Organizational Management – Program Completion Requirements

Master of Science in Organizational Management:
Program Completion Requirements

I. Core (Required) Classes
ORG508Research Methods3
ORG536Critical Thinking3
BUS532Management in Organizations3
ORG537Small Group Dynamics3
ORG570Capstone Seminar3
II. Electives in Individual Behavior
PSY506Theories of Interviewing and Counseling3
PSY507Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY508Applied Social Psychology3
ORG637Workshop in Interpersonal Skills for Management Effectiveness3
ORG672Leadership in Contemporary Organizations3
III. Electives in Group Dynamics
BUS531Organizational Behavior and the Administrative Process3
COM530Organizational Communication3
IV. Electives in the Organizational Process and Structure
BUS533Methods of Human Resource Management3
BUS535Total Quality Management and Customer Value3
COM512Organizational Presentations3
ORG631Introduction to Network Organization3
ORG671Training and Development in Organizations3
ORG675Seminar in Special Topics3
V. Culminating Experience: (3-6 credits)
ORG570Organizational Capstone Seminar(Taken in Final Semester) 3
ORG698Thesis I3
ORG699Thesis II
Comprehensive Examination

Students must maintain a Grade Point Average(GPA) of 3.0 or better to remain in the program.

For more information please contact Dr. Elizabeth Scott (860)465-5366, the departmental secretary at (860)465-4620, or the Graduate Studies Office, School of Education and Professional Studies at (860)465-5292.