Rebecca Pilney

PilneyRebecca Pilney

Employer | The Walt Disney Company

Major | Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date | December 2017

Rebecca had a very rare and exciting internship which allowed her to figure out a future career goal of hers. Rebecca was able to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company down in Florida. After being there for a semester, she realized that after graduation she plans on applying for a second internship within the Walt Disney Company. She then hopes to grow within the company and land a full time position with them.

During Rebecca’s internship, her role in the company was a lifeguard at two of the Disney Worlds Value Resorts; Disney’s Art of Animation and Disney’s Pop Century Resorts. A typical day for Rebecca would include scanning her section of the pool to make sure all of the guests were safe and visit all of the other themed pools at the resorts. She would either work nights, which the hours were from 4:30 PM to 11:00PM or she would work the whole day which would be from 9:00 AM to  10:30 PM. On days where she would work the whole day, she would walk up to 14 miles!

Rebecca said that the most interesting part of her internship with the Walt Disney Company was all of the connections that she made. She met people all around the world that are not only a connection, but she also considered friends. Rebecca learned a lot from her internship including gaining knowledge about the company. Going into this internship, she hoped to learn more about how the Walt Disney Company uses leadership within their company.

When Rebecca was asked what advice she would give to college students trying to find an internship she said, “The advice that I would give to other students is find an internship that you find interesting with a company that you would possibly be interested in working for after college. Do your research on this internship and know what your role in the company will be before you accept the internship. Also make the best of the internship, this could be the first step towards your goals so be positive and work hard.”

Zach Baskin

BaskinZach Baskin

Employer | Winsupply Company

Major | Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Zach has known for a while now that he would like to be able to own his own Winsupply branch in the future. His goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and his current internship will help him accomplish that goal of his. Zach landed an internship at a Winsupply company where he is learning more and more from them every day!

At Zach’s internship, he has to make sure that the products and paper work are ready for customer pick up. When he is done with that task, Zach  is busy learning the ins and outs of the day to day business. By doing this, Zach is hoping to learn how to run a business of his own someday. What Zach finds most interesting about how internship is learning about the software that is used and how it interconnects between all of the Winsupply branches.

As a college student, Zach knows how difficult it can be to find an internship that has to do with your major. With that, Zach’s advice to other college students trying to find an internship is, “The best advice I’d give to college students trying to find an internship is to use your connections. There are many places on the Eastern campus that will help you find an internship.”

Alex O’Bernier

obernierAlex O’Bernier

Employer | Enterprise Holdings

Major | Business Administration, Concentrations in Marketing, Management

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Senior Alex O’Bernier has been a Management Trainee Intern at Enterprise since May 2016. Since he began his internship he has gained a substantial amount of knowledge including practicing marketing in the field, customer service, and learning how to become the manager of his own store.

When Alex was asked what a typical day at his internship is like, he said, “Getting to work, the first thing we do is close customer’s files, and get the storefront ready for incoming customers. After we open, customers come in expecting cars, and exceptional customer service. This is where sales come in to play. It is my job to sell our products, such as XM radio, vehicle upgrades, and our protection products.”

Alex said that one of the best parts about his internship is that because Enterprise is a young company, the majority of the workers are young too. It creates a fun environment for everyone to work in because they are all in the same age group, including his manager who is only 26 years old!

Advice Alex has for college students trying to find an internship is, “To apply to as many places as possible, to open their horizons outside of their comfort zones, and to create as many connections as possible on the way. I would also advise that wherever your internship ends up being, work hard, stay late, and go above and beyond. Jobs come out of internships all the time to the best employees.”

ChazChazeray Briscoe

Employer | WILI i98.3 Radio

Major | Business with a Concentration in Marketing

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Ever since Chazeray came to Eastern Connecticut State University in 2013, he has known that he would like to work to obtain a career in the entertainment industry. With his graduation coming up in May 2017, he knew he needed to find an internship that would benefit him in the long run.

When Chazeray found the internship with WILI i98.3 Radio, he knew that working in the radio industry would only further him with his future career goals. Going into this internship, he knew he wanted to learn from the experience he was about to have. Chazeray hoped to learn how to improve his production skills, how to organize a radio show, and how to go through the creative process of making advertisements for the radio.

Soon after beginning his internship, he learned that he had many important roles to keep up with. From recording and editing the audio promotions that inform listeners about events, to searching for local businesses that want to get their name out there on airwaves, then to simply answering phones; Chazeray does it all!

When asked what advice he had for other college students trying to find an internship, Chazeray said,” Advice I would give to anyone trying to find an internship would be to stay focused, diligent, and open minded. You get the opportunity to test drive a career. You’ve probably have been spending the last couple years sitting in chairs listening to people talk about being in the work force and now is your chance to actually go out and experience things first hand so just be optimistic, because you never know if an internship can turn into a career you fall in love with.”

Daniel Manzi

DanielDaniel Manzi

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Marketing Intern

Employer | Three Rivers Whitewater Inc.

Major | Business Administration

In northern Maine this past summer of 2016, Daniel Manzi was a marketing intern for the Three Rivers Whitewater Corporation. Daniel had multiple responsibilities such as creating and applying innovative ideas, working outside in the elements, video/photo capture, creating good business contacts, karaoke and working nightlife events.

Three Rivers Whitewater offers their interns excellent perks. For example, they pay for housing and one meal a day (on rafting day trips). The company also paid for Daniel’s whitewater rafting guide training. Although you must first pass the test, whitewater raft training comes in handy on the days that you have “off” from being an intern. Therefore, Daniel had the ability to work as a raft guide on his days off to earn some extra money. Other benefits include, hands on experience with the marketing team and owners, discount rates on skydiving, and free whitewater rafting.

Daniel’s internship was more than getting the knowledge, skills, and benefits of whitewater rafting.  “You can make an actual impact on the company, versus just learning from the company.” Daniel really enjoyed his internship experience and has a set of new skills to operate with such as market research techniques (excel and google sheets knowledge), leadership/confidence skills, media editing skills, and collaborating with other companies.

Daniel encourages students to complete an internship, especially those students looking for careers in the fields of business, communications, and graphic design. Internships are key if you want to attain the skills and knowledge of working in any industry that you want.

Written by, Sofia Amaral

Katie Wilson

WilsonKatie Wilson

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Summer Camp Coordinator & Office Assistant

Employer | Portland Parks and Recreation

Major | Business Administration

After working for the Portland Parks and Recreation for 6 years, Katie Wilson decided to increase her responsibilities by becoming a summer of 2016 intern. Her duties included; clerical work, filing, payroll, customer service, and calling customers to follow up or confirm camp trips. The Portland Parks and Recreation ensures that all of the parks are up to date regarding safety codes. In addition, Portland Parks and Recreation surveys the public on past programs to ensure 100% residential satisfaction.

Katie learned a lot this past summer and there were some bumps in the road along the way. Depending on the situation, Katie would try to solve a problem by putting herself in her supervisor’s shoes thinking about what he would do. There were urgent cases when she had to ask her boss to take over. Katie would analyze how her supervisor handled the problem and then would make a mental note of what to do the next time something similar happened. “Everything can be a learning experience, even when you’re doing something as simple as observing others,” Katie stated.

Even though Kate’s major, Business Administration requires completing an internship, she noted that every student should intern before graduating. An internship builds professional experience and serves as a resume builder that future employers will recognize. Katie feels she built a quality professional relationship with her supervisor. Now that she has completed an internship, she is confident that she has earned herself a great letter of recommendation for the future.

Written By, Sofia Amaral

Gina Trasacco

TrasaccoGina Trasacco

Year | Senior

Internship Title | Administrative Assistant

Employer | Westbrook Marine Center

Major | Business Administration

Gina Trasacco is currently a senior at Eastern and completed an internship during the summer of 2016 at the Westbrook Marine Center as an Administrative Assistant.  As an intern her responsibilities included answering phone calls, responding & scheduling boat rentals, organizing & restocking inventory, performing the environmental checklist in the boat yard, working with Marina Quest Systems, and payroll count.

Gina mentioned, “I would 100% recommend doing an internship to other students. This internship really open my eyes about the business environment and it made me realize that I was interested in working in the marine industry. I believe internships are very beneficial to students. They give students an amazing opportunity.” She also states, “Most internships that students participate in are in office buildings, but I had the opportunity of working outside and inside.” Gina had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather by the water, instead of working inside an office building all day. It is beneficial for students to know that internships can be located just about anywhere; the possibilities are endless.

Gina’s internship was rewarding, it made her realize how much she liked working in the marina industry. It taught her useful skills such as how to effectively and efficiently work with customers. All of her experiences working with the Westbrook Marine Center will aid in what she will pursue in the future. Gina said herself, “The skills and tools I have learned will help me become successful in the business environment.”

Written by: Sofia Amaral