Michael Vacca

Michael Vacca

VaccaHometown: Stonington, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2017

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    My position includes talking with clients about desired projects and detailing their needs before the actual construction work begins. Essentially, there is a lot communication that goes into this. Also, I help  with financials and organizing everything into Excel.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    Overall, my responsibilities were to make sure everything was running smoothly. I am primarily involved with project management, payroll, and filing weekly and quarterly taxes.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    I feel I had a good amount of experience before this position. I have over five years of payroll experience, and have two years of project management experience.

Q: How prepared were you for this internship?

A:    I was somewhat prepared for project management, but only through experience do you realize how hard a new job can really be.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    I really enjoy the employee empowerment with my position. I am so used to being in the role of the student that I really appreciate the ability to make decisions on my own. It is nice to know the owners and other project managers trust me that much.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My career goals are to work in upper level management within some organization. I really enjoy the process of overseeing a project from start to finish. I think I am getting a good start with that now in my current line of work.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    I feel internships are very important. For me, it has added a great deal of experience to my resume. I find that this experience that I have been gaining also helps me contribute in class discussion a lot more, and helps me relate to what we are learning.

Q: Advice to others?

A:    I would recommend students aim high with their goals. I also strongly feel that they should choose an internship/job that you really enjoy and are interested in. If you can picture yourself doing that job, you should pursue it and try it out. If you like what you do, it will make work that much more fun and rewarding.

Alexandra Olsen

Alexandra Olsen

OlsenHometown: Woodbridge, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2016

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    I interned at Foxwoods Resort Casino in multiple positions. My internship included  work in e-commerce, social media, and public relations.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My responsibilities varied from day to day since I had so many distinct roles.  That being said, a lot of my hours revolved around putting together radio speaking points, drafting corporate press releases, and creating and managing our social media content.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    In the past, I have had  multiple part-time jobs that I felt somewhat prepared me for my internship. My prior experience ranged from hospitality and food and beverage to marketing and some administrative  work. Due to my work history, I was able to appreciate how Foxwoods operates their business as well as the respect they give to customers and their employees.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    The best part of my internship was that every day was different and exciting. Instead of being dedicated to one specific job, I was immersed into three different departments which not only kept things new and lively, but I learned the basics of each area. Within all these functions of business, I was exposed to many industries such as entertainment, retail, hospitality, gaming, and many more. Also, unlike other organizations, I was treated as a professional, and not an “intern.” This made me feel respected.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My career goal is to be a manager and eventually  run my own business.  When initially searching for internships, I looked for ones that were intriguing  and those that matched my interests. Primarily, I was looking for internships in entertainment and social media. So far, this has really helped me narrow down which areas I will pursue going forward with my career.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    This internship has been life changing for me.  Not only have I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, but now I have confidence with this internship to move on to a real 9-to-5 job. The connections, networking, and the mentors that trained me, benefitted me more than I thought possible. I really cannot stress how much this internship helped me with my future.


Taylor Goodhue

Taylor Goodhue

GoodhueHometown: Old Saybrook, CT

Major: Health Sciences

Graduation Year: 2017

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    I interned at Dr. Gordon’s Optometry (Eye Doctor) Office in Old Saybrook, CT.  My position was a “Triager” which means I would complete the basic testing of patients before the doctor comes to meet with them.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My main responsibility was to check patients and report their data into a medical program we used at the office. This not only kept track of the patients vitals (blood pressure, eye pressure, etc.), but informed the doctor of possible symptoms so they were knowledgeable before they even met with the individual.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    Besides my schooling and knowledge in the sciences, I did not have any work experience or internships in Optometry or the medical field. That is why I benefited from this internship so much.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    The best part of the internship was that it helped determine what I wanted to do with my career. I was initially going to pursue ultrasound as a career, but after this internship I decided to change directions. Without this experience I would still be headed down the wrong path. Another benefit was that now I have a job to go back to during the summer and even while I go into medical school. I loved everything at my internship, except maybe the 45 minute commute from Eastern to Old Saybrook and back.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My goals are to graduate from Eastern and eventually go into medical school.  In the meantime, I will be going back to Dr. Gordon’s office and gaining more in-depth experience.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    I think internships are extremely important. In my situation, it literally turned my life around as it switched me to the right path. I think one of the vital aspects of completing an internship is that you will be able to tell if you like that line of work or not. Without interning, how will you know if you like the work you plan on doing for a career?

