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Meet Charlee Grady! Charlee is currently a Business Administration major who had the opportunity to intern at the Shops at Yale with the Yale University Properties in New Haven CT. During Spring 2019-Summer 2019, Charlee was responsible for creating social media content, intercepting surveys, promoting the Shops through photography and conducting weekly research which led to visiting different locations. Through these different tasks, Charlee’s communications skills as well as her leadership, technology skills global/intercultural fluency were highlighted. Her professionalism and work ethics skills didn’t go unnoticed, as her supervisor commended her on her work ethic and encouraged her to continue.
Charlee chose this internship because she wanted to learn more about marketing as a career choice and this internship gave her the opportunity to do so. At the end of her internship, she was able to advocate for herself and saw the impacts she had on the business growing and thriving. Charlee enjoyed that this internship gave her the additional tools for career journey and most importantly it gave her the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience.
Meet communication student Samantha Honeywell. During summer 2019, Samantha worked as an Operations Intern at NBC Boston in Newton, Massachusetts. As the Operations Intern, Samantha had the opportunity to edit Voice Overs and Sound on Tape, create different news stories and occasionally work in the media operations center. This opportunity also gave her the chance to work with live productions and provided the hands-on experience she wanted from an internship. As well as meeting the News Director, Manager and the Vice President of the Station. Having the opportunity to meet new persons and editing video on her own was the highlight of Samantha’s internship. During her time at NBC, some of the skills she used throughout her internship included, teamwork, collaboration, technology skills. She also got the opportunity to highlight her leadership skills, professionalism and work ethics. Samantha’s supervisor emphasized the importance of taking initiatives at internships, asking questions and really showing what you are capable of. Samantha encourages students to network, utilize LinkedIn and Facebook and making a good first impression
Meet Courtney Downer! Courtney is a Business Administration senior who completed her internship this summer with Enterprise at their Westerly Rhode Island office. During her internship at Enterprise, Courtney had the opportunity to practice her customer service skills by helping customers renting their vehicles and selling protection plan. This was also a great way for Courtney to improve her interpersonal, critical thinking and collaborative skills, while utilizing her communication, technological and leadership skills and showcasing professionalism. This internship was the best fit for her because according to Courtney, Enterprise has the highest rate of hiring entry level college graduates and often times hire within their organization. This internship now gives her the opportunity to start from the bottom and work her way up in the company. As an intern, Courtney had the opportunity to volunteer and travel. One the projects she participated in was habitat for humanity. While traveling, she had the opportunity to meet other interns and was able to share their different experiences with each other. “this internship is great for networking, I met many people from all over, like Poland, Italy and Germany! “ Courtney shared. Courtney gained skilled and built relationships through this internship that will aid in her future career. She encourages students to do internships as they are important.