Michael Vacca

Michael Vacca

VaccaHometown: Stonington, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2017

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    My position includes talking with clients about desired projects and detailing their needs before the actual construction work begins. Essentially, there is a lot communication that goes into this. Also, I help  with financials and organizing everything into Excel.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    Overall, my responsibilities were to make sure everything was running smoothly. I am primarily involved with project management, payroll, and filing weekly and quarterly taxes.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    I feel I had a good amount of experience before this position. I have over five years of payroll experience, and have two years of project management experience.

Q: How prepared were you for this internship?

A:    I was somewhat prepared for project management, but only through experience do you realize how hard a new job can really be.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    I really enjoy the employee empowerment with my position. I am so used to being in the role of the student that I really appreciate the ability to make decisions on my own. It is nice to know the owners and other project managers trust me that much.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My career goals are to work in upper level management within some organization. I really enjoy the process of overseeing a project from start to finish. I think I am getting a good start with that now in my current line of work.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    I feel internships are very important. For me, it has added a great deal of experience to my resume. I find that this experience that I have been gaining also helps me contribute in class discussion a lot more, and helps me relate to what we are learning.

Q: Advice to others?

A:    I would recommend students aim high with their goals. I also strongly feel that they should choose an internship/job that you really enjoy and are interested in. If you can picture yourself doing that job, you should pursue it and try it out. If you like what you do, it will make work that much more fun and rewarding.

Alexandra Olsen

Alexandra Olsen

OlsenHometown: Woodbridge, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2016

Q:    What was your internship position?

A:    I interned at Foxwoods Resort Casino in multiple positions. My internship included  work in e-commerce, social media, and public relations.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My responsibilities varied from day to day since I had so many distinct roles.  That being said, a lot of my hours revolved around putting together radio speaking points, drafting corporate press releases, and creating and managing our social media content.

Q: Did you have any work experience prior to this internship?

A:    In the past, I have had  multiple part-time jobs that I felt somewhat prepared me for my internship. My prior experience ranged from hospitality and food and beverage to marketing and some administrative  work. Due to my work history, I was able to appreciate how Foxwoods operates their business as well as the respect they give to customers and their employees.

Q: What were the best parts of your internship?

A:    The best part of my internship was that every day was different and exciting. Instead of being dedicated to one specific job, I was immersed into three different departments which not only kept things new and lively, but I learned the basics of each area. Within all these functions of business, I was exposed to many industries such as entertainment, retail, hospitality, gaming, and many more. Also, unlike other organizations, I was treated as a professional, and not an “intern.” This made me feel respected.

Q: What are your career goals?

A:    My career goal is to be a manager and eventually  run my own business.  When initially searching for internships, I looked for ones that were intriguing  and those that matched my interests. Primarily, I was looking for internships in entertainment and social media. So far, this has really helped me narrow down which areas I will pursue going forward with my career.

Q: How important do you think internships are going forward?

A:    This internship has been life changing for me.  Not only have I gained a lot of experience and knowledge, but now I have confidence with this internship to move on to a real 9-to-5 job. The connections, networking, and the mentors that trained me, benefitted me more than I thought possible. I really cannot stress how much this internship helped me with my future.


Sherry Gilronan

Sherry Gilronan

Picture2Hometown: Darien, CT

Major: Business Administration

Graduation Year: 2015

Q:   What was your internship position?

A:    I was one of the marketing interns at the Norwich Bulletin, a local newspaper.

Q: What were your responsibilities for the internship?

A:    My main responsibility was managing our social media presence. This meant primarily posting on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our goal was to always stay relevant: in the news, and to our customers. I am also in charge of reporting and writing up stories for our ‘Article of the Month.’

Q: How was your experience with the ‘Article of the Month?’

A: Well, it is challenging. Currently, I am working on an article called “Go Summer.” Our objective is to report on events, activities, and locations that will be very interesting come summer time. I have to go to Mystic and research restaurants, bars, shops, and even spas, to give our readers a taste of what’s coming in a couple of months. It takes longer than you would think, so I have to start early.

Q: What do you like the most about your internship?

A:   My favorite aspect are the people I work with, and the environment I am apart of. I think when it comes to work, this is very under valued. My co-workers and co-interns are very friendly and a pleasure to be around. This makes everything more enjoyable throughout the day. As far as my work, I also enjoy going to the primary source to get our information and data. In classroom settings, it is expected that we go online and search for information, but going out into the field and interacting is much more engaging.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: After I graduate in May, I plan on going straight into the work force. I am not definite about my career path, but I am really determined to gain as much experience as I can, so I can decide to go to graduate school or enter a specific line of work.

Q: How prepared were you for this internship experience?

A: I was very well prepared. After spending so much time in class, I was interested to see how I would do in a real work setting, with actual work. I really wanted this internship so I can gain experience in the “9-to-5” working world. The training that the Norwich Bulletin gave me was also very helpful.

Q: How much help have you received from the Center for Internships and Career Development (CICD)?

A: I received ample amounts of help from the CICD over the years. I remember Mrs. Janice Patry helped me substantially with my resume. Although I got critiqued multiple times, my current resume is more professional because of that. I also interviewed with Target through the CICD. Their department is constantly striving to give their students opportunities, and I try to take advantage of that as much as possible.

Kendrick Constant

Kendrick Constant

KendrickYear: Sophomore

Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting, B.I.S.

