Adrianna Mihalek

MihalekAdrianna Mihalek

Employer | Palmer- Warner House with Connecticut Landmarks

Major | History

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Going into Adrianna’s senior year, she knew she wanted to apply for internships that have to do with her passion, History. While applying to internships she kept in mind that one of her career goals is to become a curator for a historical museum. So when the opportunity to intern for Connecticut Landmarks at the Palmer-Warner House arose, she knew she had to take it.

At Adrianna’s internship she has the title of an Archival and Collections Intern. This means that Adrianna has duties that entail discovering artifacts, cleaning the artifacts, measuring the dimensions, photographing the artifacts, describing the artifacts, and archiving them in the database. Adrianna and her coworkers are in the process of going through the Palmer-Warner House with the purpose of eventually opening the house to the public as an historic house.

Adrianna’s favorite part about her internship is discovering all the new artifacts that she finds. “Every artifact I find is different so it gives me an opportunity to learn something new while connecting it with a part of history,” said Adrianna. With this internship, she hopes to gain knowledge of what it entails to work, open, and run a museum or historical house.

The last question that Adrianna was asked was, “What advice you would give to other college students trying to find an internship?”.  Adrianna’s response was, “Employers are very impressed with people that take the time to get internships because it shows that you are hardworking and are gaining early experience in your field of study. Having an internship is a very big resume builder!”

Emily Komornik

Emily Komornik

KomornikHometown: Shelton, CT

Major: History/English

Graduation Year: 2016

Q:   What was your internship position?

A:    I was the only intern in the law firm and I reached out to the firm because I wanted to gain exposure in the field of law. Law firms rarely post internships like other fields, such as business or medicine. I had to be proactive.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    I was basically a paralegal, where I helped sort data, prepare cases, and  provide support wherever necessary. My main goal for this internship was to gain basic understandings of a law office and to see if I liked the work they were completing.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A: Yes. One of the experiences that helped me the most was working for department chair Kurchman. I was the assistant for the Polish American Studies Journal and was responsible for publishing historical journals. I have always been interested in history as well as publishing, that is why I wanted to gain exposure in the law industry.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:   My favorite part was the fact that I finally got a chance to utilize my writing skills. I spent years honing my skills throughout my courses and I finally had real world experience to use my argumentative and writing background.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:   Currently, I am leaning towards having a career in law that is dedicated towards defending women in sexual assault cases. I believe women need more advocates so my goal is to get my J.D. and either work closely with police departments or within an established firm to represent these females.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A: Very Important. One of the biggest components is getting your feet wet and finding out if you like the work. You might think you like your major and the ideal work, but the actual work may be different than what you thought. That is huge.

Q: Advice to others?

A: Use the resources around you, and try anything. I found that you need to experience your major before you commit to a career in it. I started off as a education major and didn’t fit well with teaching. I believe the earlier you discover if you like the work in your field/major, the better off you’ll be. Take advantage of opportunities around you and be willing to try multiple things.