Kelly Huhtanen

Kelly Huhtanen

Picture1Hometown: Pomfret, CT

Major: English/Elementary Education

Graduation Year: 2017

Q:   What is your internship position?

A:    I am the social media intern for the  International Hoccleve Society, based on the medieval poet, Thomas Hoccleve.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    With this internship, I managed our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Storify account. I use our popular hash tag, #HoccleveTravels, to promote our society and bring awareness to old English. I meet with Dr. Varand in the English department once a week to go over our agenda for the week and strategizing how to grow the brand.

Q: How is it managing these accounts and promoting the I.H.S.?

A: I really enjoy it, but the one struggle I consistently have is relating Thomas Hoccleve’s language to modern day. Even I occasionally have difficulty understanding what he is saying, so I have to make sure our readers can understand as well. I also have to incorporate humor to keep our followers interested.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A: Yes. I worked in the student center at the information desk. Now, I work in the back office of the student center and am responsible for supplying technology for the building. This ranges from giving the right equipment to clubs, to setting up major events in the theater and café.

Q: What do you like the most about your internship?

A:   What I enjoy most is the flexible schedule I have, since most of my work is online. Besides meeting Dr. Varand once a week, I am free to do whatever I please, as long as my work gets done. To many this may seem easy, but I have to make sure I hit my quota for social media activity.  I don’t know how I would  manage all this with my 21 credit semester if I had to physically be somewhere.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: Despite my social media and English experience, my career goal is to go into elementary education . I am in my second semester of my clinical placement of elementary education and begin student teaching next year. I am excited to have this opportunity next year.

Q: How helpful do you feel this internship, and internships in general are?

A: I feel they are one of the main criteria for landing your first job in your early career. In my case, even though my social media internship is not directly correlated to the field I am going into, the professionalism and experience I am gaining is very beneficial. Everyone will need to know how to effectively communicate and use technology. My writing background helps as well.

Q: Any advice to other students eager to gain experience?

A:    Being proactive is the most important thing I would recommend for anyone looking for a internship or fulltime job. Also, make sure that you are doing the work for the job. Do not slack and be very qualified for the position. As long as you do the work required you will always be fine. Lastly, I would stress the importance of networking.

Sherry Gilronan

Sherry Gilronan

Picture2Hometown: Darien, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2015

Q:   What was your internship position?

A:    I was one of the marketing interns at the Norwich Bulletin, a local newspaper.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My main responsibility was managing our social media presence. This meant primarily posting on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our goal was to always stay relevant: in the news, and to our customers. I am also in charge of reporting and writing up stories for our ‘Article of the Month.’

Q: How was your experience with the ‘Article of the Month?’

A: Well, it is challenging. Currently, I am working on an article called “Go Summer.” Our objective is to report on events, activities, and locations that will be very interesting come summer time. I have to go to Mystic and research restaurants, bars, shops, and even spas, to give our readers a taste of what’s coming in a couple of months. It takes longer than you would think, so I have to start early.

Q: What do you like the most about your internship?

A:   My favorite aspect are the people I work with, and the environment I am apart of. I think when it comes to work, this is very under valued. My co-workers and co-interns are very friendly and a pleasure to be around. This makes everything more enjoyable throughout the day. As far as my work, I also enjoy going to the primary source to get our information and data. In classroom settings, it is expected that we go online and search for information, but going out into the field and interacting is much more engaging.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: After I graduate in May, I plan on going straight into the work force. I am not definite about my career path, but I am really determined to gain as much experience as I can, so I can decide to go to graduate school or enter a specific line of work.

Q: How prepared were you for this internship experience?

A: I was very well prepared. After spending so much time in class, I was interested to see how I would do in a real work setting, with actual work. I really wanted this internship so I can gain experience in the “9-to-5” working world. The training that the Norwich Bulletin gave me was also very helpful.

Q: How much help have you received from the Center for Internships and Career Development (CICD)?

A: I received ample amounts of help from the CICD over the years. I remember Mrs. Janice Patry helped me substantially with my resume. Although I got critiqued multiple times, my current resume is more professional because of that. I also interviewed with Target through the CICD. Their department is constantly striving to give their students opportunities, and I try to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Emily Komornik

Emily Komornik

KomornikHometown: Shelton, CT

Major: History/English

Graduation Year: 2016

Q:   What was your internship position?

