Carrie Mantis

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Communications

Employer: Cronin & Company

Internship Title: Summer Public Relations Intern

This summer Carrie was able to utilize her skills, learned in the communication and writing department, as a public relations intern. After doing much research she was able to find an internship that she was truly interested in at Cronin & Company. Carrie’s tasks included support to the PR department, creating client media lists, media monitoring, writing press materials, serving as a media liaison, coordinating special events, and developing social media content.

Through her internship, she was able to acquire skills conducting and delivering research, writing press releases, and using professional communication both verbal and written. Carrie says she often had to step out of her comfort zone at her internship, and she is glad she did.

Carrie would like a career in the public relations field and/or advertising after she graduates. Through her hands on public relations experience at Cronin & Company, she was able to come to the conclusion that she likes working with clients as well as editing and creating press releases.

Carrie’s advice for other students that need to complete an internship is to research different internships, that way you can find one that meets your specific interests. She also recommends asking as many questions as possible during your internship and trying to meet as many different people as you can, because Carrie networking is one of the best ways to get a job.

Story by: Morgan Gerardi

Kyle Nitz

Expected Graduation Date: May 2014

Major: Business Administration

Employer: Mohegan Sun

Internship Title: Regional Marketing Representative

Kyle, a Business Administration major interned for Mohegan Sun’s regional marketing department, with two other Eastern students, this summer. His responsibilities included assisting the marketing manager in sponsorship and promotional events, maintaining superior customer service during events and attending regional marketing events.

Though Kyle is familiar with team work from his participation on the Eastern Rugby team, he has learned the importance of team work in a large organization. He has also learned how marketing skills and customer service play into one another to achieve success in a business. Kyle’s enjoyment with his internship at Mohegan has opened his eyes to a career in marketing. His hope is that upon graduation the experience gained from this internship will help him land a job in the marketing field.
When asked what advice Kyle would give other students who would like to complete an internship he said. “Honestly, do something that you enjoy. Forget about the pay check and focus more on what your day to day activities are. If you hate work you’re going to watch the clock rather than benefit from the experience.”

Story by: Morgan Gerardi