Rosheka Gray

Expected Graduation Date: December 2013

Major: Communication

Employer: ECSU Alumni Affairs

Internship Title:
Event Planning Intern

Becoming the Event Planning Intern at the Alumni Affairs office at Eastern Connecticut State University was not exactly what Rosheka Gray expected it to be. “I expected the position to be a regular office job, with no hands on experience whatsoever” say Rosheka. However an internship is to give students a real world experience and the real world experience is full of surprises. Rosheka found that this internship was a lot more than that of an office setting. While interning at Alumni Affairs she planned alumni and network events on and off campus, create fliers, handled vendor transactions and much more.

Gray says that being the previous treasurer of the African Club and the current president of the West Indian Society has have given her the skills needed to plan events, execute tasks, and collaborate with others. These skills have helped her during her internship. Her internship has also provided her with the opportunity to meet Alumni of Eastern Connecticut State University, as well as contacts that could very well aid her in the future. She also had the opportunity to attend Alumni Association board meetings. Rosheka says that “whether you need an internship or not everyone should pursue one. They are stepping stones to your future.”

Story by: Reginald Boahene