Welcome to the Center for Internships and Career Development. Our office is here to help your son or daughter make the connections between his or her interests and career path. We can assist your student with exploring Eastern majors, writing a resume, searching for internships and much more. Help your son or daughter start that journey today!

Career Resources

Get an overview of each major on our majors card page. Then, see where each degree can take you by browsing our careers by industry page.
We encourage all students to complete an internship or co-op experience, whether required for their academic major or not. Students will acquire hands-on experience and learn by doing when participating in an experiential learning opportunity. Learn more about internships and co-ops by clicking here.
The National Association of College and Employers have identified the top skills employers are looking for. We have outlined them for you and your student here.
You are an important member of your students’ network through the connections you have made to individuals in various careers and professions. Connect your Eastern student with them to learn more about a specific job or career.  You can also encourage your student to conduct informational interviews, connect with Eastern Alumni through LinkedIn and participate in the many workshops and events sponsored by our office.
If your Eastern student is thinking of graduate school, engage in a conversation with him or her to make sure it’s the right choice. Graduate school should not be a substitution for employment. In some cases, an advanced degree may be required for ones’ career choice, or it could result in a higher starting salary. Still not sure, have your student schedule a meeting with a member of our career counseling staff. You can find more information about graduate school here, as well as information on our graduate school fair here.

Campus Resources

The Advising Center provides a variety of advising and academic support services for full-time undergraduate students and incoming First-Time and Transfer students. The Center educates students about their academic responsibility; academic programs, policies and procedures, integrating available resources at the University, and strategies for addressing their academic and personal concerns. In addition, the Center collaborates with the various academic departments to coordinate the University’s faculty advising system.
The Bursar’s Office is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition and fees as well as other cash receipts for the University. This includes managing delinquent accounts collection.
Students can sometimes experience difficulties that undermine success in both their personal and academic lives. The staff at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are here to assist students with their concerns and to enhance the emotional, developmental, and relational aspects of students’ health and growth through the different services offered.
The Financial Aid Office at Eastern Connecticut State University assists parents and students who might not otherwise be able to meet their educational expenses. The staff in the Financial Aid Office is available to assist students, both current and prospective, in determining their eligibility for available financial aid.
The mission of the Student Health Service is to promote the lifelong health and well-being of Eastern’s students through the provision of accessible, comprehensive, caring and cost-effective primary health care and educational outreach.
The Office of Housing and Residential Life invites you to experience on-campus living! Convenience, commitment to academics, campus and community involvement, friendships, social activities and educational programming are just a few reasons why Eastern students enjoy living on campus.
The Intercultural Center is committed to enhancing the climate of cultural awareness and inclusion at Eastern Connecticut State University. The Intercultural Center strives to further the institutional mission by providing services that support, embrace and celebrate a myriad of cultures and identities. The Intercultural Center also encourages the collaboration of faculty and staff in engaging students to further cultural learning and student success.
The Pride Center is committed to serving the diversity of the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and all sexual/gender minorities and their allies) community on Eastern’s campus. The Pride Center creates a space that is safe, accessible, open, and confidential for all students. The Pride Room cultivates a community of advocacy and support for all students, especially members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Pride Center provides programming that increases LGBTQ+ awareness and informs the community about issues related to sexuality and gender identity.
In support of the mission of Eastern Connecticut State University, the Registrar’s Office is committed to maintaining the accuracy and security of all student records in accordance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations. The staff provides information about, and services related to, academic programs and degree requirements, the academic calendar, catalog maintenance and registration, in a timely, accurate, and confidential manner to students, faculty, staff and community members while striving for continuous improvement in our services by exploring technologies and methods to increase effectiveness.
The Office of Student Activities provides social and educational activities outside the classroom which enhance learning and personal development. Through engagement, students participate in leadership development opportunities that empower them to become socially responsible leaders.
The mission of the Veterans Education and Transition Services Center (VETS) is to provide comprehensive support services to prospective and current students, including community college transfers, who are members of the U.S. armed services.  In addition, the Center will provide assistance to student veterans in dealing with and resolving their unique academic and life issues.
The Office of Wellness Education and Promotion works to support ECSU students, enhancing the capacity for academic and personal success by emphasizing physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, occupational, environmental, social and spiritual wellbeing.
The Women’s Center is a safe space that serves to advance the personal growth and intellectual development of all students and staff, mainly by examining gender relations in today’s society. The Center hosts workshops and guest speakers throughout the year that discuss a variety of topics including body image, diversity in the media, reproductive health, and dating violence. While women are the primary focus of the Center’s work, programs also exist for male and gender non-conforming students. Everyone is welcome at the Center and encouraged to check out the upcoming events.


Eastern Career Network is an online career resource with career assessment tools, resources for interview preparation and professional networking, and hundreds of employers who post internships, co-ops and full-time positions. We educate students on major and career exploration, in addition to professional skills that include, but are not limited to, resume writing, networking, interviewing, and finding internships/full-time jobs.
We recommend that students visit the Center for Internships and Career Development their first year on campus, and continue to utilize our services each year until graduation. When it comes to thinking and preparing for the future, it is never too early to start! Our office can assist your student in identifying his or her interests, strengths, skills and abilities, and then assist with identifying majors and career opportunities that match.