Eumir Abela

E. Abela

Employer: Behind the Curtains Media

Major: New Media Studies

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2019

As a New Media Studies major and Eastern’s campus station manager, Eumir knew that he wanted the focus of his internship to be all about one thing: creating visually appealing and interesting content. This past summer Eumir had the amazing opportunity of interning at Behind the Curtains Media, a music management and promotions office that also doubles as a recording studio, located in Brooklyn, New York.

Eumir had many different tasks and responsibilities at his internship. On a daily basis he would do data tracking and communicate with music directors and producers across various college radio stations in the company. He would ask them how the music was being received on the station and if they would be interested in having musicians or bands record in the studio. Eumir was also involved with a lot of public relation tasks as well. He created press pages for blogs and magazines in order to give out to different venues and figured out if any type of media like TV, newspaper, and radio ads were reaching campuses and companies.

Eumir had the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of people all the time. Since the office was also a recording studio he would see musicians, businessmen and even producers. Eumir got to listen to music every day, which he really enjoyed. Eumir felt that he learned a lot during this internship. “I feel as though I had a well-rounded experience and have a different perspective about the music industry as a whole.” Also, since he is the studio manager on campus he was able to reverse roles this summer. “Instead of being the promoter and contacting different colleges, the colleges were usually the ones contacting me!” It was a nice change of pace and Eumir was able to experience both sides of the job.

One day Eumir hopes to be working behind the scenes and creating content that would fit a production. He doesn’t know whether that will be a TV show or a website, but he’s open to the idea of collaborating with different departments like music, movies, theater, etc. His main piece of advice for students trying to find an internship is to “Physically put yourself out there and get your resume created as soon as possible. Keep a good line of connections because you’ll never know if you will need them in the future!”

Written by, Kim Tallard

Gordon Peckham III

G. PeckhamEmployer: Traveler’s Insurance

Major: Business Administration with Concentration in Finance and Minor in Business Information Systems

Expected Date of Graduation: December 2017

With graduation approaching fast, Gordon knew that he wanted his internship experience to not only be related to his major but also give him the opportunity to make great connections with his employer. During the summer, Gordon was the Business Intelligence Intern at Traveler’s Insurance in Hartford, CT which opened many doors for his future career.

Gordon had many different tasks throughout the internship. For instance, he created dashboards for management to help them track projects, check on certain tasks that people were assigned and understand the workload for each employee. This particular internship was handled like a regular job position. He would go in, check his emails, and work on whatever project he had going on for that particular day. There were no repetitive tasks, which was important for Gordon because he felt as though the work that he was putting in each day was going towards something and had value. He was very appreciative that he had a variety of new things to do and learn. Throughout this internship Gordon was able to apply what he learned from his major to the office, along with picking up on new and different business intelligence tools.

One thing that Gordon really enjoyed during this internship was the people he worked with on a day-to-day basis. He believed the environment of the company as a whole was very collaborative and everyone he met at Traveler’s was willing to help one another. Not only did he gain a ton of experience but Gordon’s internship led him to a full-time position. By learning about all the software programs, the core work of his particular department, and making connections with people throughout the company, Traveler’s was very impressed and hired Gordon before he even graduated!

In the department he works in right now, there’s always room for growth and opportunity for advancement. Gordon hopes to establish more of a skill set, which will then lead him to a promotion and eventually becoming a manager. “We have business insurance, personal insurance, bond and specialty insurance, and so on…there could be a job in any of those different areas, there’s so much opportunity.” When asked what advice he would give to other students trying to find an internship, Gordon stated, “Use the Center for Internships and Career Development at Eastern! I went and talked to someone there, got the pamphlet with resume and cover letter assistance and used that to redo my resume. Use the resources on campus and relate the courses you took in college to the tasks you do at your internship. Confidence is key, be proud of what you accomplished.”

