Shelby Champagne

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Social Work

Employer: Backus Hospital

Internship Title: Fall Intern
Shelby, a senior Social Work major, is interning at Backus Hospital in the Care Management Department. At her internship she does bio-psycho-social assessments on patients that may need services outside the hospital. Shelby then refers, registers and sets the patients up with outside facility placements (such as nursing rehabilitation facilities) and transportation. Her co-op is utilizing the skills she has learned at Eastern to be a generalist social work practitioner.

Shelby’s internship is giving her the foundation she needs before heading to graduate school for a Masters in Social Work. Having an internship in a hospital also gives Shelby the experience she will need to pursue a career in the medical field of social work.

The advice Shelby would give other students is to go on multiple interviews at possible internship locations. Questions about the job or experience you will have can be answered through an interview. She also says to go above the minimum job requirements at the internship; your performance can lead to great recommendations, networking, and even a job upon graduating.
Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Kirsten Banta

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communications

Employer: Hartford Business Journal

Internship Title: Editorial Intern

Kirsten is a Communications major with an editorial internship at the Hartford Business Journal. Her responsibilities include writing pieces for the website that are based off of press releases, she writes for the weekly print edition and interviews business professionals for news stories. Interning at the Hartford Business Journal has improved Kirsten’s writing skills, interpersonal skills, and she has learned the writing style for business journals as opposed to various other forms of journalism. She has also become aware of what it is like to be a reporter in the world today. Kirsten has gained a lot of knowledge from her colleagues and editors who have made her feel very comfortable in the professional field of communications and happy to be a part of their community.

As a communications major, Kirsten’s internship at the Hartford Business Journal will help her in any communications related career. Although Kirsten does not have definite determined career goals or dream job, she now has a clearer view of the path she can take when she leaves Eastern. She feels as though her experience at the Hartford Business Journal has helped her prepare for the “real world” after she graduates in May.

Kirsten would advise students who need an internship to start looking early and utilize any connections you may have. She says that an internship will guide you in the field you want be in because it is like a trial run in the professional world. She recommends finding an internship to truly know if what you are studying is really the most ideal career path for you.
Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Melissa Nosal

Expected Graduation Date: December 2013

Visual Arts: Digital Art & Design

Employer: The Visual Arts Department of Eastern Connecticut State University

Internship Title: Marketing Intern
Melissa is a Visual Arts major completing an internship this semester here at Eastern Connecticut State University’s Visual Arts Department. Though her major does not require an internship, Melissa knew an internship will help her get a job after graduating.

Her responsibilities at her co-op include promoting the Visual Arts Department of ECSU to high school teachers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. She will be going to college fairs to speak to students interested in studying art history, game design, digital art, sculpture, costuming and fashion design, painting and drawing, and printmaking. Melissa also updates the Visual Arts department’s website and makes promotional flyers.

Melissa’s internship has helped her gain the skills to conduct thorough research, reach out to community leaders, interact and work with industry professionals and advertising skills using advanced software. Melissa’s internship relates to her career goals because she would someday like a career in advertising, designing promotional materials for companies, small businesses, and organizations.

The advice Melissa would give to students is to try and build amicable, professional relationships with faculty members and professors on campus. She says that not only do they have experience but they have a network that can help open doors for you. “If you have a good bond with a professor, and they see you have good work ethic in your field, they will be more inclined to notify you of internships and job opportunities.”
Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Anthony Pacileo

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Locals 8 Restaurant Group< Internship Title: Bookkeeper Intern

Anthony Pacileo is a Business Administration major here at Eastern Connecticut State University. Over the summer he completed his internship as a bookkeeper at Locals 8 Restaurant Group. By utilizing his networking skills he worked his way into the corporate office. Anthony’s internship responsibilities consisted of daily operations of the corporate office such as filing, data entry, invoice and purchase order verification and monitoring, tracking of inventory and payroll. As a bookkeeper, Anthony learned many skills using different data systems for different operations.

The restaurant corporate office internship helped Anthony get a foot in the door in the restaurant industry. Anthony has also been interested in bookkeeping as a career goal. Now that he has experience in the field that he would like to go into, he is confident that this is something he would want to do after he graduates. He also finds that applying to internships has given him experience for the application and interview process for careers after he graduates in May.

The advice Anthony would give to students who need to complete an internship is to do one in the industry you are thinking about going into after graduation. He says, “Do not be afraid to ask someone to help you get in the door. Once you get the interview, it’s up to you to get the internship and succeed in it.”

Story by: Morgan Gerardi