Colleen King

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Visual Arts

Employer: Image Marketing Consultants

Internship Title: Graphic Designer

Colleen, visual arts major at Eastern, completed a co-op at Image Marketing over the course of the fall 2013 semester. Though no internship is required for her major, Colleen took it upon herself to complete one for the sake of making connections and building her portfolio.

Colleen found her co-op position by reaching out to her friend, Shannon Kearney, who happened to be an Eastern alumna and graphic designer for a company called Image Marketing Solutions. After seeing a picture on Facebook of a project Shannon had completed, Colleen commented on it and landed a job with her friend.

During Colleen’s time at Image Marketing, she helped Shannon by creating approximately 40 advertisements for Southington’s Chamber of Commerce book. She also designed invitations for various companies. This was a great opportunity for Colleen because she was able to gain experience as a graphic designer, a career she aspires to take on full-time after graduation.

Colleen’s advice for future interns is to reach out to friends who have graduated and are in the workforce, just like she did. By simply commenting on her friend Shannon’s picture, she was offered an interview and a job within two week’s time. Colleen says to “stay in touch, and stay friendly,” and success will be that much easier to achieve.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Monique Dumaine

Expected Graduation Date: May 2015

Major: Communications

Employer: Eastern Connecticut State University, Student Activities Office

Internship Title: Marketing Initiatives Intern< Monique took on the title of 'Marketing Initiatives Intern' when she did her internship right here at Eastern in the Student Activities Office. One of the goals of this office was to market themselves more effectively to the faculty and the student body. Monique's role was to research different marketing methods that might achieve the best results for her organization. After researching, she then formed a plan with her team so the best methods could be put into effect. One of the main methods used was forming a recognizable identity for the organization through social media. After college, Monique aspires to work in Student Affairs, more specifically, in the Student Activities and Leadership Development division. She feels that her purpose in life is to present the necessary tools for students to live a successful and fulfilling life. This area of higher education aims to develop students and guide them to reach their fullest potential, something Monique feels strongly about. She says "the values of this division align with mine, and I look forward to learning something new on a daily basis." Also, Monique feels that she has a leg up when it comes to applying for graduate school programs in this field. Though this area is very competitive, her passion and hands-on experience as an undergraduate student will put her ahead of the curve. Monique's advice for other students is to do something that you are passionate about. She also states that sometimes, students do not know what they are passionate about, so it is best to get experience in the field before determining one's passion. She says that she had an internship prior to her current position that she thought she was going to love. She then learned that that field was not for her. Her experience was invaluable because it taught her what she did not want to do. Monique says that students must take advantage of the countless opportunities around them, and only by going out of their comfort zone will they achieve success. Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Carter Jennings

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Aramark

Internship Title: Retail Lead

Carter Jennings, depicted all the way to the left, is a senior who went a little farther than most to do his internship. After networking through his uncle, he landed his internship at Aramark at a location in Utah. While working out west, Carter was in charge of running a gift shop on a resort, and helping dock workers move boats around on the nearby Lake Powell. Learning how to be the manager of a retail location was integral to Carter’s career aspirations because his goal is to manage a resort in the future.

Carter’s advice for other students who are seeking internships is to do something that you love above everything else. By doing something that is fun, you will not regret it no matter how much money you are making. Carter says that the money will come as long as you do a good job, and it is easy to do a good job when you are doing something you are passionate about.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo

Sarah Hendrickson

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: TellStyle

Internship Title: Social Media Intern

Sarah Hendrickson is an Eastern senior who is eager to graduate and begin her career. Last summer Sarah found herself an internship with the online clothing retailer TellStyle. As a social media intern, Sarah was given the opportunity to gain experience doing marketing for the company using three major platforms. She applied her knowledge from her college career to market TellStyle using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Along with using these platforms, Sarah wrote blogs for the company, diversifying her new knowledge of marketing methods.

This internship was very applicable to Sarah’s aspirations for after graduation. Her goal is to find work marketing in the fashion industry, so working for TellStyle has given Sarah some very important experience in a very competitive job market.

Sarah’s advice for other students is “the sooner you look for an internship, the better.” Further, she says If you need an internship to graduate, it is important not to wait until the last second because it usually takes some time to find a good one, and finding an internship you like definitely pays off.

Story submitted by Francisco Bravo