Steven Clayton

Steven Clayton, a Business Administration major with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Accounting, is eager to graduate with valuable work experience.

Over the summer, Steven worked at CT Conference of Municipalities as an Accounting/Finance Intern. CT Conference of Municipalities is a nonprofit organization specializing in providing various municipal services for towns and cities across Connecticut. As Accounting/Finance Intern, Steven handled company accounting and finance information for municipal insurance. His tasks also included data entry into excel spreadsheets and calculating paid losses and expenses for specific insurance claims.

“Interning at CT Conference of Municipalities allowed me to gain professional work experience.  I was working 9 to 5 with a full work week.  Getting into that routine gave me a glimpse of the real working world.  During my time at CT Conference of Municipalities, I made two presentations to top management and making a presentation to adults was something that was new to me. I feel as though it will definitely help me in the future.”

Steven found the internship on, a valuable resource of Career Services. Steven worked closely with Cliff Marrett, Interim Director of Career Services in MALES. “While Cliff has always been a big part of the MALES organization, I began working with him my sophomore year. He was a really big help in my internship search and career development.” Steven is the Community Service Representative for MALES and President of the Culinary Arts Club. He believes that being involved in MALES and Culinary Arts Club has given him leadership, public speaking, teamwork and communication skills. “My freshman year I never thought I would step into a leadership role.  As I continued to be involved, especially in MALES, I began to feel ready to step up to the challenge. I am glad I did. I have made a lot of valuable connections that will last for a long time.”

Steven has advice for perspective interns: “Be ready to work hard first of all. Definitely stop by Career Services, the friendly staff can help you a lot, not only with your resume, but also searching for companies to intern at. Be persistent and seek out as much help as you can.”

Congratulations on your Success Steven! Keep up the amazing work!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Judith Frankel

Political Science major Judith Frankel has jump-started her path to success. Over the summer, Judith was a Political Intern for College Republican National Committee (CRNC) in Washington D.C. CRNC is an independent political committee that brings together young Republicans to promote the Republican Party and to generate a voice for youth-oriented issues so they can be recognized politically.

            My job title was political intern. My responsibilities were writing conservative blogs for The Voice of Young Conservatives Blog that is featured on the CRNC website, going to conservative luncheons at think-tanks all over the city, and helping out with anything else that needed to be done in the office such as delivering documents to prominent political figures. One of the largest tasks that I helped with was the Biennial College Republican National Convention that took place this past summer.

Judith interned full time and enjoyed it. “I wanted to know what it was like to have a full-time work schedule. Being in Washington D.C. was nice because after work I had time to explore areas of the city.”

Judith attained the internship with help from Career Services. “Staff members from Career Services helped me update my resume and cover letter. Cliff Marrett, Interim Director of Career Services, showed me and helped me find internship opportunities that applied to my major. The College Republican National Committee was the first to get back to me about an internship.”

Judith’s advice to students: “Go to Career Services! I don’t think I could have done it without Career Services to be completely honest. They were very helpful in the process of helping me acquire an internship when I had no success. This was an excellent internship opportunity! I learned more about the political world than I could have dreamed. It gave me a good idea of where I want to go in politics in the future and even what other career options might be out there.”

Judith is graduating May 2012. Congratulations Judith!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Kylie Bee

Kylie Bee is a Business Administration major focusing on International Business. Kylie is already making a global impression through interning and is on her way to the top.

This summer Kylie received an internship position at Sumaria Networks, LLC.  Sumaria Networks, LLC is a global company that partners with fortune 500 companies. Kylie was interested in interning at Sumaria Networks because she is interested in persuing a career with international business because she loves to travel. Kylie’s first task as a Marketing Support Specialist was to fly to Las Vegas to attend a company conference where she was able to network with client companies and vendors. Other tasks she was responsible for were calling clients for sales, working with company databases and generating financial sheets and forecasts.

            Kylie’s first visit to Career Services was during her junior year where she met with Clifford Marrett, the Interim Director of Career Services who helped her create an profile where she found many internship leads. Kylie ultimately found her internship by networking with friends and family, another great resource for finding internships. “Although I did not take an internship through, it was exciting to receive so many phone calls right away. I was not expecting it. Before I found an internship I didn’t have much experience, only restaurant experience so it was surprising.”

            Kylie has advice for those who may be looking for an internship: “It is important to sit down and get excited about finding an internship. Do your research and it will help you find something that is relevant and will give you good work experience. It is important to find an internship that you think will help you graduate. Also apply apply apply! This way your options will be open and you will have several leads.”

Kylie will be graduating in May 2012 and is ready to tackle the world. Congratulations Kylie! Keep up the Great work!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow

Victoria Wollenberg


            Victoria Wollenberg, a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing, is ready to make a lasting impression on the world with her successful job experience.

            Over the summer, Victoria interned at Conveyco Technologies. Conveyco Technologies integrates appropriate material handling technologies to provide reliable solution that reduces operational costs in the supply chain. While interning, Victoria’s title was Marketing Campaigns Coordinator. Her responsibilities included cold-calling or calling prospects, attending board meetings to brainstorm branding ideas, emailing clients, updating databases and coordinating company events. Victoria has learned valuable communication skills through her internship experience.

            Victoria often stops by Career Services for help and advice. Victoria first visited Career Services in 2010. “Before I found an internship, I met with the staff a few times. They helped me build and edit my resume and taught me how to construct an effective cover letter.”

            Victoria had advice for students who may be looking for internship opportunities: “Keep sending out your applications and don’t be afraid of rejection. It is important to get yourself out there even if you can’t find anything at first. When you get called for an interview make sure you are prepared for it.”

            Victoria is graduating in May 2012 and is planning on continuing her internship at Conveyco Technologies. Congratulations Victoria and good luck with your future endeavors!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow


Timothy Snopkowski

Timothy Snopkowski (TJ) is a Communication major with a History minor who is on a mission to be successful. Over the past two years, TJ has been actively interning at Paradigm Talent and Literary Agency’s summer training program in Los Angeles, California. Paradigm is one of the top five leading talent agencies in the world that provides representation to clients in film, music, television, theater, comedy, personal appearance, books, new media, commercial and physical production departments. At Paradigm, TJ’s tasks included answering phones, studio deliveries, and script reading among many other things.

TJ offers his advice to students who need or want to complete and internship, “The experience is very rewarding. Don’t be afraid of limitations like whether or not you are required to intern or if it is unpaid. Internships are so much more valuable than that. You are learning part of a trade that will stay with you forever. If I hadn’t gone for it I wouldn’t have opportunity for the future.”

TJ is currently working for Career Services as an office assistant. TJ encourages students to check out Career Services when looking for internships. “Career Services offers personal care and attention to everyone who stops in. Career Services prepares you with everything you need to find an internship starting with your resume and ending with valuable job related experience. The staff members are so helpful and make the process of finding an internship a lot less stressful.”

TJ is graduating May 2012 and is planning on heading back to Los Angeles to continue his journey to the top. Congratulations TJ! Keep up the great work!

Story Submitted By Stacey Elizabeth Sankow