Hometown: Norwalk, CT

Hall: Occum Hall

Q. Where are you interning this upcoming summer?

Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC)

Q. What position are you interning for?

I’m actually part of something called the START Program. It’s similar to a rotational program, where I learn and experience several different aspects of the organization. This way I get to learn more about the company and what field I’ll eventually want to go into.

Q. How much competition was there for this position/program?

A lot of competition, especially since PwC is one of the “Big 4” accounting firms. There were students from Boston College, Brown University, and other Ivy League schools.

Q. What makes you qualified and prepared to take on this position?

The biggest asset I had going into the interview was being very active on campus, and using lessons from my experiences to propel me forward. Interviewers really liked this trait about me. Besides being active, updating my resume, cover letter skills and other materials has helped me tremendously. I frequently went to the Center for Internships and Career Development to better myself and improve my chances of landing an internship.

Q. How much work/internship experience have you had?

In addition to working as a “Career Assistant” in the Center for Internships and Career Development, I have been working at the Fairfield County Bank as a teller for the past two years, whenever I am not in school.

Q. What are your long term career goals?

Being established as a financial executive. (C-Level)

Q. How much help have you received from Career Services?

I attribute a large part of my success and improvement so far to the Center for Internships and Career Development. I really wanted to separate myself from the competition, and the CICD was there every step of the way. They welcomed me every time to help me develop as a future employee.  They even connected me to the INROADS program.

Q. What is the INROADS program?

It is a program designed to provide ethnic diversity to corporate America. After I was introduced to this program, I linked up to another program called the “Explore” program. Then, I finally got my chance to interview for this prestige company.

Q. Any advice for students who want the same opportunities as you?

Yes! My main advice would be to start early! There is no reason to wait until you have graduated or are an upperclassmen to start interning somewhere. Not only does it look good, being proactive, but it gives you time to make mistakes and find out what you truly like (and don’t like). Also, some programs are only offered to younger students. Don’t Wait!

John Maura


John Maura

John is standing in back row, fifth in from left

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Double Major: Business Administration and Business Information Systems

Employer: Webster Bank

Internship Title: Investment Intern

Do you love money? Have you always had an interest in customer service and assisting people with investment opportunities? John Maura, a junior as well as a double major in business administration and business information systems, could have had your ideal internship.

Maura’s Investment internship was at Webster Bank in Waterbury, CT, which he found with help from the Center for Internships and Career Development; a process he highly recommends. Some of the responsibilities that Maura had were the following: to understand different types of investment products, review deposit and investment books, analyze data to identify accounts and contact former clients with new investment opportunities.

“This internship relates to my career goals because finance is my concentration that I’m studying and this internship puts you right in the heart of finance. It’s a subject that I am really interested in and am eager to learn more as I continue the internship,” said Maura.

Are you thinking about applying for an internship? The Center for Internships and Career Development is located on the second floor of the Wood Support Services building of Eastern’s campus. Student find opportunities to get the experience they need to graduate college and to build on what could be a successful future.

“My advice to a student seeking an internship would be to be pro-active with your search and network with everyone possible. Make a lasting impression, and most importantly visit Career Development because they offer all of the products and services needed to get an interview and nail it,” said Maura.

Story submitted by Aidan Sherman

John Bronzo

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

Major: Business Information Systems

Internship Employer: Windham Hospital

Internship Title: Entry Level Intern

This semester John Bronzo got the chance to intern at Windham Hospital right here in Willimantic Connecticut. He spent much of his time shadowing the Director of Clinical Informatics. His main responsibilities included helping with any clerical office activities, and interacting with nurses and physicians. He got the chance to get a close look at the operations at Windham Hospital, and asked many questions along the way to further his understanding of how the hospital works.

John even had the opportunity to sit in on training sessions with clinical analysts to learn the inner structure of the computer systems used at the hospital. Seeing how nurses, physicians, and patients interact with the healthcare information systems has allowed John to better understand the system as a whole, and how it is applied to the operations at the hospital.

John hopes to one day obtain a job position related to healthcare informatics. He has enjoyed his time at Windham Hospital and is eager to get into the field full-time. The skills and knowledge he has gained during this experience will be nothing but beneficial going forward. He heard about this internship opportunity through faculty in the Business Information Systems department. John urges others looking for an internship to be eager to learn from the experience. “Come eager to learn and be open to any opportunity that presents itself.”

Story by Dan Calzone

Joshua Lockheed

Hard work and determination certainly paid off for recent graduate Joshua Lockheed! Josh graduated from Eastern with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Business Information Systems. From the start of his undergraduate career, Josh connected with Career Services and maintained a close relationship with all of the career counselors. Josh initially met with the career counselors to help draft his resume; and over the years, he would meet with a counselor periodically to improve his resume and add new qualifications and accomplishments. Joshua says “they helped me with more than just finding a job; they showed me how to develop important skills. They supported everything that I did from campus involvement to personal interests.”

Recently, Joshua pursued a job lead sent to him by one of Eastern’s career counselors. He secured at position at CDW, as their Higher Education Account Manager. CDW is a company which provides IT services and products for the government. Joshua sees himself as a Technology Solutions Consultant, hopefully working in a larger corporation.

Josh is very active in Kiwanis, which is an organization that works to develop future leaders through guidance and support from mentors and volunteers. Additionally, Josh plays the saxophone and keys in a band entitled “Get in get out.” In his spare time, Josh enjoys hiking, producing music and spending time with friends and family.

Joshua would like to thank the Career Services department and professors Citurs, Brown, Lowy, Desroches, Liu and Free for all of their help throughout the years.


Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Lauren Finkbeiner