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Job Searching:
Job searching is a detailed process, and Career Services is here to help YOU navigate it. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor to discuss your individual career goals.

Job Search Steps:
#1 Ponder: "Who am I?" & "What Do I Have to Offer?"

  • Begin with self-assessment. In order to properly market yourself, you need to take time to discover yourself. Successful job seekers take time to identify their specific skills, interests, and goals. Think about visiting TypeFocus, which can help you understand your strengths.
  • Self-Awareness helps you to conduct a more focused job search and seek out the best-fitting opportunities.
  • Knowing who you are and what you have to offer will increase your job search success since you will be able to clearly communicate how your skills, strengths, and abilities match up with the job description and requirements.

#2 Prepare:

  • After taking a self-assessment you should be able to research and explore career options that match up with your skills, interests, values, and personality.
  • Career Services is available to help you research different career fields and offers excellent resources both online and in the career resource library.
  • Prepare essential job search materials like your resume and cover letter. Remember that each of these should be tailored specifically for each position that you apply for.
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Schedule a Mock Interview ! (Contact Career Services to make an appointment)
  • Line up your references: Be sure to ask permission first to see if they are willing to be a positive reference and if you can share their names and contact information.

#3 Plan & Pursue:

  • The job search requires having a plan and being organized. Use a Job Search Worksheet (pdf) to keep yourself on track of how many jobs you have applied for and the steps you have taken.
  • Keep a work space tidy and have a designated phone number with a suitable answering service for employers to call. Remember to present yourself well on your answering machine or voicemail. Keep it simple and professional.
  • Have a plan of action. Set aside time to devote to your job search and create goals for yourself each day.
  • Pursue opportunities using various Job Search Strategies pdf and remember to keep your options open!

#4 Be Patient & Persistent:

  • The truth about job searching is that it takes time and effort. You may have heard the saying, "Looking for a job is a job" and that is entirely true.
  • Once you have accomplished your job search goals for the day, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy. Be patient and continue to work diligently toward your goals! It will pay off!
  • The most important key to job search success is to follow up! If you have not heard from an employer in a week or two, contact the employer to confirm the receipt of your application and ask when they expect to contact candidates for interviews. Once you have your interview, remember to write a thank-you letter (email or snail-mail). Additionally, if the employer has not contacted you in the given time-frame, contact the employer. Ask where they are in the hiring process and express your continued interest.


One of the best ways to find a job is through a Career Fair.

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