Nick Mills

Nick Mills hasn’t wasted any time beginning his trek on the road to success. The sophomore biology major stays involved and is indeed a student leader in the making.

            As a member of M.A.L.E.S. (Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success) and Biology Club, Nick is well aware of what it takes to be successful and receives guidance from all angles. Nick visits Career Services 1-2 times a month, often times just to talk, but has also received assistance in creating and polishing his resume.

            Nick is a prime example of the sentiment that, “Hard work pays off!” Through Nick’s hard work and persistence, he was able to land a job as a Teacher Assistant at the University of Washington in the Ecology of Sierra Nevada Forests course. While Nick will also be taking the class himself, he will also be assisting the teacher with general professional tasks as well help as help in collecting data. When asked what it was that prepared him for the job, Nick exclaimed, “Things I have learned through our amazing Biology program”. Nick’s current job as a biology tutor as well as his continuous desire to learn will help him to meet the demands of the job with ease.

            Nick knows for a fact that, “If you work hard you will get places.” Wise words well spoken Nick!


Congratulations Nick! Good Luck!


Interview conducted by Career Services Intern Milan Sands 

Patricia Costa

           There is no doubt that Patricia Costa is ready for the working world. Upon her graduation this December, the Business Administration major will be more than adequately prepared to take on any and all challenges.

            For the past three years Patricia has worked in the Payroll Dept. here at Eastern where she has been able to continuously develop and improve her work ethic, customer service skills, and dedication; skills and attributes that would allow her to flourish in any field at any level.

            In her few visits to Career Services, Patricia met with Career Services Director Nancy DeCrescenzo who opened her up to many internship opportunities as well as helped Patricia to polish her resume. With the help from Nancy, as well as the many other tools and resources Career Services has to offer, Patricia was able to attain an internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Patricia’s customer service, sales, organization, and dedication skills, all honed through previous employment in the Payroll Dept. and as a Bank Teller at The Savings Institute, help Patricia to meet the demands of her new internship.

            Patricia is more than grateful for the help she has received from Career Services. Patricia says, “You have nothing to lose by making an appointment. Everyone is very personable, friendly, and willing/wanting to help. They WILL help you be more confident in finding a job or internship and very sound advice is always offered.”

Congratulations Patricia! Great job!

Interview conducted by Career Services Intern Milan Sands

Wiley Dawson

                History and Social Science major Wiley Dawson has been making positive strides on the road to success since day one. For the highly influential M.A.L.E.S. (Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success) member and current SGA (Student Government Association) President, the future couldn’t look any brighter.

            Since his freshman year at Eastern, Wiley has been utilizing the resources of Career Services. On many occasions he sought out the guidance of Career Services Director Nancy DeCrescenzo who introduced him to the Optimal Resume tool and the many other resources Career Services has to offer. With the help of Career Services, Wiley was able to polish his resume and cover letter so that it would stand out and ultimately land him a job in the future.

            Through his persistence and dedication Wiley was able to land an internship with the National Park Service where he will be working in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). There he will be working directly under the Chief Director of Public Relations as he assists with the planning and administering of large and small events such as weddings, family reunions, and movie premiers. Wiley’s experience as a student leader and Resident Assistant helped him to hone his organizational, public speaking, management, and interpersonal skills; all very vital and pertinent to the duties of his new internship.

            In regards to Career Services, Wiley advises, “When they give you a resource…just do it”. When you’re looking for “real advice, real opinions, and great suggestions”, Career Services is the place to go.


Congratulations Wiley! Great job!


Interview conducted by Career Services Intern Milan Sands

Patrick Rossetti

           Junior Communications major Patrick Rossetti is well on his way to a successful life and career. With a minor in writing he hopes to land a career in journalism, upon his graduation in the Spring of 2012.

            For Patrick, Career Services has been a great help. He advises anyone who is looking for excellent help and a great experience to come and visit. “They are so willing to point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. Everyone has a positive attitude and is always cheering you on to achieve your best. I would have to say, without the assistance of career services, I would still be very confused and trying to right a resume.”

            With help from Career Services, along with Patrick’s own positive and persistent attitude, Patrick was able to land an internship with Journal Inquirer as a Reporting Intern. At Journal Inquirer, Patrick covers and writes stories for the journal as well as adheres to the requests of the editors; merely a stepping stone in his climb to the top.

            Patrick’s advice to anyone looking for an internship or job is to, “put yourself out there. Take any chance that comes to you, no matter how small the opportunity is, paid or unpaid. I found in the career world of today, what you have done and who you know matters, never underestimate the power of a family member, friend, even a professional acquaintance, you never know who they know and might even hook you up with a great opportunity.”

Congratulations Patrick! Fantastic job!

Interview conducted by Career Services Intern Milan Sands

Jimmy Lamothe


           Jimmy Lamothe wasted no time looking for employment. As a freshman SLM major he has already found work and is well on his way to success.

            In his visit to Career Services he met with Assistant Director Clifford Marrett where he received counseling and guidance as to the correct steps to take in finding employment.

            Jimmy accredits his previous employment at a ritzy country club in his hometown for his high level of professionalism and impeccable communications skills which landed him a job with Marsel Novak’s College Pro Painters. Under College Pro Painters Jimmy is a Manager and he explains that his duties are, “To manage my company…market before booking any jobs, give estimates to potential employers, as well as hire and fire employees.” A lot of responsibility for such a young man, but Jimmy was ready for the challenge and his company is well on its way.

            Jimmy advises any and everyone who may be looking for employment to, “Don’t give up and don’t waste time.” Words to live by that have definitely worked for him.

            Great job Jimmy! Congratulations!

Interview conducted by Career Services Intern, Milan Sands