Zach Baskin

BaskinZach Baskin

Employer | Winsupply Company

Major | Business Administration

Expected Graduation Date | May 2017

Zach has known for a while now that he would like to be able to own his own Winsupply branch in the future. His goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and his current internship will help him accomplish that goal of his. Zach landed an internship at a Winsupply company where he is learning more and more from them every day!

At Zach’s internship, he has to make sure that the products and paper work are ready for customer pick up. When he is done with that task, Zach  is busy learning the ins and outs of the day to day business. By doing this, Zach is hoping to learn how to run a business of his own someday. What Zach finds most interesting about how internship is learning about the software that is used and how it interconnects between all of the Winsupply branches.

As a college student, Zach knows how difficult it can be to find an internship that has to do with your major. With that, Zach’s advice to other college students trying to find an internship is, “The best advice I’d give to college students trying to find an internship is to use your connections. There are many places on the Eastern campus that will help you find an internship.”