People’s Pantry System Project

People’s Pantry System


People's Pantry SystemTeam: Kenneth Blain, Michael Greenberg, Cesar Rodas, Paulina Rodriguez, Luke Shields, and Isaiah Torres

Spring 2009 Project:
The People Pantry System (PPS) will help the Covenant Soup Kitchen Food Pantry with keeping track of who are not only eating and obtaining staple food to take home at their facility, but also provide some of the associated statistics. The People Pantry System will assist in managing the personal information of people such as age, gender, address, house status, special needs, etc. for those members of the community drawing upon Covenant’s services.

The People Pantry System will facilitate the tracking of customers by putting each individual and family unit who utilize Covenant Soup Kitchen into the database tracking system. The main objective of this system will be to help Covenant Soup Kitchen obtain grant money and supplies from the federal government and other donating institutions every year so as to help assure that it will remain operable.