A:    I was the only intern in the law firm and I reached out to the firm because I wanted to gain exposure in the field of law. Law firms rarely post internships like other fields, such as business or medicine. I had to be proactive.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    I was basically a paralegal, where I helped sort data, prepare cases, and  provide support wherever necessary. My main goal for this internship was to gain basic understandings of a law office and to see if I liked the work they were completing.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A: Yes. One of the experiences that helped me the most was working for department chair Kurchman. I was the assistant for the Polish American Studies Journal and was responsible for publishing historical journals. I have always been interested in history as well as publishing, that is why I wanted to gain exposure in the law industry.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:   My favorite part was the fact that I finally got a chance to utilize my writing skills. I spent years honing my skills throughout my courses and I finally had real world experience to use my argumentative and writing background.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:   Currently, I am leaning towards having a career in law that is dedicated towards defending women in sexual assault cases. I believe women need more advocates so my goal is to get my J.D. and either work closely with police departments or within an established firm to represent these females.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A: Very Important. One of the biggest components is getting your feet wet and finding out if you like the work. You might think you like your major and the ideal work, but the actual work may be different than what you thought. That is huge.

Q: Advice to others?

A: Use the resources around you, and try anything. I found that you need to experience your major before you commit to a career in it. I started off as a education major and didn’t fit well with teaching. I believe the earlier you discover if you like the work in your field/major, the better off you’ll be. Take advantage of opportunities around you and be willing to try multiple things.

Ryan Shooner

Ryan Shooner

SchoonerHometown: Somers, CT

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

How is your internship coming along so far?

It has been challenging but rewarding at the same time. Sometimes I work at the office and other times I am allowed to work remotely, which is definitely a good mix for me. The best part of this internship is that the work is interesting and very relevant to what I will be doing in my career. The more qualified I can become in computer science, the better off I will be.

What stood out about this opportunity?

The name recognition of Cigna is very prominent and will help provide me with numerous opportunities upon graduation. Since the company is based out of Bloomfield, and my office is out of Windsor, the location and occasional commute is also good for me.

Would you still intern if the position was unpaid?

Internships are so important that I probably would continue with this internship simply because the experience is very much worth it. I am very lucky to have an hourly wage in addition to the connections I am building, skills I’m gaining, and additional work experience I can put on my resume. Even if it wasn’t paid, I feel the internship is still worth it. I would tell anyone that is considering an internship, to not fear an unpaid internship.

How important is this internship going forward in your career?

As I said earlier, this internship is huge for me. Not only does working at Cigna help me gain valuable skills and become more marketable toward future employers, but it also helps me figure out exactly what I want to do with computers going forward. Getting exposed to different aspects of I.T. and other forms of technology within the company helps me decide which area I will specialize in throughout my career. This opportunity also provides me with an opportunity to continue employment at Cigna following my graduation. Eastern actually has a strong alumni connection to Cigna which is a plus.

Jenfrey Florentino

Jenfrey Florentino

Picture2Employer: WILI – Willimantic Radio Station

Hometown: East Hartford, CT

Major: Communications

Jenfrey scored an internship this semester by being proactive and deciding early what he wanted to pursue going forward in his career.  The entire second semester, Jenfrey will be interning at WILI – Willimantic radio station. Since his role is not specific, Jenfrey will be covering a wide variety of responsibilities that range from on-air discussion with the show host, to the setup of production equipment and even the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed.

As a junior communications major, Mr. Florentino has already decided on a career in television. Although radio is not his ultimate goal, this is a great stepping stone for him to gain the necessary experience before interviewing for his true passion. Jenfrey wants to become a TV host, news anchor, or have a major role on a talk show. There is no simple or direct route to working in this industry so he was eager to gain any type of experience he could get his hands on. The best way to prepare himself for success was to learn and excel on the job, and simultaneously become more knowledgeable from his studies. This is not an easy task but this is what it takes.

Jenfrey wakes up at 5am some weekdays to be in the studio by 6am. Although this is his least favorite part of the internship, the work he produces is interesting, engaging, and what keeps him motivated to finish off strong. His favorite aspect of interning at WILI is the on-air discussion he has with the show hosts, as well as the variety of topics they cover throughout the show.