Written by Kim Tallard

Nadia Balassone

Employer: The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University

Major: Double Major in Business Administration with Concentration in Marketing and Major in English with Concentration in Rhetoric and Composition

Expected Date of Graduation: May 2018N. Balassone

All ready for graduation in the spring, Nadia had a good idea what kind of internship she wanted to take on for her senior year. Since she is very passionate about the environment, The Institute for Sustainable Energy here at Eastern is the perfect fit. But, getting to that point wasn’t so easy. Nadia had a few other internships over the course of the past two years, all in very different fields. She was a grant writing/marketing intern at the Jordan Porco Foundation in Hartford, a strategic business solutions intern at Waste Management in Windsor, and even a tutor at the Writing Center right here on campus. Nadia is grateful for all these experiences because she learned a lot along the way and feels it led her to where she is now.

Her internship at the Institute for Sustainable Energy entails a lot of marketing tasks like helping to make flyers for campus. If you’ve ever seen the stickers on the recycling bins in classrooms with the green “E” on them, Nadia was part of that creative process. Since Nadia eventually wants to go into Environmental Law, she also has been given the opportunity to help edit legal documents about the environment, which is wonderful exposure for her. At this internship, Nadia never feels bored. She’s always keeping busy whether that’s continuing with an ongoing assignment from the previous day or receiving a new task. One main thing she loves about being an intern is the people she works with. Nadia says, “They have a policy that when you come in, you have to sign in and then go and say hi to everyone in the office.” She believes that it’s a really great way to connect with people and talk about certain tasks everyone has been working on. Nadia feels like her ideas are being heard and her skills are being utilized, which she really appreciates.

Nadia has gained a lot from this experience, building tons of connections by going to conferences and meetings. She has also had the opportunity to tour other sustainable colleges, learning about new features and ideas that can be put to use on our campus. After graduation, Nadia wants to attend UConn School of Law and eventually work in the field of Environmental and Animal Law. She would be interested in participating in cruelty cases involving animals. Her ultimate goal is to work for the World Wildlife Foundation in Washington, D.C. because it would combine her interest in law and passion for animals all together into one job. One important piece of advice that Nadia would like to share with other students seeking to find internships is to “Do everything you can get your hands on. Try all kinds of things, because it will help point you in the right direction.” Sometimes people would recommend a certain internship but she felt as though it wasn’t the right place for her. “Always listen to yourself at the end of the day.”

Written by Kim Tallard

Anastasia Fazzina

Employer: Confratute Conference at UConn

 Major: Communication

 Expected Date of Graduation: December 2017

A. Fazzina            As a senior graduating in December, Anastasia was really interested in finding an internship that involved her major, Communication. When Anastasia came across the Social Media internship at the Confratute Conference held at UConn, she was really excited about this opportunity and couldn’t wait to get started. The Confratute Conference is an annual event that has been going on for over 40 years. The goal is to provide educators with resources in order to gain strategies on how to fulfill the learning process for all students and meet the needs of gifted and talented students.

This particular internship lasted for three very intense weeks. Anastasia had a lot of different tasks throughout the process including preparation before the conference, helping out the week of the actual events, and wrapping up after the conference had ended. Since she was the social media intern she dealt with a bunch of technology questions. They ranged from asking about the WiFi, to resolving computer issues, and even trying to help fix a hard drive. Anastasia was their go-to tech person. There was a lot of action, especially during the week of the actual conference. For Anastasia a typical day was talking with the keynote attendees who were going to be speaking at the conference, making sure the computers were on and working properly, and also making sure the classrooms were presentable. She was also in charge of live streaming and live tweeting during each of the events. Lastly, Anastasia provided some customer service as well. There was a booth set up for her so that she could answer any questions that people might have had. “I really liked the people I worked with. Since teachers attended the conference it was really different trying to help teach them about technology and media rather than them being the ones teaching me,” Anastasia stated.

