Organizational Management – Testimonials

Organizational Management – Testimonials

Eastern Connecticut State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability or sexual orientation in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its program and activities.

*Students are speaking as individuals, not as official representatives of their employers.

“I am quite certain that my graduate work in organizational management had a significant impact on my credentials… the confidence I had in myself based on my graduate work was immensely helpful… I was knowledgeable about organizational change and had a solid graduate background in management skills, training, and program development.”
Elsa Arnett-Conley
Manager, Director’s Office Services
University Libraries, University of Connecticut*
“I have yet to take a course in this program that I haven’t been able to immediately apply as a manager in a professional workplace. The program has provided me with real time techniques that I can use in work and life the day they are learned.”
Steven Sheridan
Lieutenant, United States Coast Guard
Commanding Officer, USCG Station New London*
“Having a master’s degree has made a dramatic difference in my career. Choosing the thesis track of the Organizational Management program additionally offered me a depth of education that contributed substantially to the knowledge of my field of educational technology and distance learning… the O.M. program has given me the skills that organizations are looking for.”
Marny Lawton
Manager of Instructional Technology
Schools of Engineering, Purdue University*
“I was brought into my new position in part as a result of having my master’s degree from ECSU. Much of what was discussed in my interviews was directly related to the team building and group management work in my master’s program. The OM program at ECSU helped me to internalize the difference between managing people (making them do what you want) and leading people (showing them they want to do what you want) – a subtle but important distinction in today’s dynamic world of work.”Gary Mandelburg, R.S.
Senior Facilities Management Association

“The skills and theories taught in the Organizational Management program are extremely practical and readily transferable to the workplace. The program builds a sound foundation for doctoral studies in addition to the opportunities for managers in the work world. Even after graduating I have returned to take an additional course which is applicable for work and acceptable as an elective in my doctoral program. I highly recommend this program for pragmatic experience as well as academic advancement.”Karen Speight
Manager, Human Resources
Pratt & Whitney*

“The Organizational Management program has provided me with new job opportunities that entail greater responsibility, challenge, satisfaction, and promotion possibilities.”Mark Chayer
Legal Officer
Naval Submarine School*

“Before the MSOM Program, I had lost track of the importance of learning in order to stay vital and current. The world was changing very fast around me. There were new technologies in the workplace and very different ways of working. I was advising and training adults in my job, and I believed that I had lost touch with what were their real needs.”Mary Ragno
Director, Food Services
State of Connecticut*