Enidza Torres

TorresEnidza Torres

Employer | Center for Community Engagement

Major | Communications

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Enidza landed an internship with the Center for Community Engagement office on the ECSU campus this semester. Through this internship, she hopes to gain better media literacy skills as well as being able to form lasting relationships through interviews.

Enidza works with a student leader from the Center for Community Engagement, attends their weekly programs and their special events. While attending these events, she takes pictures of what is going on at the event and the Eastern volunteers that are participating and helping out. Enidza is responsible for interviewing the volunteers about the event they worked. There are times that she will then write an article for the Campus Lantern or bring students to the radio station for an interview about their experience during the CCE event.

The part that Enidza likes the most about her internship with the CCE is that she gets to attend all of the events, but she also likes the fact that she can see how engaged Eastern students are with the community around Eastern. She enjoys being able to spread the word through social media platforms as to what Eastern volunteers are doing to make an impact in the Willimantic community.

Advice that Enidza has for other college students trying to find an internship is, “Try something new. Don’t worry about whether or not your work will be perfect, there are plenty of people who are willing to make sure you succeed and gain the skills you need post-graduation.”

Kay Mullen

MullenKay Mullen

Employer | Natchaug Hospital

Major | Communication

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Since Kay’s future career goals are to have a job as a social media expert or to work in Public Relations at a hospital, the internship she accepted was beyond ideal for her. Kay accepted an internship at Natchaug Hospital as part of the social media division. Her roles at Natchaug Hospital include searching for content that are appealing to people of all ages to make them want to read more about mental health and wellness. She also has to proofread or look over articles that are about to be published. Kay then makes any revisions necessary and provides her coworkers in the social media division with feedback.

Kay believes that the most interesting part of her internship is learning more about the health care system in Connecticut. “I am starting to realize that health is so much more than your physical state but your mental health is such a crucial part of being healthy as well. Seeing what the work force is going to be like after graduation is also interesting because this is the first desk job I have had.”

To anyone looking for an internship, her advice to you is to “Apply to a bunch of internships even if you think you are underqualified. You just have to keep trying,” said Kay. “Getting an internship at a company you are interested in will give you a leg up if they ever open up positions in their company.”

Brian Dostaler

DostalerBrian Dostaler

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Production Assistant Intern

Employer | ESPN

Major | Communications

Brian Dostaler interned at ESPN, the worldwide leader of sports as a production assistant. Some of his responsibilities included creating highlight packages, completing research on teams and logging the game scores into a system based application.

Brian spoke about the excitement of working for a company like ESPN and some of the challenges he faced. “When you’re in an environment like this, and now you’re on the other side and you’re the one who has to produce those highlights, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver, there are times where I literally had 90 seconds to get everything put together for live television.” Brian overall enjoyed his experience and sees the pressure as an opportunity to get meaningful work done.

ESPN really allowed Brian to apply his skills in a productive way. The connections and possibilities are endless. Brian states, “It’s so important! You can be great at anything but if you don’t know anyone, if no one knows who you are, it does not matter. In this business you definitely need people to help you.”

Written By: Sofia Amaral