Cailley Browne

Cailley Browne

Year | Junior

Internship Title | General Summer Intern

Employer | Our Piece of the Pie

Major | Sociology

Cailley scored an internship with a non-profit organization called Our Piece of the Pie located in Hartford, CT for the summer of 2016. Our Piece of the Pie helps urban youth become successful, economically independent adults by helping them obtain job experience while building their resume. Cailley worked with one of the Youth Development Specialists who was assigned to 200 young adults. Youth Development Specialists are adults who serve as a role model and a mentor. These young adults would be assigned to one of many retail stores, who partnered with Our Piece of the Pie, so they can begin to learn how to navigate through the working world. For a young adult to qualify for this program, they must meet certain income guidelines or registered with the Department of Children and Families. Cailley explained, “It’s their piece of the pie and they’re giving it to the less fortunate”.

As an intern Cailley’s responsibilities varied. She was responsible for making sure that the young adults were going to their assigned job, such as Marshalls and following the policy and procedures of the company. She mentioned that she enjoyed getting to meet a diverse group of young, capable individuals through her internship while developing professional communication skills. Cailley once described herself as being introverted, shy, and unsure of what she wanted to pursue once she graduates. Today, she is more outgoing and comfortable with speaking to strangers.

Cailley was offered a full time position to work with Our Piece of the Pie. Unfortunately, she had to decline because she is a full time student. She is very eager to complete her next internship and recommends for others to complete one because, “It gives you a better sense of what you want to do,”

Written by: Sofia Amaral

Tara Bergeron

Internship Title: Intern Project Assistant

Employer: The Department of Rehab Services/Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB)

Major: Sociology

Expected Graduation Date: 2015

The Department of Rehab Services/BESB is a state agency that provides a wide range of services to people who fall on the poor vision spectrum and BESB also helps those who are deaf and blind.

As the Project Assistant Tara would help set up presentations, that take place in senior centers, about BESB and how those who fall on the deaf/blind spectrum can live more independently. Tara and BESB will also be collaborating with Central Connecticut State University to create a “day in the life” documentary on people losing both their hearing and vision senses. “After my time spent here I now have a better understanding of the services BESB provides and I have realized that this is even more important work that I had originally thought it would be,” says Tara.

While Tara’s internship was a volunteer position, she has been interning here for a while and has recently been promoted to a supervisor position instead of just an intern. “Being an intern and a supervisor have been huge experiences for me,” says Tara. “I’ve learned how to get the work done as well as set up others for success throughout the agency.”

Tara also encourages anyone no matter what their major is to intern with any volunteer organization because it is an amazing experience as well as making the résumé look better.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Gabby Wrobel

Internship Title: Management Trainee Intern

Employer: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Major: Business Economics and Sociology

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Gabby decided to check out the Internship Fair that we have here every year in the gymnasium. She noticed the many tables set up for various businesses, thinking like every college student, “I hope there is something here for me,” and there was. Gabby’s attention was drawn to the Enterprise table where one of Enterprise’s representatives sparked her interest and she submitted her résumé. Enterprise is a rental car business who saw the talent and potential in Gabby and hired her as their Management Trainee Intern.

This internship was a sales based internship, which had her opening and closing contracts on rental cars, selling insurance, and setting up billing between dealerships, insurances and Enterprise itself. Gabby also did a lot with customer service as she persuaded clients to purchase various plans and rental car insurance.

Gabby was very good at her internship, so good that she was actually ranked third best Management Trainee Intern in the entire New York/Connecticut area! She was so good at her job that she is even set up to be a branch manager of an Enterprise when she graduates! Gabby represented Eastern and helped demonstrate how great our students here are.

story by: Nick Quattropani

Kelsey Hallock

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Sociology

Employer: Community Health Resources
Internship Title: Care Coordinator
Kelsey took the responsibility of finding an internship on herself to fulfill a requirement for her minor in Criminology. Along with her supervisor she works as a communication liaison between the courts, probation, or other referral sources as far as the clinician’s recommendation or client activity within the agency. Kelsey works to update client information regarding things such as urinalyses or breathalyzer screens and psychotherapy or group therapies attended by clients. Her internship also includes activities like verifying, processing, and forwarding client discharges. Further, she has shadowed group therapies dealing with different areas of behavioral health. Her internship has provided Kelsey with knowledge regarding how agencies work with probation offices and how her work can have an impact on various clients.
Kelsey’s position as a Care Coordinator is related to her career aspirations because she wants to be an adult probation officer. Specifically, this internship showed Kelsey how referral sources work when a client is mandated to attend court.

Based on her experience, Kelsey’s advice for her peers is to not wait for someone to hand you a great internship. She got her internships on her own by talking to the right people and knowing exactly what she wanted to do. She says, “It really is all about whom you know, not what you can do. Make connections! A degree is great but without experience you can’t get very far.”

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo