Amelia Dube

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Labor Relations & Human Resource Management

The Connecticut Department of Labor: Human Resources Department (Wethersfield, CT)

Internship Title: Human Resources Intern

Amelia Dube, a senior Labor Relations and Human Resource Management major, was given the chance to apply what she had learned in the classroom to her internship with the Connecticut Department of Labor this past summer. On the job as a Human Resource Intern, Amelia had many responsibilities including, administrative tasks, approving COLAs (Cost of Living Adjustments), sending letters out to employees about raises and promotions, as well as attending arbitrations with Labor Relations specialists and visiting a vast variety of state agencies (CT Works, Mediation and Arbitration, the State Capitol etc.)
“I learned that the heart of any business, whether it is private or state-run, is the Human Resources department,” mentions Amelia when asked about what she learned on the job. “They are in charge of most of the behind-the-scenes aspects of work that people might not always think about.”

Amelia hopes to work in a Human Resource Department post-graduation, so this internship was just the right fit! To those hoping to follow in Amelia’s internship shoe’s, she gives to you a little advice; “Never say no to any opportunity that comes your way, because chances are you will learn a lot from your experiences.” She also suggests to internship potentials to make as many connections as you can with the professionals around you. You never know how they may be able to help you in the future to achieve your goals and Amelia can attest to that first hand.
Story submitted by Rebecca Coolidge

Krystal Jones

Expected Graduation Date: September 2013

Major: Business Administration and Human Resources
Title: Financial Analyst Intern

Employer: Electric Boat (General Dynamics)


For the past two summers Krystal Jones has been a Financial Analyst Intern for Electric Boat, the producer of Groton’s famous nuclear submarines. While there she has led a “classified” internship dealing with some very sensitive material. Explaining that most of what she does is confidential, she was able to let in on a few details of her work there. The basics of her duties are to make certain that buyers were operating in the most cost effective ways. Basically, to ensure Electric Boat continues to make money and not lose any. She also participated in audits on company issued credit accounts and oversaw some contractual agreements. Overall, she has been issued some very important tasks.

While finance wasn’t her first choice, Krystal admits her internship is an easier task than it sounds. There’s little to no math involved (something that scared her) and she relished in the great work environment. She was lucky to be able to work alongside her father and enjoyed having him as a co-worker. When it comes to her future goals, she’s not sure what she wants to do. Electric Boat hires many of their interns and she admits that it wouldn’t be a bad option. Despite her uncertainty in her future career goals, she has embraced every second of her time at Electric Boat. To her, it was a way of gaining the “real life experience” that prospective employers drool over.

Krystal’s key advice for anyone pursuing an internship is “to network”. If you’re lost, you can find your way in school sponsored internship programs and if it’s paid, then go for it. But don’t exclude anything! “Look into all opportunities. Just because it’s not your first choice, don’t exclude it,” she advises.

Outside of her summer internship, Krystal works a retail job at Trailblazer’s Mohegan Sun location and for three years attended Norwich’s Three Rivers Community College. Now, as a Business Administration (Human Resources) major at Eastern Connecticut State University, Krystal looks forward to graduating in September 2013. She plans on returning to Electric Boat in the Summer of 2013.

Story by Alexandra Remy