Written by: Al Torrens

Katelyn Adams

Katelyn Adams

Picture1Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Plainfield, CT

Major: Social Work

On-Campus Positions: Resident Assistant, Student Orientation Counselor

Katelyn Adams recently graduated from Eastern in the spring of 2015. And while many would be happy with this achievement, Katelyn went straight to graduate school. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Connecticut, but her roots of social work, leadership, and active engagement started back as an underclassmen at ECSU.

Being a resident assistant for three years at Laurel Hall, and a student orientation counselor for three years is the start of her accomplishments. She was also heavily involved in blood drives, Town Wide Town Pride (Willimantic), and other volunteer-centric events. This makes sense being that she is also a true leader having completed both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the LEAP leadership program. She urges students to build their resume and get involved.

As Katelyn graduates with her Masters in Social Work this May, she says she wants to test for her licensure and eventually become a licensed clinical social worker. She is also adamant about obtaining a job right after graduation, hopefully with the elderly population.

Katelyn Adams’ last bit of advice for students either going straight into the work force or applying to graduate school is to “never settle.” Finding a job you love is vital to your happiness. Everyone knows money is great to have, but the work you produce needs to make you feel happy and fulfilled.


Kendrick Constant

Kendrick Constant

KendrickYear: Sophomore

Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting, B.I.S.

Hometown: Norwalk, CT

Hall: Occum Hall

Q. Where are you interning this upcoming summer?

Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC)

Q. What position are you interning for?

I’m actually part of something called the START Program. It’s similar to a rotational program, where I learn and experience several different aspects of the organization. This way I get to learn more about the company and what field I’ll eventually want to go into.

Q. How much competition was there for this position/program?

A lot of competition, especially since PwC is one of the “Big 4” accounting firms. There were students from Boston College, Brown University, and other Ivy League schools.

Q. What makes you qualified and prepared to take on this position?

The biggest asset I had going into the interview was being very active on campus, and using lessons from my experiences to propel me forward. Interviewers really liked this trait about me. Besides being active, updating my resume, cover letter skills and other materials has helped me tremendously. I frequently went to the Center for Internships and Career Development to better myself and improve my chances of landing an internship.

Q. How much work/internship experience have you had?

In addition to working as a “Career Assistant” in the Center for Internships and Career Development, I have been working at the Fairfield County Bank as a teller for the past two years, whenever I am not in school.

Q. What are your long term career goals?

Being established as a financial executive. (C-Level)

Q. How much help have you received from Career Services?

I attribute a large part of my success and improvement so far to the Center for Internships and Career Development. I really wanted to separate myself from the competition, and the CICD was there every step of the way. They welcomed me every time to help me develop as a future employee.  They even connected me to the INROADS program.

Q. What is the INROADS program?

It is a program designed to provide ethnic diversity to corporate America. After I was introduced to this program, I linked up to another program called the “Explore” program. Then, I finally got my chance to interview for this prestige company.

Q. Any advice for students who want the same opportunities as you?

Yes! My main advice would be to start early! There is no reason to wait until you have graduated or are an upperclassmen to start interning somewhere. Not only does it look good, being proactive, but it gives you time to make mistakes and find out what you truly like (and don’t like). Also, some programs are only offered to younger students. Don’t Wait!

Courtney DeNunzio

Internship Title: Agent

Employer: Northwestern Mutual (NWM)

Major: Economics

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Courtney not only scored an internship with one of the leading financial agencies in the world, but she also created her own business through them! She would help her clients achieve lifelong financial security and make plans on how to safely spend their money. A typical meeting with Courtney would begin by going over what your life goals are and then figure out a financial plan to achieve those goals. Then she would help the client execute the plan and work with them to help them stay financially stable.

Courtney was also ranked third best Northwestern Mutual intern nationally and actually has been working with them even now! She went from being just an agent to now being a College Unit Captain; she is very good at what she does. “I learned what the corporate world is about,” says Courtney. “I have never had more fun in a work environment than I do here at NWM.”

Internships don’t just have to be learning about the job and career path you want. “I learned how to self-manage while working for NWM because it was a lot for me to manage school, coaching, cheerleading and work all at the same time,” says Courtney.

