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The intern of the week goes to Justin Berak!! Justin is a senior completing a double major in English and Psychology and will be walking spring 2019. During fall 2018, Justin participated in an Experiential Learning Program and interned at the Norwich Superior Court, where he served as an Office of the Chief Clerk. By doing his research, Justin was able to find an internship that would matched his desire to pursue a career in law and gave him an idea if this was the career path he should be pursuing. During his internship, Justin had the opportunity to assist in handling evidence, maintaining the evidence databases, correctly filing physical evidence and retrieving this evidence when needed. During his time at Norwich Superior Court, Justin had the opportunity to speak with a variety of judges, the Chief Clerk of Norwich’s Housing/Civil/Family Court as well as the Deputy Chief Clerk. His internship also provided him opportunity to meet with judges after court sessions, to ask them questions to gain a better understanding of the legal process, strategies used by attorneys and the legal decisions that were rendered. At the end of his internship, Justin gained advice from his supervisor on choosing and applying to law school. In addition to this, Justin also gained a firm understanding of his career goals and how he should go about achieving them. Justin now has a [better] understanding of Connecticut’s legal reasoning and is ready to take on Law School. All the best Justin!
Meet Elizabeth “Liz” D’Alessandro. Liz is a Communications Senior who will be graduating December 2019 and is currently interning at the Office of Student Activities. Through her own research, Liz was able to find the Social Media Internship, which was a great fit for her, as she aspires to go in the advertising field. Liz, had prior experiences with working in a Student Activities Office and saw this opportunity as a way to add to add to her experiences. On a daily basis, you can find Liz monitoring the campus event calendar, making posters to promote upcoming events and monitoring the social media accounts for the Office of the Student Activities. Her internship has allowed Liz to utilize and grow her communication, time management, public relations, networking and creative skills, all while preparing for her future career. Having the opportunity to meet new people and making new connections are Elizabeth’s favorite parts of her internship, so far she has had the opportunity to meet with club representatives, Dean Candidates and graduate Interns.
Meet Patrice Eugene! Patrice is a junior, completing a double major in English and Sociology and will be graduating May 2020. During the summer of 2018, Patrice interned at the Chicago – Kent College of Law in Illinois. While there, he participated in the Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Program, where he worked with Federal judges and lawyers at government law firms. Patrice, who aspires to be an attorney, found this experience beneficial, as it gave him an early introduction to law school. Patrice learned about this internship through independent research and was able to receive academic credit for his participation. For several weeks, he attended law classes taught by experienced attorneys, professors and legal experts. Through this, he had the opportunity to sharpen his critical thinking and writing skills. Patrice added this internship gave him a preview of the lifestyle that he will soon commit to when he pursues law school. He also shared that his supervisor advised him to “take your experience a step further and dream bigger.” Getting the opportunity to collaborate with people who have similar interests and networking with them, was the best part of Patrice’s internship. Congrats on an awesome internship Patrice and all the best for the semester! #InternshipWednesday
Our intern of the week is Kate Cobb! Kate is a Communications major who will be graduating May 2019. She completed a Social Media internship with Eastern’s Office of Alumni Affairs in the fall of 2018. In her role, Kate managed the office’s social media sites, responded to messages, and engaged with their audience. Kate had the opportunity to find innovative ways to communicate with the social media audience and engage them in the activities she was promoting. In addition, she was able to present her ideas at weekly staff meetings on how to engage a wider audience. Kate gained valuable digital technology experience by using social media to maintain constant, professional communication with the office’s followers. Kate stated she worked with inspiring co-workers and had a lot of fun at her internship, but never let it be a distraction from her work and professionalism. Throughout her internship, Kate was able to utilize and develop her communication and digital technology skills and her professionalism and work ethic. Kate added “it’s easy to feel like you can slack--work wise and attire--but always dress to impress and work hard. Even though it’s not a full-time job, it becomes an amazing recommendation.” Congrats Kate and all the best for the rest of the semester!
Meet Catherine Falvey, an Economics and Mathematics major at Eastern who recently completed her internship at Travelers in Hartford, CT. Catherine learned about the Business Intelligence and Geospatial Internship Program at Travelers when she attended Eastern’s Career & Internship Fair offer. Throughout her internship, Catherine had the opportunity to work on projects and develop her teamwork and collaboration skills while interacting with other interns. Many of the projects she worked on allowed her to apply her critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. Catherine indicated her
experience at Travelers prepared her well for the future and encourages students to pursue internship opportunities. She stated: “They are a great experience as you get to see yourself in that area or business to pursue.” All the best Catherine Falvey as she gets ready to walk in May!