Nathan Holmes

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Holmes & Watkins Funeral Homes

Internship Title: Funeral Assistant Intern

Nathan was able to utilize multiple skills he has learned in his Business Administration major at Holmes & Watkins Funeral Homes. Nathan’s jobs included assisting funeral directors, driving funeral coaches (hearse, limousine, flower cars), filling out paperwork, full time on-call hours, data entry for financials and other programs for the funeral home such as information on deceased people for statistical use. Through Nathan’s internship he has learned a lot about how businesses actually operate. He learned how every employee has a purpose and helps the company run smoothly and efficiently.

The co-op relates to Nathan’s career goal because he wants to go into the business upon graduating. After graduating from Eastern, Nathan is planning to attend Lincoln College of New England to receive an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. This will assure that he has even more specific knowledge about the field before he starts his career.

Nathan suggests that students who need an internship should get one in the field that interests you. If you find one that you are truly interested in you will want to participate and learn a lot more and get a lot out of it.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi