Katie Tomascak

TomascakKatie Tomascak

Employer | Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center

Major | Child Psychology / Public Health Minor

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

When looking for an internship, Katie knew she wanted to have one that would help advance her in her field, which is Child Psychology. Her dream job is to become a family support clinician that works in a hospital. When Katie heard about an internship at Hale YMCA Youth and Family Center, she knew it would be the perfect stepping stone to her future job.

At Katie’s internship there are a lot of roles she is required to play a part in. This includes helping plan an event named Healthy Kids Day by researching vendors and asking them to participate in the event. During the event which is held on April 29th of 2017, Katie is responsible for overseeing the event to make sure everything is running smoothly and accordingly.

One of the most rewarding aspects about this internship is the fact that Katie has the privilege of watching these children learn and grow over the course of time that she is there. A typical day at Katie’s internship is meeting with her supervisor in the morning to discuss any upcoming plans or any new updates. She then goes to watch the children at the YMCA daycare for the rest of the day to help supervise and educate them.

Katie was asked what advice she would give other college students trying to find an internship. Her response was, “Take a risk and apply to internships that you have even the slightest interest in. It can turn into a great opportunity in the end. Any internship experience is good experience to put on your resume. And drink lots of coffee!”

Amanda Eakin

AmandaEakinAmanda Eakin

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Student Intern

Employer | Global Field Course Internship Program

Major | Health Sciences, Concentration in Pre-Nursing

Amanda Eakin participated in a global field course internship in Agona-Asamang, Ashanti Region of Ghana in West Africa. This internship lasted three weeks during the summer of 2016. Amanda visited various health clinics, hospitals, and public health agencies that taught her about healthcare services in this region of Ghana. “The internship allowed me to get my feet wet in the medical field and experience the Ghanaian culture at the same time” explains Amanda. She observed numerous clinical experiences in the Agona-Asamang hospital. “When visiting the hospital, I viewed specialties ranging from an emergency department, maternity, physiotherapy, surgery, and chronic diseases.” Amanda adds, “I tried my best to get as many experiences in all the various departments so I could get a feel for what specialty I want to do in the future.” In regards to public health opportunities, Amanda went to an immunization and weighing clinic for toddlers. Additionally, Amanda visited a number of water treatment sites to see how water was created and where residents retrieved water in different communities.

“I would definitely recommend completing an internship because it allows you to gain experience in the field that you are interested in and if you go abroad for your internship, it gives you a once in a lifetime experience.” Amanda will be graduating from Eastern in December. She’s currently in the process of applying to nursing programs to receive her BSN.

Written By, Sofia Amaral

Bethany Juselis

BethanyBethany Juselis

Year | Senior

Internship Title | General Intern

Employer | Uncas Health District, Norwich CT

Major | Health Science, concentration in Public Health

Following in the footsteps of Patrick McCormack, Bethany completed her internship at the Uncas Health District this past summer 2016. Bethany stated, “My responsibilities would be driving samples up to the state lab in Rocky Hill. I would go out with a sanitarian every Monday morning to do water samples of the local beaches. Then on Wednesday, if the water samples came back with a high bacteria count we would go back and re sample them. I would also meet with the Public Health Nurse from time to time to file paper work.”

Bethany majors in Health Science with a concentration in Public Health and this internship was perfect for her because she researched how much bacteria local beaches contained. She now has first-hand knowledge of what the public is being exposed to frequently. “From this internship I learned that things will always be changing around you as long as you are in the public health field. You never know what the next outbreak is going to be, and being prepared is key.”

Bethany also stated, “I would highly recommend this internship to other students. I was lucky enough to be part of their team. The Uncas Health District has a wonderful environment and I felt very welcomed. Everyone was kind and willing to answer any of my questions. I was new to the field so Uncas Health helped me better understand what a local health department does.”

Written by Sofia Amaral

Taylor Goodhue

Taylor Goodhue

GoodhueHometown: Old Saybrook, CT

Major: Health Sciences

Graduation Year: 2017

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    I interned at Dr. Gordon’s Optometry (Eye Doctor) Office in Old Saybrook, CT.  My position was a “Triager” which means I would complete the basic testing of patients before the doctor comes to meet with them.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My main responsibility was to check patients and report their data into a medical program we used at the office. This not only kept track of the patients vitals (blood pressure, eye pressure, etc.), but informed the doctor of possible symptoms so they were knowledgeable before they even met with the individual.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    Besides my schooling and knowledge in the sciences, I did not have any work experience or internships in Optometry or the medical field. That is why I benefited from this internship so much.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    The best part of the internship was that it helped determine what I wanted to do with my career. I was initially going to pursue ultrasound as a career, but after this internship I decided to change directions. Without this experience I would still be headed down the wrong path. Another benefit was that now I have a job to go back to during the summer and even while I go into medical school. I loved everything at my internship, except maybe the 45 minute commute from Eastern to Old Saybrook and back.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My goals are to graduate from Eastern and eventually go into medical school.  In the meantime, I will be going back to Dr. Gordon’s office and gaining more in-depth experience.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    I think internships are extremely important. In my situation, it literally turned my life around as it switched me to the right path. I think one of the vital aspects of completing an internship is that you will be able to tell if you like that line of work or not. Without interning, how will you know if you like the work you plan on doing for a career?

Heather Colletti

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Health and Physical Education
Eastern Connecticut State University Early Childhood Development Center
Internship Title:
Preschool Physical Education Teacher
Heather completed her internship at the Early Childhood Development Center at Eastern Connecticut State University. As a preschool physical education instructor, Heather is fulfilling her aspirations to have this same occupation after graduation. She completes lesson plans and administers these activities to her students daily. Heather says that this internship has allowed her to apply the knowledge that she has gained through school coupled with her innate creativity. This internship means a lot to Heather because it has reassured her that she is on the right path to achieve the career she covets.

Heather says that any experience is positive and can be a great opportunity to learn. She advises her peers to “take all you can get to be the person you are meant to be.”
Story submitted by Francisco Bravo