As for what Anastasia has planned for after graduation, she’s unsure right now. “I would really like to go into medical sales. But, I also really liked the marketing and social media aspect of the internship.” Anastasia has many goals and aspirations and is very thankful that this internship gave her such an amazing opportunity. For any student applying for internships Anastasia says, “Take your time and find one that is right for you. Also, use your connections and ask family what you can do.” By asking her family, Anastasia found out about this internship from her Aunt and Uncle, who have been running the Confratute Conference for many years. Using her connections led her to this amazing experience.

Written by Kim Tallard

Rebecca Pilney

PilneyRebecca Pilney

Employer | The Walt Disney Company

Major | Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date | December 2017

Rebecca had a very rare and exciting internship which allowed her to figure out a future career goal of hers. Rebecca was able to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company down in Florida. After being there for a semester, she realized that after graduation she plans on applying for a second internship within the Walt Disney Company. She then hopes to grow within the company and land a full time position with them.

During Rebecca’s internship, her role in the company was a lifeguard at two of the Disney Worlds Value Resorts; Disney’s Art of Animation and Disney’s Pop Century Resorts. A typical day for Rebecca would include scanning her section of the pool to make sure all of the guests were safe and visit all of the other themed pools at the resorts. She would either work nights, which the hours were from 4:30 PM to 11:00PM or she would work the whole day which would be from 9:00 AM to  10:30 PM. On days where she would work the whole day, she would walk up to 14 miles!

Rebecca said that the most interesting part of her internship with the Walt Disney Company was all of the connections that she made. She met people all around the world that are not only a connection, but she also considered friends. Rebecca learned a lot from her internship including gaining knowledge about the company. Going into this internship, she hoped to learn more about how the Walt Disney Company uses leadership within their company.

When Rebecca was asked what advice she would give to college students trying to find an internship she said, “The advice that I would give to other students is find an internship that you find interesting with a company that you would possibly be interested in working for after college. Do your research on this internship and know what your role in the company will be before you accept the internship. Also make the best of the internship, this could be the first step towards your goals so be positive and work hard.”

Adrianna Mihalek

MihalekAdrianna Mihalek

Employer | Palmer- Warner House with Connecticut Landmarks

Major | History

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Going into Adrianna’s senior year, she knew she wanted to apply for internships that have to do with her passion, History. While applying to internships she kept in mind that one of her career goals is to become a curator for a historical museum. So when the opportunity to intern for Connecticut Landmarks at the Palmer-Warner House arose, she knew she had to take it.

At Adrianna’s internship she has the title of an Archival and Collections Intern. This means that Adrianna has duties that entail discovering artifacts, cleaning the artifacts, measuring the dimensions, photographing the artifacts, describing the artifacts, and archiving them in the database. Adrianna and her coworkers are in the process of going through the Palmer-Warner House with the purpose of eventually opening the house to the public as an historic house.

Adrianna’s favorite part about her internship is discovering all the new artifacts that she finds. “Every artifact I find is different so it gives me an opportunity to learn something new while connecting it with a part of history,” said Adrianna. With this internship, she hopes to gain knowledge of what it entails to work, open, and run a museum or historical house.

The last question that Adrianna was asked was, “What advice you would give to other college students trying to find an internship?”.  Adrianna’s response was, “Employers are very impressed with people that take the time to get internships because it shows that you are hardworking and are gaining early experience in your field of study. Having an internship is a very big resume builder!”

Zach Baskin

BaskinZach Baskin

Employer | Winsupply Company

Major | Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Zach has known for a while now that he would like to be able to own his own Winsupply branch in the future. His goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and his current internship will help him accomplish that goal of his. Zach landed an internship at a Winsupply company where he is learning more and more from them every day!

At Zach’s internship, he has to make sure that the products and paper work are ready for customer pick up. When he is done with that task, Zach  is busy learning the ins and outs of the day to day business. By doing this, Zach is hoping to learn how to run a business of his own someday. What Zach finds most interesting about how internship is learning about the software that is used and how it interconnects between all of the Winsupply branches.

