Ogo Chukwuogor

Graduating senior Ogo Chukwuogor has been taking positive steps towards her career and future since day one. For the accounting major, who is presently the President of the Institute of Management Accountants Club and an SGA Senator, the future has never looked so bright.

I have been visiting career services since my freshman year. They helped me create a great resume and improved my interview and interpersonal skills. Before I interviewed for this Job, I spoke with Courtney and had a mock interview with her. She told me what to add or remove from my responses to interview questions. I visit career services at least once every semester to get help with updating my resume and to brush up on my networking skills.” Ogo’s persistence and commitment, her previous internship with The Town of Windham, and interview skills acquired from Career Services is what helped her to land employment as an Audit and Assurance Associate for PricewaterhouseCoopers. There she works with a team that audits companies as well as helps organizations and individuals make financial decisions. Although there are many skills necessary to fulfill the demands of any job, for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ogo says, “Interpersonal skills is the most important”, as well as, “attention to details and good math skills.”

Ogo advises, “Every student should visit career services throughout their stay at Eastern. From your first resume as a freshman to the internship period as a sophomore or Junior and finally to your full time job search senior year, career services will help you a lot in making the transitions. They personalize career counseling and take it to a whole new level!!”

Congratulations Ogo! Career Services wishes you the best!

Interview conducted bt Career Services Intern Milan Sands

Kira Holmes

            Without a doubt, the history and anthropology major Kira Holmes is a hard worker; there is no other way to describe her. Currently a junior, Kira already has a lot on her plate; she is a presenter for the learning workshops 4.0, has finished a display at Eastern’s archives, is the treasurer for the History Club, and also works in the Academic Services Center where she tutors history, biology, math, anthropology, etc.; the list goes on.

            Since her sophomore year, she has managed to visit Career Services at least twice a year. Here she has received assistance in developing and improving her resume as well as her cover letter, learned all about Experience, our online internship and job database, and discussed her future plans.

Kira says that her, “good analytical and research skills, good customer service skills, impeccable organizational skills, adaptable and quick learning skills on computers, creativity, and leadership skills”, as well as her passion for history is what helped her land her internship at the Milford Historical Society. Her internship requires her to do a great deal, but it’s nothing Kira can’t handle. “My duties entailed paper archiving cataloging books…attending conferences about grant writing, making history interesting, emergency planning for the museum, wearing period style dress…and so much more.”

            Kira recommends that anyone who may be unsure about their future and/or how to go about obtaining and internship to visit Career Services where there are, “very friendly personnel, who want to see you succeed and move on to better employment opportunities in your future.” Kira’s advice to everyone is to, “Never wait till the last minute for an appointment because you want to have plenty of time to plan everything for your career from the perfect internship, to the professional resume or cover letter.”


Career Services wishes Kira good luck with her internship and her future. Great job Kira!

Interview conducted by Milan Sands