Faculty and Undergraduate Research

Department faculty conduct research on a wide range of topics that impact modern businesses and organizations, publish in distinguished journals and conference proceedings, present at international, national, and regional conferences, and serve as editors, editorial board members, and reviewers for international and national journals and periodicals.

Faculty members also actively engage and train undergraduate students in research. The goal is to develop student skills by involving them on research that aligns with their mentor’s expertise and ongoing research projects. Students and practitioners interested in collaborating with faculty on research are encouraged to explore the information on this page and to contact faculty members directly.

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Dr. Wayne Buck
Assistant Professor, Business Ethics
Webb Hall – Office 440
(860) 465-0107

Dr. Buck has two primary research agendas. The first is using systems theory to understand corporate moral failure. This initiative seeks to go beyond individual-centric explanations for why companies act unethically – the “few bad apples” approach – to a more holistic, integrated and actionable theory that understands companies as complex, dynamic systems. In essence, Dr. Buck is developing a systems-based framework for understanding how a “bad apple barrel” results in good people doing bad things. The systems theory Dr. Buck is developing is an extension of recent developments in systems safety engineering that have produced dramatically safer socio-technical industrial systems such as chemical plants, submarines and air transport. To support this research, he is seeking opportunities to partner with industry executives to analyze the ethical effectiveness and reliability of their own companies’ decision-making processes and systems.

Dr. Buck’s second research agenda is developing a robust theoretical framework for constructing and using computer-based simulation games to support the teaching of business ethics in the classroom and in corporate training to strengthen ethical business decision-making by managers and executives. Despite the common use of simulation games to teach strategy, marketing and operations management, they are rarely used in teaching business ethics. Dr. Buck believes this is because business ethics as a subject is quite different from other business subjects. As a result, the pedagogical assumptions behind typical business simulations are inconsistent with and indeed subversive of business ethics teaching goals. The theory of business ethics simulation games Dr. Buck is developing has important implications for how simulations are used to teach business ethics. In addition, however, the theory also challenges standard approaches to teaching business ethics and points to new, more effective teaching strategies. To support this research, he has developed and commercialized a business ethics simulation game, which is now in use at a dozen universities and by a large industrial manufacturing company.

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Dr. Alex Citurs
Assistant Professor, Business Information Systems
Webb Hall – Office 337
(860) 465-0077

Dr. Citurs has three major research stream interests in the field of information systems and technology. The first is that of effective cross-functional information systems project team communication and knowledge coordination in facilitating IS project and organizational success. Some of the IS projects onsite firsthand researched by Dr. Citurs were of cross functional project teams spanning six continents, lasting over one year. His research in this area utilizes a variety of both qualitative and quantitative in examining team communication patterns, organizational learning and knowledge management. The second research stream of Dr. Citurs is that of examining factors influencing information systems/ technology adoption and sustained long-term utilization by key user/stakeholder groups. He has particularly focused on the areas of inter-organizational information systems and radio frequency identification tagging. The third research area of Dr. Citurs is that of student/team experiential learning in the domain of business information systems and technology. In this research area, he has utilized case research methods by conducting IS student team based information systems projects with community nonprofit organizations. In particular Dr. Citurs has focused on student team projects in the areas of database and website design and creation as well as the subsequent data analysis and decision support.

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Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
Assistant Professor, Business Information Systems
Webb Hall – Office 441
(860) 465-3791

Dr. Grandhi’s experience as a researcher and an educator spans across several areas of social computing and Human Computer Interaction including mobile applications, location based services as well as gesture-based interfaces. She has designed and conducted numerous quantitative and qualitative studies in academia (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) and industry (Nielsen Norman Group, Timex), exploring mobile/ubiquitous social computing and e-commerce web applications. Predominant themes in Dr.Grandhi’s research are understanding user needs and behavior using mixed-methodology approaches that include observation studies, lab experiments, experience sampling techniques and field studies; informing new and/or improved interaction design of digital products or applications based on qualitative and quantitative analyses; evaluating and designing user interaction for enhanced user experience for social and business domains.

Ongoing research projects include:
Understanding Personal Health Information Management Practices and Their Implications for the design of Consumer Health IT applications, Investigating the use and design of Reply Button Suite in email to inform and improve email design features interfaces (with Co-PI, Lyndsey Lanagan-Leitzel, Psychology), Usability and User experience evaluation of industry digital products (Current collaboration with Timex), Understanding the use of social media by college students to share drinking practices. Understanding impression formation and management in Online Dating (Co-advising PhD Dissertation), and Investigation of gesture core for recognition and capture in HCI (Joint collaboration with RWTH. Aachen University, Germany).