As a college student, Zach knows how difficult it can be to find an internship that has to do with your major. With that, Zach’s advice to other college students trying to find an internship is, “The best advice I’d give to college students trying to find an internship is to use your connections. There are many places on the Eastern campus that will help you find an internship.”

Stephanie Kovis

KovisStephanie Kovis

Employer | Office of Accessibilities at Eastern Connecticut State University

Major | Psychology

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

As a senior that is preparing to graduate in May, Stephanie knew that she wanted to experience an internship that has to do with her major which is Psychology. Although she is not certain what she would like to do with her major, having an internship at the Office of Accessibilities on the Eastern campus seemed like the right fit for her.

At Stephanie’s internship she has a plethora of roles that she is responsible for. Not only does she partake in Eastern Prep and Peer Mentoring programs, Stephanie also assists Eastern students who may have ADHD or other disabilities adjust to the academic environment. This means that she helps these students with academic based issues such as time management, study skills, organization, and test anxiety.

Through the Peer Mentoring program that Stephanie is a part of, they put on outreach events on the ECSU campus for students to come together. “We recently had a stress free themed program where students came to hang out and participated in relaxing activities such as making stress balls and coloring in adult coloring books.” The most interesting part about Stephanie’s internship is getting to know each student and to see them become successful.

Every college student knows how difficult it is to find an internship in general, but more specifically an internship that has to do with their major. Stephanie’s advice to finding an internship during college is, “Find an internship junior year so you have the chance to have an internship experience more than once. I wish I had the opportunity to do another internship because it would have been a great opportunity to explore different potential career paths.”

Enidza Torres

TorresEnidza Torres

Employer | Center for Community Engagement

Major | Communications

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Enidza landed an internship with the Center for Community Engagement office on the ECSU campus this semester. Through this internship, she hopes to gain better media literacy skills as well as being able to form lasting relationships through interviews.

Enidza works with a student leader from the Center for Community Engagement, attends their weekly programs and their special events. While attending these events, she takes pictures of what is going on at the event and the Eastern volunteers that are participating and helping out. Enidza is responsible for interviewing the volunteers about the event they worked. There are times that she will then write an article for the Campus Lantern or bring students to the radio station for an interview about their experience during the CCE event.

The part that Enidza likes the most about her internship with the CCE is that she gets to attend all of the events, but she also likes the fact that she can see how engaged Eastern students are with the community around Eastern. She enjoys being able to spread the word through social media platforms as to what Eastern volunteers are doing to make an impact in the Willimantic community.

Advice that Enidza has for other college students trying to find an internship is, “Try something new. Don’t worry about whether or not your work will be perfect, there are plenty of people who are willing to make sure you succeed and gain the skills you need post-graduation.”

Katie Tomascak

TomascakKatie Tomascak

Employer | Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center

Major | Child Psychology / Public Health Minor

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

When looking for an internship, Katie knew she wanted to have one that would help advance her in her field, which is Child Psychology. Her dream job is to become a family support clinician that works in a hospital. When Katie heard about an internship at Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center, she knew it would be the perfect stepping stone to her future job.

At Katie’s internship there are a lot of roles she is required to play a part in. This includes helping plan an event named Healthy Kids Day by researching vendors and asking them to participate in the event. During the event which is held on April 29th of 2017, Katie is responsible for overseeing the event to make sure everything is running smoothly and accordingly.

One of the most rewarding aspects about this internship is the fact that Katie has the privilege of watching these children learn and grow over the course of time that she is there. A typical day at Katie’s internship is meeting with her supervisor in the morning to discuss any upcoming plans or any new updates. She then goes to watch the children at the YMCA daycare for the rest of the day to help supervise and educate them.

Katie was asked what advice she would give other college students trying to find an internship. Her response was, “Take a risk and apply to internships that you have even the slightest interest in. It can turn into a great opportunity in the end. Any internship experience is good experience to put on your resume. And drink lots of coffee!”

