Katelyn Adams

Katelyn Adams

Picture1Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Plainfield, CT

Major: Social Work

On-Campus Positions: Resident Assistant, Student Orientation Counselor

Katelyn Adams recently graduated from Eastern in the spring of 2015. And while many would be happy with this achievement, Katelyn went straight to graduate school. She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Connecticut, but her roots of social work, leadership, and active engagement started back as an underclassmen at ECSU.

Being a resident assistant for three years at Laurel Hall, and a student orientation counselor for three years is the start of her accomplishments. She was also heavily involved in blood drives, Town Wide Town Pride (Willimantic), and other volunteer-centric events. This makes sense being that she is also a true leader having completed both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the LEAP leadership program. She urges students to build their resume and get involved.

As Katelyn graduates with her Masters in Social Work this May, she says she wants to test for her licensure and eventually become a licensed clinical social worker. She is also adamant about obtaining a job right after graduation, hopefully with the elderly population.

Katelyn Adams’ last bit of advice for students either going straight into the work force or applying to graduate school is to “never settle.” Finding a job you love is vital to your happiness. Everyone knows money is great to have, but the work you produce needs to make you feel happy and fulfilled.


Sabrina Davis

Internship Title: Collegiate Health Service Corps Intern

Employer: Eastern Connecticut Area Health Education Center, Inc. (AHEC)

Major: Social Work

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Junior Sabrina Davis has started her junior year off strong with a Collegiate Health Service Corps internship at a local non-profit and establishing herself well within the working world.  At AHEC, Sabrina’s responsibilities include improving the implementation of the Collegiate Health Service Corps program, which helps disadvantaged college students to achieve their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. Through event planning, administrative work and professional networking, Sabrina is not only helping to achieve AHEC’s goal but also her own.

Sabrina aspires to work in the non-profit sector, directly with individuals and communities who are marginalized, underserved and oppressed.  At AHEC,  she is afforded the opportunity to gain first-hand experience within this area. With the knowledge that she has obtained from her studies here at Eastern, Sabrina is able to apply what she has been taught in the field. Using her social work and public health background, she has helped to create fewer obstacles for those in need of healthcare. This pre-professional experience will not only increase Sabrina’s marketability after graduation, but also help build a strong foundation for her career before she even starts it.

Within her position, Sabrina works alongside the CHSC Coordinator and many other professionals within the public health sector, allowing her to grow her professional base and network within that community.

When asked for advice on how to achieve an internship, Sabrina says “[One must] first and foremost establish a relationship with the Center for Internships and Career Development. They are the best resource to go about seeking an internship.”

Written by Andrew Way


Shelby Champagne

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Social Work

Employer: Backus Hospital

Internship Title: Fall Intern
Shelby, a senior Social Work major, is interning at Backus Hospital in the Care Management Department. At her internship she does bio-psycho-social assessments on patients that may need services outside the hospital. Shelby then refers, registers and sets the patients up with outside facility placements (such as nursing rehabilitation facilities) and transportation. Her co-op is utilizing the skills she has learned at Eastern to be a generalist social work practitioner.

Shelby’s internship is giving her the foundation she needs before heading to graduate school for a Masters in Social Work. Having an internship in a hospital also gives Shelby the experience she will need to pursue a career in the medical field of social work.

The advice Shelby would give other students is to go on multiple interviews at possible internship locations. Questions about the job or experience you will have can be answered through an interview. She also says to go above the minimum job requirements at the internship; your performance can lead to great recommendations, networking, and even a job upon graduating.
Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Rebecca Gaston

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Social Work

Employer: Next Step Perception Program

Internship Title: Clinical Intern

Rebecca is Social Work major, a senior at Eastern Connecticut State University and since the Fall of 2012, an intern at the “Next Step Perception Program” here in Willimantic, CT. As an intern at this program she worked among a population that had dealt with the Department of Corrections, mental abuse, and substance abuse. While interning at the program, Rebecca took on a variety of tasks such as interviewing clients, develop recovery plans for clients, help clients develop proper social communication skills and much more. “This internship was a step outside of my comfort zone which made it challenging” says Rebecca. “She goes on to say “However after numerous interviews after numerous interviews this was the perfect internship to be a stepping stone towards my goals” Rebecca plans to go attend Graduate School. Afterwards she plans to continue to help those that suffer from mental and substance abuse.

To those who are planning to or currently seeking an internship Rebecca says to start early. The longer one waits, the more you hurt yourself in the end. Rebecca also says it is crucial to know where you want to be and to not be afraid to come out of your comfort zone. “An internship is a learning experience; not only about the real world but also yourself”

Story by: Reginald Boahene