Daniel Manzi

DanielDaniel Manzi

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Marketing Intern

Employer | Three Rivers Whitewater Inc.

Major | Business Administration

In northern Maine this past summer of 2016, Daniel Manzi was a marketing intern for the Three Rivers Whitewater Corporation. Daniel had multiple responsibilities such as creating and applying innovative ideas, working outside in the elements, video/photo capture, creating good business contacts, karaoke and working nightlife events.

Three Rivers Whitewater offers their interns excellent perks. For example, they pay for housing and one meal a day (on rafting day trips). The company also paid for Daniel’s whitewater rafting guide training. Although you must first pass the test, whitewater raft training comes in handy on the days that you have “off” from being an intern. Therefore, Daniel had the ability to work as a raft guide on his days off to earn some extra money. Other benefits include, hands on experience with the marketing team and owners, discount rates on skydiving, and free whitewater rafting.

Daniel’s internship was more than getting the knowledge, skills, and benefits of whitewater rafting.  “You can make an actual impact on the company, versus just learning from the company.” Daniel really enjoyed his internship experience and has a set of new skills to operate with such as market research techniques (excel and google sheets knowledge), leadership/confidence skills, media editing skills, and collaborating with other companies.

Daniel encourages students to complete an internship, especially those students looking for careers in the fields of business, communications, and graphic design. Internships are key if you want to attain the skills and knowledge of working in any industry that you want.

Written by, Sofia Amaral

Christopher Cayer

Internship Profile:

Christopher Cayer

Business Marketing Major

Class of 2012

Title: Marketing Intern

Employer: Connecticut Department of Agriculture

In the summer of 2012, Christopher Cayer worked as a marketing intern for the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. This job involved mailing farmers, updating the department website, tracking data for each farm, and entering grants into the company database.  He even got the chance to help organize a booth at the Big E.

                While working this internship, Christopher quickly realized how important it is to learn about a company from the bottom up if you want to be successful within it. It’s one thing to work an internship, but it’s another to go above and beyond the call of duty and absorb everything that is going on around you.  He also learned the importance of deadlines, and working diligently in a timely manner. He stressed how important it is to complete assignments quickly, correctly and thoughtfully.

                Having the opportunity to communicate with farmers helped Christopher become more familiar with customer relations.  It also made him realize what he truly wants to do going forward. This internship opened up his eyes to life working in the field, and it taught him that he prefers this type of work environment over an office setting. He plans to own his own business one day, and the skills he gained during this internship will hopefully help him one day reach that goal.

                Christopher’s biggest piece of advice to other students looking to partake in an internship is to make sure you enter it with an open mind. “Do something you’re not comfortable with and work outside your comfort zone. Work hard, learn as much as you can and make connections. This will help you grow in the future.”


-Dan Calzone