Alex O’Bernier

obernierAlex O’Bernier

Employer | Enterprise Holdings

Major | Business Administration, Concentrations in Marketing, Management

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Senior Alex O’Bernier has been a Management Trainee Intern at Enterprise since May 2016. Since he began his internship he has gained a substantial amount of knowledge including practicing marketing in the field, customer service, and learning how to become the manager of his own store.

When Alex was asked what a typical day at his internship is like, he said, “Getting to work, the first thing we do is close customer’s files, and get the storefront ready for incoming customers. After we open, customers come in expecting cars, and exceptional customer service. This is where sales come in to play. It is my job to sell our products, such as XM radio, vehicle upgrades, and our protection products.”

Alex said that one of the best parts about his internship is that because Enterprise is a young company, the majority of the workers are young too. It creates a fun environment for everyone to work in because they are all in the same age group, including his manager who is only 26 years old!

Advice Alex has for college students trying to find an internship is, “To apply to as many places as possible, to open their horizons outside of their comfort zones, and to create as many connections as possible on the way. I would also advise that wherever your internship ends up being, work hard, stay late, and go above and beyond. Jobs come out of internships all the time to the best employees.”

Kiera Forstell

ForstellKiera Forstell

Employer | Day Kimball Healthcare/ Family Advocacy Center of Putnam, CT

Major | Psychology

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Since Kiera is a Psychology major she has known that she wants to eventually become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Therefore when she found this internship with Day Kimball Hospital she knew it would be a good foot in the door to her future career goals.

At Kiera’s internship, her roles consist of shadowing home visits to further educate new parents and sitting in on human trafficking meetings at DCF for Windham County. Kiera is also currently working on multiple projects for Day Kimball Hospital to help promote awareness for various types of healthcare.

What Kiera enjoys the most about her internship is the fact that there is never a dull day. “Every day there is a new article to read, meeting to sit in on or topic to discuss,” she said. When asked what she hopes to learn from this internship her response was, “I hope to learn about the different processes and people involved with each topic listed above and what the steps are required to decrease the amount of fatalities and increase awareness”.

Kiera’s advice to other college students trying to find an internship is to go to all of the internship meetings. She also said to talk to your professors so they can help you find an internship that has to revolve around your major.

ChazChazeray Briscoe

Employer | WILI i98.3 Radio

Major | Business with a Concentration in Marketing

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Ever since Chazeray came to Eastern Connecticut State University in 2013, he has known that he would like to work to obtain a career in the entertainment industry. With his graduation coming up in May 2017, he knew he needed to find an internship that would benefit him in the long run.

When Chazeray found the internship with WILI i98.3 Radio, he knew that working in the radio industry would only further him with his future career goals. Going into this internship, he knew he wanted to learn from the experience he was about to have. Chazeray hoped to learn how to improve his production skills, how to organize a radio show, and how to go through the creative process of making advertisements for the radio.

Soon after beginning his internship, he learned that he had many important roles to keep up with. From recording and editing the audio promotions that inform listeners about events, to searching for local businesses that want to get their name out there on airwaves, then to simply answering phones; Chazeray does it all!

When asked what advice he had for other college students trying to find an internship, Chazeray said,” Advice I would give to anyone trying to find an internship would be to stay focused, diligent, and open minded. You get the opportunity to test drive a career. You’ve probably have been spending the last couple years sitting in chairs listening to people talk about being in the work force and now is your chance to actually go out and experience things first hand so just be optimistic, because you never know if an internship can turn into a career you fall in love with.”

Nicole Fretz

Nicole- PictureNicole Fretz

Employer | Infinex Financial Group

Major | Finance

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Senior Nicole Fretz would like to pursue a career in Finance after she graduates in May 2017. Her career goal is to become a financial or business analysis for a well-known company named Travelers. She knew she wanted an internship that would go hand in hand with her major. After a few months of trying to find an internship, she was ecstatic when a company named Infinex Financial Group offered her an intern position.

