Preparation and practice are vital to interview success. According to recruiters and employers, the ability to communicate effectively and get along with different types of personalities are two of the most desirable qualities in job candidates. Employers want to know if you have the ability to organize your thoughts effectively and express them clearly when speaking and writing. Can you present your ideas to others persuasively? How do you handle conflict and stressful situations?

The job interview is your opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that you have the communication skills they are seeking and that you are the most qualified person for the job. You should convey enthusiasm about the job and the company and clearly outline the experience and/or education that have prepared you for the position. Share your skills and explain how those skills will benefit the position and the company.

Communicating effectively and presenting yourself in a professional manner are key to a successful interview. The staff at the Center for Internships and Career Development office are available to help you prepare for your interviews with a face-to-face mock interview. Schedule an appointment.

You can also practice using an easy to use online tool:

Interview Stream