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Dr. Kim Kunene
Assistant Professor, Business Information Systems
Webb Hall – Office 341
(860) 465-0647

Dr. Kunene’s research interests are in design science research, decision support systems, including data analytics as well as the application of information systems and data analytics in healthcare, economic development, and personal privacy. Her work has appeared in the European Journal of Operational Research, Information Technology for Development, and several medical journals including the European Journal of Neurosurgery.

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Dr. Niti Pandey
Assistant Professor, Management
Webb Hall – Office 440
(860) 465-5048

Dr. Pandey’s research interests span three broad domains – human resource management practices, teams, and social responsibility and sustainability. The first is the employment relationship and the employee attitudes and values that determine how employees in work organizations respond to human resource practices. Her second area of research is on multidisciplinary teams, specifically focusing on healthcare organizations. She is interested in examining the mechanisms of expertise recognition, communication and coordination, and related successful performance outcomes in healthcare organizations. Her third area of research interest is social responsibility and environmental sustainability, specifically in terms of how employees engage in and view organizational decisions in this domain. Dr. Pandey is currently working with a team of undergraduate students on a project examining the processes of stakeholder identification and engagement in sustainable development projects. She has experience conducting field research using quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as well as collaborating with scientists from other disciplines.

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Dr. Doncho Petkov
Professor, Business Information Systems
Webb Hall – Office 336
(860) 465-0264

Dr. Petkov is a professor in BIS. He was the coordinator of that program at ECSU between Jan 2004 and Jan 2010. His research is in Information Systems Management, Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Systems Thinking and Software Engineering. He has over 120 refereed journal, book and conference publications and around 110 other papers. His work has been cited over 350 times in scholarly works as of 2014.

He is on the editorial boards of Systems Research and Behavioral Science (J. Wiley) since 1995 (was deputy editor (USA) between 2007 and 2013); International Journal of Systems Approach and Information Technology (IGI Global) since 2007 (was senior associate editor between 2007 and 2010), and three other journals and book series. Dr. Petkov is the recipient of the 2012 ECSU faculty award for creative activity. He has consulted on decision making and systems approaches applied to management and information technology.

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Dr. Elizabeth Scott
Professor, Coordinator of Masters in Organizational Management
Webb Hall – Office 335
(860) 465-5366

Dr. Scott conducts research in areas related to ethics. For example she has studied dishonesty in organizations, strategic ignorance, individual and organizational moral values, moral values-fit, inequality within organizations, faking and masking emotions, perceptions of organizational justice, the role of intent and harm in perceptions of discrimination, and the ethics of human resource management.

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Dr. Emiliano Villanueva
Assistant Professor, Management and Marketing
Webb Hall – Office 444
(860) 465-0478

Dr. Villanueva’s research areas of interest are a) Wine Business, and b) Latin America Economic History. Regarding the first area of interest, a) Wine Business, Dr. Villanueva is working on five major topics:

a1) Consumer Behavior: Dr. Villanueva just finished writing a paper entitled “Who is Drinking Wine in the United States? The Demographic and Socioeconomic Profile of U.S. Wine Consumers (1972-2012)”; the paper will be published in a journal dedicated to wine marketing and management.

a2) International Business: Dr. Villanueva participated in the Spanish Minister of Agriculture’s sponsored book “The Wine Economy in Spain and the World” with a chapter entitled “The Anglo-Saxon New World Wine Producers’ Paradigm Shift in Wine Business”, where he explains how non-traditional countries in the field of wine, particularly the United States and Australia, had an outstanding performance in global markets, reshaping the wine global trade in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. He has also presented the outcomes of this participation in Chile and Dubai.

a3) International Trade: Dr. Villanueva co-authored a paper entitled “The International Wine Trade and its New Export Dynamics (1988-2012): a Gravity Model Approach”; the paper will be published in the prestigious publication “Agribusiness, an International Journal”.

a4) Heritage Marketing: Dr. Villanueva co-authored the paper “Wine and Vine Heritage Marketing in the Malbec Landscape“; the paper will be presented at the American Association of Wine Economists 9th Conference in May 2015. He is also now working in a future paper that will focus on the “Connecticut Wine Trail”.

a5) Business and Economic Performance: Dr. Villanueva is starting a project, along with two co-authors and a Research Assistant, on “The Economic Performance and Strategies Adopted by the Wineries of New England and New York in the period 2005-2015”.

Regarding the second area of interest, b) Latin America Economic History, Dr. Villanueva is working on a single topic, “Economic Development in Regional Argentina: Mendoza in the second half of the twentieth century (1946-2001)”.

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Department Faculty Research

Accounting Program

Contact Dr. Moh’d RuJoub for more information on recent accounting undergraduate research.

Business Administration Program

Warbin, Trevor (student) and Pandey, Niti. Sustainable Practices: What Matters Most? Poster presented at the Second Annual Campus Sustainability Conference, April 28, 2015, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT.