Courtney brought up a very smart tactic she used to obtain her internship that all students should use. “Well, I looked up certain companies pertaining to my major and learned about what they did. Then I chose a handful of companies that I was most interested in. Not only did I apply through the application part of the websites, but I also looked up the CEO, President, VP, and heads of the department that I wanted to work for and sent them all an email with my résumé attached to it,” says Courtney. This was a great way for her to not only obtain recognition through her résumé but also be noticed as a person via email, instead of just noticed as another applicant.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Joel Hara

Internship Title: GIS Coordinator of Planning Department

Employer: Town of East Lyme

Major: Environmental Earth Science

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Joel Hara was told, by his advisor, to email the Town of East Lyme, since they were in need of a GIS Coordinator, and he was promptly hired. Joel even had minimal training since he had no direct boss or supervisor. “It was a great on hands experience,” says Joel. “Figuring out things on your own is a great way to remember what to do and to actually do those things better in my opinion.” The job of a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Coordinator is not your typical job. Using GIS data, the GIS Coordinator has to plan, map out, and create anything from bridges to parks to their assigned town.

At his internship, Joel helped build new sidewalks, a boardwalk, a bicycle path and a dog park. With all of his projects, he would get a schematic of the land and digitize it to an online, three dimensional model. Important people would even come to him and ask him where they could have things built; he was basically creating more for the town of East Lyme. “This internship was great for networking,” says Joel. “I have met people who own consulting firms, town engineers, civil planners and even a few selectmen from the town!”

Using census data and a map of East Lyme, Joel had to figure out where the best locations are to put new town attractions and transportation routes. For example, Joel would have to map out where original sidewalks were, where to extend them, and put new ones. Joel had always dreamed of being an environmental engineer and this internship was a great first step in his goal. “I like that I’m doing real world things that will impact the lives of others in the community,” says Joel. “It’s nice designing something that will actually be created in real life, and I will be able to see my creation first hand.”

Joel was so successful at his internship, the Town of East Lyme asked him to intern with them again.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Kara Dotolo

Internship Title: Event Coordination Intern

Employer: Susan G. Komen Connecticut

Major: Communications

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Kara took this non-paid internship because it was an organization holding an event for a cause close to her heart. The Susan G. Komen Connecticut organization is a breast cancer awareness group who frequently funds testing, screening and helps educate about breast cancer. Kara wanted to be a part of this pink parade of strong women so it was a perfect place for her internship.

Her job as Event Coordination Intern, was to help set up a huge event, which was the 22nd annual, Race for the Cure, at the Bushnell, in Hartford, CT. Kara would call sponsors who would donate for the race and set up tents and booths for all the supporting sponsors. Aetna, St. Francis Hospital, the Hartford Courant, and Pratt & Whitney were just some of the big donators that Kara helped get a hold of for this event. She also registered people for the race, helped with advertisement ideas and promotions for the event, and even helped draft press releases. “My input actually mattered,” says Kara. “Nonprofits are an awesome place to start out and because they are very hands on!”

Students are always looking for the internship that pays the highest and want to work for the “big companies.” According to Kara, “It wasn’t about the money I could make somewhere else; it was about learning skills that I would need for my communications background, while also helping out a great cause. Making money is important don’t get me wrong, but making other people happy is what makes me the happiest and that’s what I want out of whatever job I choose.”

If you can take anything away from Kara’s internship success story it should be that you ultimately do what makes you the happiest.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Tara Bergeron

Internship Title: Intern Project Assistant

Employer: The Department of Rehab Services/Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB)

Major: Sociology

Expected Graduation Date: 2015

The Department of Rehab Services/BESB is a state agency that provides a wide range of services to people who fall on the poor vision spectrum and BESB also helps those who are deaf and blind.

As the Project Assistant Tara would help set up presentations, that take place in senior centers, about BESB and how those who fall on the deaf/blind spectrum can live more independently. Tara and BESB will also be collaborating with Central Connecticut State University to create a “day in the life” documentary on people losing both their hearing and vision senses. “After my time spent here I now have a better understanding of the services BESB provides and I have realized that this is even more important work that I had originally thought it would be,” says Tara.

