Stephanie Kovis

KovisStephanie Kovis

Employer | Office of Accessibilities at Eastern Connecticut State University

Major | Psychology

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

As a senior that is preparing to graduate in May, Stephanie knew that she wanted to experience an internship that has to do with her major which is Psychology. Although she is not certain what she would like to do with her major, having an internship at the Office of Accessibilities on the Eastern campus seemed like the right fit for her.

At Stephanie’s internship she has a plethora of roles that she is responsible for. Not only does she partake in Eastern Prep and Peer Mentoring programs, Stephanie also assists Eastern students who may have ADHD or other disabilities adjust to the academic environment. This means that she helps these students with academic based issues such as time management, study skills, organization, and test anxiety.

Through the Peer Mentoring program that Stephanie is a part of, they put on outreach events on the ECSU campus for students to come together. “We recently had a stress free themed program where students came to hang out and participated in relaxing activities such as making stress balls and coloring in adult coloring books.” The most interesting part about Stephanie’s internship is getting to know each student and to see them become successful.

Every college student knows how difficult it is to find an internship in general, but more specifically an internship that has to do with their major. Stephanie’s advice to finding an internship during college is, “Find an internship junior year so you have the chance to have an internship experience more than once. I wish I had the opportunity to do another internship because it would have been a great opportunity to explore different potential career paths.”

Katie Tomascak

TomascakKatie Tomascak

Employer | Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center

Major | Child Psychology / Public Health Minor

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

When looking for an internship, Katie knew she wanted to have one that would help advance her in her field, which is Child Psychology. Her dream job is to become a family support clinician that works in a hospital. When Katie heard about an internship at Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center, she knew it would be the perfect stepping stone to her future job.

At Katie’s internship there are a lot of roles she is required to play a part in. This includes helping plan an event named Healthy Kids Day by researching vendors and asking them to participate in the event. During the event which is held on April 29th of 2017, Katie is responsible for overseeing the event to make sure everything is running smoothly and accordingly.

One of the most rewarding aspects about this internship is the fact that Katie has the privilege of watching these children learn and grow over the course of time that she is there. A typical day at Katie’s internship is meeting with her supervisor in the morning to discuss any upcoming plans or any new updates. She then goes to watch the children at the YMCA daycare for the rest of the day to help supervise and educate them.

Katie was asked what advice she would give other college students trying to find an internship. Her response was, “Take a risk and apply to internships that you have even the slightest interest in. It can turn into a great opportunity in the end. Any internship experience is good experience to put on your resume. And drink lots of coffee!”

Kiera Forstell

ForstellKiera Forstell

Employer | Day Kimball Healthcare/ Family Advocacy Center of Putnam, CT

Major | Psychology

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Since Kiera is a Psychology major she has known that she wants to eventually become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Therefore when she found this internship with Day Kimball Hospital she knew it would be a good foot in the door to her future career goals.

At Kiera’s internship, her roles consist of shadowing home visits to further educate new parents and sitting in on human trafficking meetings at DCF for Windham County. Kiera is also currently working on multiple projects for Day Kimball Hospital to help promote awareness for various types of healthcare.

What Kiera enjoys the most about her internship is the fact that there is never a dull day. “Every day there is a new article to read, meeting to sit in on or topic to discuss,” she said. When asked what she hopes to learn from this internship her response was, “I hope to learn about the different processes and people involved with each topic listed above and what the steps are required to decrease the amount of fatalities and increase awareness”.

Kiera’s advice to other college students trying to find an internship is to go to all of the internship meetings. She also said to talk to your professors so they can help you find an internship that has to revolve around your major.

Logan Sharlow

LoganLogan Sharlow

Year | Senior

Internship Title | General Intern

Employer | Willimantic AIC

Major | Psychology

Completing her second internship this fall 2016 semester, Logan Sharlow is getting a good range of experience prior to graduation this coming May of 2017. Logan is currently completing the perceptions program at the Willimantic AIC, where she keeps track of offenders, who were recently released from jail. This internship was in sharp contrast compared to her first internship where she tutored students at Coventry High School.

Logan conducts case management sessions, runs group modules/activities, and other extra activities that assist the receptionist. Learning social skills such as creating relationships with strangers and using the popular slogan, “treat everyone as equals,” are huge takeaways that Logan will start to implement more in her every day life. She said that she didn’t know what her career goals and objectives were until she started completing internships. Logan mention that completing an internship opened her eyes to what her career goals are after college. Because of this fact, Logan would like to recommend to her peers to start looking for internship opportunities early.

“It was a very eye opening experience and now I have a better sense of what direction I want to go in next.” Logan will be completing her third internship next semester that is expected to be related to her criminology minor.

Written by, Sofia Amaral