“Analysis of Consumer Sailing Attire in Rhode Island” presented by Pettway, Ryan. Mentor: Dr. Sandra Potter

Business Information Systems Program

“Issues in Personal Info, Privacy, Security and Organizations” presented by Ryan Benoit and Laura Kohler. Mentor: Dr. Alex Citurs

Rusconi, Jacob and Ross, Dylan. A System Analysis of the Monitoring, Scheduling & Reporting Process for Public Water System Compliance Research presented at the 2013 National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR), April, 2013, La Crosse, WI.

“Systems analysis of the campus bookstore operations” presented by Scott Lonnardelli Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov

“Advertisement Production System: Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement” presented by Charles Hooper Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov

“Systems Analysis for Improvement at the Sales Department at Hayward Turnstiles” presented by David Klein Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov

“A System Analysis of the Monitoring, Scheduling & Reporting Process for Public Water System Compliance” presented by Jake Rusconi and Dylan R. Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov

“Windham Public Safety Dispatch Center – Process/Integration Study” presented by John Hilditch. Mentor: Dr. Alex Citurs

“SubLAN Configuration Management, Business Process Analysis” presented by Benjamin Holder. Mentor: Dr. Alex Citurs

“Tracking Patterns of Technology Skill Acquisition in Levels 9-12” presented by Christine Oberdorf. Mentor: Dr. Alex Citurs

“E-Commerce and Cloud Computing in Restaurant Industry” presented by JoAnn. Mentor: Dr. Alex Citurs

“How Microsoft Excel can help you achieve early career success” presented by Nicolai Kousholt Soendergaard. Mentor: Dr.Alex Citurs

Finance Program

Contact Dr. Chiaku Chukwuogor for more information on recent accounting undergraduate research.


CREATE is a showcase of student research and creative activity. The Department of Business Administration is proud of the students presenting at this undergraduate research conference.

The conference was held on Friday, April 17th, 2015 and Saturday, April 18th, 2015, in the Science Building.

For more info on CREATEclick here

“Forensic Accounting in Developing Nations: The Analysis of Offshore Banking in The Bahamas” presented by Karolina Chrzanowska. Mentor: Dr. Candice Deal
“Tax Implications of the Affordable Care Act” presented by Daniel Wunderlin, Destiny Hartmann, and Hannah Brown. Mentor: Dr. Richard Silkoff

“International Marketing in Kenya and the East African Community: Opportunities and Obstacles” presented by Gregory Prescott. Mentor: Dr. Branko Cavarkapa
“Who is Drinking Wine in the United States? The Demographic and Socioeconomic Profile of U. S. Wine Consumers” presented by Nicolai Soendergaard. Mentor: Dr. Emiliano Villanueva
“Primary and Secondary Stakeholders in Sustainable Development Projects: Implications for Community Engagement and Partnership” presented by Brandi Borowski. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“The Challenges of Implementing Human Resource Best Practices in Non-Profit Organizations” presented by Rachael Fogarty. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“Stakeholder Engagement in Public Organizations: Collaboration vs. Control” presented by Clarissa Paquette. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“The Dichotomy of Student Views on Sustainable Campus Development: Stakeholders, but not Engaged” presented by Lauren Prevost and Trevor Warbin. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“The Legacy of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers: The Case of Boeing” presented by Devin Quinn, Sara Peterson, and Alexandra Olsen. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“The Inequalities of Saudi Arabia’s Labor Force: An Inquiry into Tradition versus Modernization” presented by Robert Silva, Kyle Mullins, and Ashley Ries. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey
“Dynamic Continuity: The Power of Adaptability in the Graphic Design Industry” presented by Mackenzie Williams. Mentor: Dr. Niti Pandey

“Privacy and Reputation Management in Social Media: A User Store of Drinking Self-Disclosure Practices in Snapchat” presented by Derek Allen. Mentor: Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
“Consumer Frustrations With Preventative Healthcare Management and its Implications for the Design of Personal Healthcare Management Tools” presented by Elizabeth Calderon. Mentor: Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
“User Experience With Wearable Technology: A Design Evaluation of Times Ironman Wristband” presented by Isabelle Palmer. Mentor: Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
“Understanding the Role of Healthcare Providers in Preventive Healthcare: Insights for Design of Healthcare Technology” presented by Stephanie Smerling. Mentor: Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
“Designing Knowledge Transfer Artifacts for Task Handovers Using User-Centric Design Principles” presented by Tyler Stebbins. Mentor: Dr. Sukeshini Grandhi
“Barriers to an inter-operable electronic health record across healthcare providers: A socio-technical perspective.” presented by Christopher Marchand. Mentor: Dr. Kim Kunene
“Work System Method Analysis of Sakura Garden Japanese Steakhouse” presented by Caitlin Colon and Kyle Bolden. Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov
“Systems Analysis of the Operations of The Campus Activity Board” presented by Bryan Hayes and Kelly Murphy. Mentor: Dr. Doncho Petkov