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  The Key Planner

As part of the multiple advising resources available in the Department of Business Administration, the Business Key Planner is an online academic advising reference and tool that allows students to plan their entire four-year academic career at Eastern. The Business Key Planner also provides academic advice and suggestions to department students on multiple aspects of their academic and career development options, plans and dreams. The Business Key Planner can serve as a roadmap to help track ones academic and professional progress.

Gaining Access (On Campus)

Follow These Instructions!
To access the Business Key Planner from your ECSU intranet (SharePoint) click here: Business Key Planner

For Access to the old Business Key Planner (Blackboard Vista) click here: Old Business Key Planner

Gaining Access (Off Campus)

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To access the Business Key Planner your home or anywhere off campus click here

Features in the Business Key Planner

Advising Information:

  • Four Year Graduation Plan (interactive both LAC and GER)
  • General Requirements (LAC and GER)
  • Course Registration (Add/Drop etc.) rules and links
  • Transfer Student special consideration and rules
  • International Student information
  • Instructions for E-Web Services (registering online, advisor info, etc.)
  • Understanding your Degree Evaluation report
  • Minimum Remaining Required GPA Calculator
  • Links to Forms (add/drop, advisement, degree forms) and ability to complete forms online

Majors and Minor Info:

  • Major Worksheets
  • Minor Programs of Study
  • Plans of Study
  • Career options
  • FAQ's

Example Scenarios and Internship/Career Options Information:

  • Success Strategies
  • Requirements Pages
  • Sample Resumes
  • Cover Letter Writing Strategy
  • Interview Practice Questions & Strategy
  • Internship, Career Resources Information
  • Work Experience Options

Graduation Requirements Checklist

In the video clip link below, Dr. Alex Citurs – Business Information Systems discusses a number of important features of the “Business Key Planner” and basic strategies for academic success!

Video: Business Advisor Key Planner and Academic Strategies – Dr. Alex Citurs (Business Administration)
Dr. Alex Citurs Key Planner Video

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