be glad to help.

For those students looking for a deeper assessment of your natural preferences, we have a Certified Myers-Briggs® Practitioner on staff who can administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) during a one-on-one counseling appointment. Your MBTI® results can help you identify careers that align with your ideal work culture, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and overall career success.
Certified MBTI Practitioner