Alex Bogle

Alex Bogle is an Economics major and Business Information Systems minor who is anxious to succeed! Alex is also an RA for Nutmeg and is Vice President of Operations for the Eastern Connecticut State University student chapter of Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Alex has worked three internships in the past which include Natchaug Hospital, INROADS and Metlife. His most recent internship is at Cigna. Cigna is a health insurance company that offers valuable internship experience to students at Eastern’s campus.

Alex is an Application Developer Intern. As an Application Developer, Alex must keep up with web maintenance of by updating logos and layouts of the website as well as changing/editing and adding text. Alex also builds job applications, organizes files and maintains database architecture. Most recently Alex built a website for Prudential with fellow Eastern student AJ Brisson. Alex works with six other Eastern interns. “We all get along very well. It’s good that we are a small group, we work cohesively. We all have strengths in different areas.”

Alex occasionally meets with Career Services staff for advice. Alex thanks Cliff Marrett, Interim Director for the help he has received. “I feel like I got where I am today because of Cliff. He helped me get in at INROADS which helped me get a position at Metlife.”

Alex also owes his thanks to his mentor, Emmanuel Twom. “I think I created a great network. How all this got started was through meeting my mentor, Emmanuel. He is a Systems Analyst for New River Systems in D.C. and is very successful at a young age. I met him at a Career Fair in New Jersey. We started discussing the future and I told him I wanted to be a project manager. He sat down with me and discussed my resume and told me I could do it. He also helped me with mock interviews. Emmanuel is my motivator. Someday I would like to be as successful as him.”

Alex has advice for students in regards to internships, “if the internship is in a field that you are really passionate about go for it, even if it is paid or unpaid. You have choices. Everything will fall into place.”

Congratulations on your multiple successes Alex! Good luck with future endeavors!

Story Submitted By: Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Mike Calvo

Mike Calvo has jumpstarted his career through an exciting internship experience. Mike is a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in English. Over the summer Mike became a Research Assistant at University of Connecticut through the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program, which is funded by the United States Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

            As Research Assistant, Mike worked with a team of students to try and find ways to detect whether or not a Trojan virus was inserted into a microchip. Mike’s team came up with methods to extract data from microchips that might indicate whether or not there was a Trojan virus present in the chip. “Since data from Trojan free/inserted chips are very similar, my job was to come up with analysis techniques for the data, hoping to make the difference more obvious.”

             At the end of each week the team would share findings and discoveries. “Networking was cool and it helped motivate me and helped me to stay on task.”

            Mike recognizes Career Services as part of his success and has frequently visited for career and school advice. Mike’s first visit was during Fall 2010 where he sought out advice in regards to his goals for the next five years and steps he could take to get there. Career Services staff also helped Mike set up his profile.

            Mike shares his advice with other students: “I really got lucky in a sense that

the internship opportunity came to me. I didn’t expect that to happen and people should not expect that to happen either. You need to get yourself out there and email prospective jobs and try and find something that is either unpaid or paid. You just need to take the risk.”

     Congratulations on your success Mike! Keep up the great work!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow