Exploring Majors

Exploring Majors

How do I choose a Major?

The short answer to this question is that you really like to study a certain subject. You enjoy going to those classes and doing the reading and the homework. Working with a Career Counselor you can begin to explore if a connection exists between your interest in a subject and the world of work. You will probably find that most people are not working in a career that is directly related to their undergraduate major. Ask your Academic Advisor or your Career Counselor what he/she majored in, and no one will tell you they majored in “working with college students”.

What steps can I take?

  • Become familiar with the majors offered Eastern
  • Learn what you can do with a particular major View major cards
  • Talk to people. Meeting with a Career Counselor is a good starting point. The Career Counselor may suggest additional good contacts for you to speak to as a way to learn about majors and careers.
  • Utilize one of our Self assessment tools  to identify your interests and strengths.

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