Neftali Cruz

Neftali Cruz has hit the big league! The senior Sports Management major is spending his summer interning with the Pawtucket Red Sox. Neftali worked with the Office of Career Services through all phases of career planning and internship search. He received advice on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, and dressing for success. Mr. Cruz’s career goal is to work in major league sports. His summer 2009 marketing and management internship is providing him with the related experience, necessary skills, and strong professional networking he needs.

Jennifer Paradis

Senior Jennifer Paradis of Vernon, CT participated in the opportunity of a life time by taking her local internship to the nation’s capitol. Jennifer is currently interning for Planned Parenthood as a Campus Action Intern, promoting and educating students on subject matters pertaining to gender equity and reproductive health. Jennifer visited Washington D.C. this summer to meet with state representatives , which included attending a Press Conference for Senator Chris Dodd to discuss the Healthier America Campaign. She also met with Congressman Joe Courtney to discuss the importance of Women’s Health in the current Health Care Legislation and lobbied for Health Care reform, visiting Representative John Larson and Representative Chris Murphy. She also participated in phone-banking, assisting in recruiting over 200 volunteers for future events to support Health Care Reform.

Jennifer plans to bring all the knowledge and experience she gained back to Eastern and will continue to organize a grass roots effort for social justice.  Ms. Paradis will graduate in December of this year with a degree in Sociology.  She plans to attend graduate school in 2010 and return to Capitol Hill in the future.

Amanda Topping


My first day at Soundings magazine – a national boating publication in Essex, Conn. – began the day after Memorial Day. Right from the get-go, I knew this company would present me with the perfect internship.I was right.

This experience has been the deciding factor in the career path that is now laid out before me. As an English Major, I faced the difficult choice between teaching and journalism. The experiences I embraced at Soundings were so fantastic I now crave the life of a journalist/editor/proofreader/reporter.

At Soundings I was offered the chance to be considered a regular worker. “Intern” is an almost non-existent word in the office. Though it is an unpaid internship, I realized quickly that I would gain from this experience only what I put into it. With that in mind, I happily took on any assignment my editor threw at me.

This attitude paid off, and in my six weeks there I’ve written my own story to appear in a later issue, and have come away with my byline on various other sections of the magazine.
I jumped at the chance to fill in as full-time proofreader during our busiest deadline time (signed off later by the editors, of course!) and also gained experience in conducting interviews, writing book reviews, making contacts in public relations, and writing briefs from press releases.
I have learned a great deal that a classroom environment could not offer as easily.
By not limiting myself, and throwing myself into even the assignments that proved slightly intimidating at first (Interviewing the commodore of the Coast Guard Auxiliary!) I have created for myself the chance to succeed in a career that would’ve been difficult to break into otherwise. No doubt, when I graduate next year, I will be more prepared for the “real world” and have the know-how to continue in the field of journalism.
I see rings from coffee mugs stained on newspapers and magazines, and deadline calendars marked in red ink in my near future.