Anthony Amato



Anthony Amato
Communication Major
Class of 2012

Title: Advertising Intern

Employer: Chartwells

Anthony Amato is a senior at Eastern CT State University where he takes pride in his responsibilities as a student, intern and worker.  Last semester as Advertising Intern for Chartwells Higher Education Division in Eastern Dining Services, he learned how to connect to the student body through social media and keep people’s attention by making it fun and interesting.

Anthony was responsible for creating campaigns, advertisements and signage that worked to promote Dining Services events. He updated the social media outlets, planned events such as fairs, expos and student activities creating a relationship between the dining services and the student body.

One way he reached out to students was by starting the Chartwells Chomper, selecting a student to receive a plate of cookies, a water bottle and a Frisbee each week to show Chartwell’s appreciation.  Not only did the student get a prize package but they were recognized on the Chartwells Facebook and Twitter, where they would be tagged to get the word out. The Chartwells Chomper was not only created by Anthony, but it is now recognized by Chartwells Corporate where it will be used by other branches.

Along with being an intern for Chartwells, Anthony is also the match secretary for Eastern’s Rugby team, and the head news anchor for the club News 22 which is a student run news show. He is also a member Lambda Pi Eta Tau Nu Chapter (Communication Honors Society) and works for the Eastern Housing Department as an Office Assistant.  During the summer he works as an Administer for Camp Harkness in Waterford, CT, a camp for mentally and physically disabled adults. This position helped him with his communication skills over the years, being able to apply these skills in all areas of work and life.

Anthony plans on working for an advertising agency as a creative writer or copywriter once he graduates this May. Working at the Chartwells internship helped him realize exactly what he wanted to do. He recommends finding an internship that really interests you and that will show you if it is actually what you would like to do.

Story written by: Brittany Mancini