Kenton Webley

Senior Kenton Webley of Norwalk , CT has been welcomed by Target as their executive team leader after graduation. During his freshman year, Kenton was incredibly proactive and visited career services to find out about internship opportunities that he could apply for. The following year Kenton was offered an internship position with General Electric but respectfully declined their offer.

During the summer of 2008, Kenton was offered an internship position as executive team leader with Target where he managed and led a team of three hundred people. He impressed his supervisors so much that they extended his internship and invited him back for the summer of 2009. Kenton says that the hardest part was “delegating tasks to elders which made me uncomfortable.”

Kenton also utilized Inroads which is a program that places diverse students with companies, specifically fortune 500. He believes that Inroads was an enormous help throughout his internship, thanks to help of an advisor which was assigned to him through the program.

Additionally, Kenton is active on campus and is a member of the entrepreneurs club. He also volunteers for many programs through Inroads, from which he is a proud graduate.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Lauren Finkbeiner

Mary-Francis Plaza

Mary-Francis Plaza , class of 2011, is gaining great experience which will prepare her for a career in communications. Recently, the office of Institutional Research offered Mary-Francis a position as their communication intern. As a communication major the opportunity was one that she could not pass down. Mary Francis utilized career services and scheduled an appointment with a career counselor to learn about the internship opportunity and to get assistance with writing an effective resume and cover letter.

Mary-Francis is also active on campus as a CAB assistant for weekend events where she promotes and oversees events. She also is a technology crew member and helps to set up audio visual equipment for numerous events held on campus. Additionally, Mary-Francis has volunteered for organizations such as Fit Kids Fun Camp, Isaiah 58 and Jesus People USA.

Mary-Francis believes that “Career Services offers students a great opportunity by preparing them for a professional setting.” She encourages students who have not taken advantage of career services, to visit and learn more about their many resources.

Interview conducted by Career Services intern, Lauren Finkbeiner