Greg Fanska

Attending Eastern’s recent Career Fair really paid off for senior Greg Fanska! The Career Fair was held by the Office of Career Services on April 1 and over 55 employers were in attendance. Only five days after meeting with representatives from CIGNA at this event, Greg was called to schedule an interview for a full-time position that he could potentially have after graduation.

CIGNA is a health service company whose mission is to help people improve their health, well-being and security. In this global organization, Greg was recently interviewed for a position as a Network Analyst in their Proposal Management Department. If hired for the position, Greg will be responsible for handling a variety of different tasks. These tasks include assisting in the production of sales proposal materials to employ product marketing strategies, producing information materials for communications media to reach the maximum number of prospects, assisting in activities such as sales kit preparation and display arrangement, and coordinating activities involved in the preparation of sales proposal, advertising, sales promotion and publicity in support of the marketing of company products.

Greg will graduate from Eastern this May with a degree in Business Administration and Business Information Systems, including concentrations in Management and Operations Management. In the meantime, he hopes to hear back from CIGNA with the good news that he will be offered a job after graduation.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert

Ginger Osinuga

It is almost graduation time for senior, Ginger Osinuga. Fortunately, she knows exactly what she will be doing after throwing her cap into the air on May 23, 2010. Ginger, a Business Economics major with a minor in Business Information Systems, was just hired as a Financial Services Representative with First Investors Corporation! While there, she will be responsible for reviewing the financial statuses of clients and make investment and insurance recommendations tailored to their individual goals and needs. She will also provide advice to individuals on how to save to buy a home, pay for their children’s college education, and retire worry-free.

Ginger was first informed about the position through one of the many informative e-mails sent daily to students from the Office of Career Services. After working with a career counselor to help make her résumé professional and respectable, she then sent it to be evaluated and was later contacted for an on-campus interview. “Ever since I met my career counselor,” she states, “she has made me feel that her door was always open to me throughout my time here at Eastern.”

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert

Mark Satchell

Senior Mark Satchell’s hard work has finally paid off! He is one of the lucky few who will have a full-time job immediately after graduating in May. After having four successful interviews, he scored a Management Trainee position at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. While in this position, Mark will learn everything there is to know about the company by providing customer service, marketing the business, connecting with business partners, and doing day-to-day tasks such as office management, collecting and delivering vehicles, and keeping them clean.

While working at the VETS Center here on campus, it was very easy for Mark to stop by the Office of Career Services any time that he needed advice or information. He initially met with a career counselor at the beginning of the school year to review and update his résumé, and also received suggestions on jobs to apply for. Part of the advice he received was to go directly to company websites and apply through there, as well as post a résumé on EXPERIENCE and other online resources. After doing that, he met with another career counselor who encouraged him to pursue a career at Enterprise. “The counselors were very helpful and I believe that their advice played an important role in my applying to Enterprise,” he states.

Brittany Tripp

With guidance from the Office of Career Services, senior Brittany Tripp is currently employed full time at RMI as a Marketing Specialist. In this position, she is responsible for generating leads through trade shows and web resources, as well as preparing marketing materials and a yearly marketing plan. Having received a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Digital Art and Design, Brittany was very fortunate to get a job doing exactly what she went to school for.

When Brittany was first accepted to Eastern, she remembers looking through information booklets and seeing a list of companies that former Eastern students were working for. In that moment, she knew that Career Services could offer the resources to help find paid internship and a rewarding job at a successful company.

Once an appointment was scheduled, a career counselor showed her how to use online resources to find a job and also provided many résumé reviews. The service guides available through Career Services were also a big help, like the “Guide to Cover Letters,” “Guide to Résumés” and “Guide to Interviews”.

Brittany completed her degree in December and plans to attend the commencement this May. In the meantime, she will be learning and making the most of her experience at RMI.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert

Lauren Finkbeiner

Former Career Services intern Lauren Finkbeiner recently hit the jackpot when receiving an internship at SCG Legal PR Network. This award winning network was created to connect law firms with national and international legal and non-legal media. Lauren’s tasks in the organization include handling the social media, such as their Twitter and blog, creating a bi-monthly newsletter, tracking legal requests and helping with data sales entry.

Having the opportunity to also intern with the Office of Career Services was a plus for Lauren. While interning, she was able to clearly recognize all of the support services that the career counselors had to offer, and also witnessed the success that came from working with them. Sure enough, Lauren also received guidance from a career counselor, just as she had seen so many other students do. She received help revising and constantly updating her résumé, as well as formatting and writing her reference list.

Lauren plans to graduate in spring 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Communication and a double minor in political science and business administration. After graduation, she hopes to get a job in New York City, where it is closer to her home in Long Island. In the meantime, however, she is sure to stay busy interning at SCG Legal PR Network and being Vice President of Eastern’s PRSSA.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert 

Dave Tignonsini

Having an on-campus job close to the Office of Career Services really benefited senior Dave Tignonsini. Since working at the Office of AccessAbility Services, he has had the liberty of always knowing when a career counselor was available to answer his questions and all it took was walking a few steps over to the next office! Dave made sure not to take any opportunity for granted.

With frequent help from a career counselor, Dave went through the steps in developing a resume and was introduced to all of our online resources, such as EXPERIENCE. Luckily, after creating an account with EXPERIENCE to receive job and internship postings, it did not take long before an opportunity presented itself.

Dave is currently gaining knowledgeable experience interning with the Marketing Bureau of the Department of Agriculture. Some of his tasks include updating local farm maps and marketing a coloring book, which a close friend actually designed. He enjoys all of his time spent interning, and says that he is “really learning important things about the marketing field.”

Dave will graduate from Eastern this May with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a double concentration in Marketing and Management. As for future aspirations, he hopes that interning with the Department of Agriculture will help open doors to new future career opportunities.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Melissa Jalbert