While Tara’s internship was a volunteer position, she has been interning here for a while and has recently been promoted to a supervisor position instead of just an intern. “Being an intern and a supervisor have been huge experiences for me,” says Tara. “I’ve learned how to get the work done as well as set up others for success throughout the agency.”

Tara also encourages anyone no matter what their major is to intern with any volunteer organization because it is an amazing experience as well as making the résumé look better.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Sarah Howard

Internship Title: Legislative Intern

Employer: Connecticut General Assembly (House Republican Office)

Major: Political Science

Expected Graduation Date: December 2015

With a major in political science and two minors in law and philosophy, Sarah is no stranger to hard work. Her grueling class schedule helped prepare her for this internship at the Capital Building in Hartford, CT. Sarah worked Monday through Friday; her days started at 8:00am and ended by 5:30pm. She worked primarily with State Representative Whit Betts, who focuses heavily on matters involving higher education, and however, she did work for other State Representatives as well. Most of the time Sarah dealt with Whit Betts’ constituents, so she was calling, emailing and helping the public a lot.

“It was an amazing experience for me because I was able to work in an environment where I shared a common interest with everyone,” says Sarah. “Everything I did involved politics and I learned so much working with the legal research department.” One of the major things that Sarah did at her job was research and wrote articles on affirmative consent that were reviewed and talked about among the State Representatives. “Being able to share my views on such an important topic and have them taken seriously was very rewarding for me,” says Sarah.

Sarah did so well at her internship that Whit Betts was having her attend State Representative meetings where she would learn what was going on, take notes, and report back to him. She was so good at her job that other State Representatives were having her attend very important meetings and report back to them as well.

Since she was part of the Republican minority in the Connecticut General Assembly, she learned how to politically criticize the content of Democratic bills and prevent them from being passed. She learned the political strategy of filibustering and helped Whit Betts use that to facilitate discussions on the floor in order to try to block as many democratic bills trying to be passed as possible. Sarah would research information for hours about a topic and come up with fifty to one hundred pages of questions for her Republican representatives to use during debates so that they would last so long, that the bill would never be passed.

Sarah had a very successful time in the Hartford Capital Building this past summer and now once she graduates in December she plans on applying to work full time with the Republican Representatives in the Connecticut General Assembly.  “Thanks to the help of my wonderful advisor, I was able to find an internship very beneficial for me,” says Sarah. “I learned more than I could have ever imagined and I am so excited to see what my future has in store for me.”

story by: Nick Quattropani

Jason Plummer

Internship Title: Data Management and Analytics Intern

Employer: Babson Capital Management

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Jason scored a paid internship for a very large corporation at the company headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts. He worked for Babson Capital Management, which is a global investment management firm with investment teams on four continents managing more than $200 billion in assets for clients in more than 20 countries around the world. Babson also has over one thousand employees worldwide.

Jason helped transfer all financial statements from companies with the investments portfolio and helped transfer them into a unified data base. He also reviewed investment deals, acquisitions, and mergers. Jason even sat in meetings where other companies would have presentations about what they want to invest in. He gave input on why Babson should accept or deny an investment.

“I learned about acquisitions, mergers, and specific types of debt in the finance world that will help me in my future,” says Jason. This business administration student definitely worked in the business end of things at his internship.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Brandi Borowski

Internship Title: Brand Ambassador

Employer: Big Fish Promotions

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

“I was just a curious about the Internship & Career Fair so I went and found the internship opportunity I had been looking for,” says Brandi. “I took a marketing class in high school and loved it, so I always knew I wanted to do marketing for a company in my future.”

Big Fish Promotions is an organization that delivers interactive experiences to clients to increase sales and brand loyalty of a product of brand. What they do is “old school social networking” by talking to clients and letting them try a product before buying it.

As a Brand Ambassador, Brandi was assigned a brand to promote for an event and she would have to learn about the product. After learning about a specific brand, she would have to learn the marketing and advertising techniques that company uses to sell their brand. Brandi would then have to go to different kinds of events and promote her assigned brand. She traveled to Nashville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and other cities for large or small venues to promote the brand. “I loved this kind of work,” says Brandi. “I want to go into sales or marketing, so this internship helped me learn how different companies advertise and successfully sell their product.”

Going to the events also helped Brandi meet people. In the advertising and marketing world, networking is especially important. “While I was at one of the events selling peanut butter for Jiff, I was approached by multiple agents who saw what I was doing and wanted to hire me for their company!” she said.

