Eastern Connecticut State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or sexual orientation in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its program and activities.
*Students are speaking as individuals, not as official representatives of their employers.

“My internship was for the Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) Office of Housing & Residential Life. I worked from January 2009 through May 2009 under the supervision of Walter Diaz, the Director of Housing & Residential Life. From my time there, I learned what it’s like to work in a busy office setting. I was in charge of the budgets for half of the dormitories on campus. The various budgets were on Excel spreadsheets which was great because I gained much experience with the software. I have had two other internships since then and it was imperative I had experience with it. I am an accounting major and professionals at Accounting Society meetings always stress the importance of Excel in the business environment, especially the financial sector.

I learned a lot from this internship. It was my first one and since then I have received two others. The Housing internship was for the spring of 2009. Towards the end, I interviewed for another internship for the summer of 2009 out in Boulder, CO, working in the finance department at Incentra, LLC; an Information Technology outsourcing company. In the interview, I used many examples of the skills I gained from being the Budget Intern for the Housing Office. When I arrived back in Connecticut at the end of the summer, I interviewed for a year-long co-op with United Technologies Corporation. Again, in that interview I used many examples from both internships of the knowledge and experience I gained, and what I could bring the table for UTC.

I now work full-time as a co-op, directly under a CPA, with a Fortune 50 company. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to do the internship with ECSU’s Office of Housing & Residential Life because if I did not gain that valuable experience, I potentially would not be fortunate enough to have the co-op.”

Joseph Grigerek

“I like computers, but business makes you marketable” says junior Yvon N’Chonon, a Business Information Systems Major and Computer Science Minor at Eastern Connecticut State University. N’Chonon, currently a resident of Woodstock, Connecticut aspires to work in the Information Technology field some day, but in the mean time N’Chonon is a Student Webmaster at Eastern in which he maintains the Financial Aid Office’s web site.

In hopes of gaining further IT experience, N’Chonon registered with e-recruiting in the Office of Career Services, with the expectation of being directed to a suitable internship. “Although I was actively registered with e-recruiting, it was a banner promoting Career Services capabilities that made me strive to get an internship” says N’Chonon. “In fact, Career Services hosted a Career Fair that I had decided to attend.” Attending the Career Fair hosted by Career Services paid off for N’Chonon. He used his impeccable networking skills in order to earn a summer internship working for XL Insurance. N’Chonon will intern in the software development department, as a Software Engineer.”

Yvon N’Chonon
Business Informations Systems

Andrew Miley, a Norwich, Connecticut native, applied to Eastern in hopes of fulfilling a life long career aspiration in the Business and Marketing field. Miley, now a senior Business Administration Major at ECSU hopes to one day become a Marketing Manager for a major action sports company.

When Miley isn’t pursuing his education he is gaining field experience, and moving one step closer to achieving his career goal. Miley is currently a Sales Specialist intern for Bern Unlimited in Duxbury, MA., which combines Miley’s major with his passion for the world of action sports. Miley attributes his success in finding an internship to the Office of Career Services. “My career counselor helped me prepare a professional resume, encouraged me to research companies of interest, and pursue my goals. My internship allows me to travel, meet people, and succeed in business, all in an environment that I really enjoy.”

Andrew Miley
Business Administration

“I chose Eastern Connecticut State University, because its Accounting program has a good reputation. In fact, Eastern has the highest turnout rate for people passing the CPA program” says senior Michael Lebron. Lebron, a Business Management with Accounting major, wants to be an auditor for a major insurance company, or the Federal Government, after he receives his Masters Degree and CPA license.

Lebron has been offered a paid summer internship working with Scully and Wolf, the largest provider of municipal audit services in the State of Connecticut. Lebron attributes his success in obtaining an internship to the Office of Career Services. Michael says, “Without Career Services I wouldn’t have thought about getting an internship. All students should take advantage of what Career Services have to offer, or in the end they will be at a disadvantage.”

Michael Lebron
Business Management/Accounting

“I interned in the Career Development Center at Saint Joseph College (SJC) in West Hartford, CT. I was given an opportunity that far exceeded expectations that I had. I have been able to work on electronic and print marketing materials to promote the career center, help develop and plan events, conduct research which has made me more aware of how to further my own professional development, help re-design and write articles for the newsletter and many other things. I have gained more relevant experience during this internship than at any other time in my life. In addition to the internship duties, both of my supervisors have taught me how to market more effectively and creatively, as well as develop my own “personal brand” to help me get the career I really want. The rewards I received far outweigh any monetary amount I could have been offered!”

Dana LaFond