At this company, her responsibilities include answering and returning phone calls, listening in on client meetings, and using company databases to record client meetings and product purchases.

Nicole said that the most interesting part about her internship is, “Getting to discuss various investment products with the advisor and hear what the clieant actually chooses.” Through this internship at Infinex Financial Group, Nicole hopes to gain real world experiences that will be able to benefit her in her future endeavors.

Advice Nicole has for other students trying to find and internship is, “Try to get an internship in the career that you believe you’re going to want to pursue that way by the end of it you will hopefully know for sure whether or not you want to spend the rest of your life doing exactly that. “

Kay Mullen

MullenKay Mullen

Employer | Natchaug Hospital

Major | Communication

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Since Kay’s future career goals are to have a job as a social media expert or to work in Public Relations at a hospital, the internship she accepted was beyond ideal for her. Kay accepted an internship at Natchaug Hospital as part of the social media division. Her roles at Natchaug Hospital include searching for content that are appealing to people of all ages to make them want to read more about mental health and wellness. She also has to proofread or look over articles that are about to be published. Kay then makes any revisions necessary and provides her coworkers in the social media division with feedback.

Kay believes that the most interesting part of her internship is learning more about the health care system in Connecticut. “I am starting to realize that health is so much more than your physical state but your mental health is such a crucial part of being healthy as well. Seeing what the work force is going to be like after graduation is also interesting because this is the first desk job I have had.”

To anyone looking for an internship, her advice to you is to “Apply to a bunch of internships even if you think you are underqualified. You just have to keep trying,” said Kay. “Getting an internship at a company you are interested in will give you a leg up if they ever open up positions in their company.”

Brian Dostaler

DostalerBrian Dostaler

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Production Assistant Intern

Employer | ESPN

Major | Communications

Brian Dostaler interned at ESPN, the worldwide leader of sports as a production assistant. Some of his responsibilities included creating highlight packages, completing research on teams and logging the game scores into a system based application.

Brian spoke about the excitement of working for a company like ESPN and some of the challenges he faced. “When you’re in an environment like this, and now you’re on the other side and you’re the one who has to produce those highlights, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver, there are times where I literally had 90 seconds to get everything put together for live television.” Brian overall enjoyed his experience and sees the pressure as an opportunity to get meaningful work done.

ESPN really allowed Brian to apply his skills in a productive way. The connections and possibilities are endless. Brian states, “It’s so important! You can be great at anything but if you don’t know anyone, if no one knows who you are, it does not matter. In this business you definitely need people to help you.”

Written By: Sofia Amaral

Amanda Eakin

AmandaEakinAmanda Eakin

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Student Intern

Employer | Global Field Course Internship Program

Major | Health Sciences, Concentration in Pre-Nursing

Amanda Eakin participated in a global field course internship in Agona-Asamang, Ashanti Region of Ghana in West Africa. This internship lasted three weeks during the summer of 2016. Amanda visited various health clinics, hospitals, and public health agencies that taught her about healthcare services in this region of Ghana. “The internship allowed me to get my feet wet in the medical field and experience the Ghanaian culture at the same time” explains Amanda. She observed numerous clinical experiences in the Agona-Asamang hospital. “When visiting the hospital, I viewed specialties ranging from an emergency department, maternity, physiotherapy, surgery, and chronic diseases.” Amanda adds, “I tried my best to get as many experiences in all the various departments so I could get a feel for what specialty I want to do in the future.” In regards to public health opportunities, Amanda went to an immunization and weighing clinic for toddlers. Additionally, Amanda visited a number of water treatment sites to see how water was created and where residents retrieved water in different communities.