Brandi was very good at her job and within two months, she was promoted to Event Manager, where she was then in charge of a team of Brand Ambassadors. Not many interns get promoted during an internship, but Brandi showed how hard working and determined students from Eastern Connecticut State University are.

“I am so happy that the Center for Internships and Career Development hold the Internship & Career Fair in the gym every year, without that, I would probably still be looking for an internship!” says Brandi.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Gabby Wrobel

Internship Title: Management Trainee Intern

Employer: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Major: Business Economics and Sociology

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Gabby decided to check out the Internship Fair that we have here every year in the gymnasium. She noticed the many tables set up for various businesses, thinking like every college student, “I hope there is something here for me,” and there was. Gabby’s attention was drawn to the Enterprise table where one of Enterprise’s representatives sparked her interest and she submitted her résumé. Enterprise is a rental car business who saw the talent and potential in Gabby and hired her as their Management Trainee Intern.

This internship was a sales based internship, which had her opening and closing contracts on rental cars, selling insurance, and setting up billing between dealerships, insurances and Enterprise itself. Gabby also did a lot with customer service as she persuaded clients to purchase various plans and rental car insurance.

Gabby was very good at her internship, so good that she was actually ranked third best Management Trainee Intern in the entire New York/Connecticut area! She was so good at her job that she is even set up to be a branch manager of an Enterprise when she graduates! Gabby represented Eastern and helped demonstrate how great our students here are.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Lauren Williams

Internship Title: Talent Acquisition Intern

Employer: Enterprise

Major: Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Lauren has always thought about working in the human resources end of the business spectrum and during the summer of 2015 she was able to find herself an internship in the HR department of the Enterprise headquarters. She was part of the recruiting department and her main duties were job postings, phone interviews, personal interviews, payroll, and even created career fairs.

This internship confirmed Lauren’s thoughts about working in a human resources department of a business. She ran background checks on people using Global HR, a background checking software, and welcomed new employees to the company. While at Enterprise, she contributed to five direct hires and even was part of the “club elite” which meant she was one of the top HR interns in the entire Enterprise Corporation. “After working in the human resources environment all summer, I could really see myself doing this kind of job as my future career,” says Lauren. “I was so happy to find an internship that not only fulfilled my credit requirements but also played a huge part in preparing for my future.”

While being very professional in any corporation is important, Lauren believed that some fun is necessary in any workplace. She planned and held a paintball intern outing for all of Enterprise’s summer interns. She believed that this was a great way to connect with other interns as well as have some non-traditional fun.

“I was so happy that I decided to go to the Internship & Career Fair,” says Lauren. “I found the Enterprise booth and ultimately, found a life changing internship!”

story by: Nick Quattropani

Dane Paracuelles

Internship Title: Employer Relations Intern

Employer: Center for Internships and Career Development

Major: Communication

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Here in the Center of Internships and Career Development, we not only help students prepare for and obtain amazing internships, we also provide internship opportunities ourselves. Dane Paracuelles, a senior Communication major, was one of the many interns to work for the Center for Internships and Career Development as an Employer Relations Intern.

During his internship, Dane’s variety of responsibilities ranged from event planning to reaching out to professionals in numerous fields of work. “Some of my responsibilities involved recruiting institutions of high education and businesses for the Fall Graduate School Fair and Career/Internship Fair…” says Dane. “This required a lot of organization, especially with keeping in close communication with the places I contacted”.  Through his internship at the Center for Internships and Career Development, Dane was not only able to exercise his own skills in writing, networking and event planning, but he also contributed to delivering helpful career-related resources to the entire Eastern Community.

When we asked Dane what advice he would give to a student who is currently looking for an Internship, he stressed the importance of utilizing the Center for Internships and Career Development. “[What] I really appreciated were the resources and choices available to me.” added Dane. “Not only was I able to use them as a resource to find an internship, but also to perfect my resume for future job searches”.

The professional staff in the Center for Internships and Career Development urge all students to take advantage of the center’s one-on-one career counseling, workshops and online resources. Whether you are looking for the perfect internship, need assistance writing a strong resume or just need help getting started, a quick visit to the 2nd floor of Wood support Services could mean the difference between just getting a job and starting a career.

Written by Andrew Way