“I would definitely recommend completing an internship because it allows you to gain experience in the field that you are interested in and if you go abroad for your internship, it gives you a once in a lifetime experience.” Amanda will be graduating from Eastern in December. She’s currently in the process of applying to nursing programs to receive her BSN.

Written By, Sofia Amaral

Chad-Michael Muirhead

ChadMichaelChad-Michael Muirhead

Year | Junior

Internship Title | General Intern

Employer | Enterprise Car Rental

Major | Computer Science

During the summer of 2016, Chad-Micheal completed an internship with the well-known car rental company Enterprise. Some of his responsibilities involved sales, marketing, and analysis work. A unique aspect of Chad-Micheal’s experience was the relationship he developed with the recruiter who conducted his interview. That recruiter became his boss and their relationship matured into a meaningful mentorship.

Chad-Micheal recommends that other students seek internship opportunities, “I learned a lot of computer skills and had many opportunities to meet and greet other employers.” While working for Enterprise, he networked with other companies such as Cigna and a number of engineering companies.

Internships require hard work. Sometimes interns find themselves in tough positions or in situations that they aren’t familiar with. Chad learned how to talk with people from different backgrounds. He learned to adapt to those situations, communicating in the best way possible. Chad-Micheal is currently working for the Center for Internships and Career Development as an Employer Relations Intern. He is looking for a third internship for the Spring semester that will continue to advance his IT skills.

Written By, Sofia Amaral

Logan Sharlow

LoganLogan Sharlow

Year | Senior

Internship Title | General Intern

Employer | Willimantic AIC

Major | Psychology

Completing her second internship this fall 2016 semester, Logan Sharlow is getting a good range of experience prior to graduation this coming May of 2017. Logan is currently completing the perceptions program at the Willimantic AIC, where she keeps track of offenders, who were recently released from jail. This internship was in sharp contrast compared to her first internship where she tutored students at Coventry High School.

Logan conducts case management sessions, runs group modules/activities, and other extra activities that assist the receptionist. Learning social skills such as creating relationships with strangers and using the popular slogan, “treat everyone as equals,” are huge takeaways that Logan will start to implement more in her every day life. She said that she didn’t know what her career goals and objectives were until she started completing internships. Logan mention that completing an internship opened her eyes to what her career goals are after college. Because of this fact, Logan would like to recommend to her peers to start looking for internship opportunities early.

“It was a very eye opening experience and now I have a better sense of what direction I want to go in next.” Logan will be completing her third internship next semester that is expected to be related to her criminology minor.

Written by, Sofia Amaral

Daniel Manzi

DanielDaniel Manzi

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Marketing Intern

Employer | Three Rivers Whitewater Inc.

Major | Business Administration

In northern Maine this past summer of 2016, Daniel Manzi was a marketing intern for the Three Rivers Whitewater Corporation. Daniel had multiple responsibilities such as creating and applying innovative ideas, working outside in the elements, video/photo capture, creating good business contacts, karaoke and working nightlife events.

Three Rivers Whitewater offers their interns excellent perks. For example, they pay for housing and one meal a day (on rafting day trips). The company also paid for Daniel’s whitewater rafting guide training. Although you must first pass the test, whitewater raft training comes in handy on the days that you have “off” from being an intern. Therefore, Daniel had the ability to work as a raft guide on his days off to earn some extra money. Other benefits include, hands on experience with the marketing team and owners, discount rates on skydiving, and free whitewater rafting.

Daniel’s internship was more than getting the knowledge, skills, and benefits of whitewater rafting.  “You can make an actual impact on the company, versus just learning from the company.” Daniel really enjoyed his internship experience and has a set of new skills to operate with such as market research techniques (excel and google sheets knowledge), leadership/confidence skills, media editing skills, and collaborating with other companies.

Daniel encourages students to complete an internship, especially those students looking for careers in the fields of business, communications, and graphic design. Internships are key if you want to attain the skills and knowledge of working in any industry that you want.

Written by, Sofia Amaral