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The Business Key Planner

This Key Planner is only accessible for students of the Business Administration, Computer Science, and Economics departments. The Business Key Planner, is purposed to help students with whatever questions they have on their way to a 4 year graduating period. First, to provide you with a road map to the resources of Eastern that can help you in your academic journey (location of important offices, documents and helpful faculty and staff). Secondly, to serve as a quick reference that outlines basic rules of the road or requirements in achieving your academic degree objectives and points to where more detailed information and tools may be found. Finally, to design strategies and plans for your academic and career goals through effective interactions with your faculty advisor, course professors, and staff members of the Advising Center, Academic Services Center, and Career Services.

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Advising Information
– Four Year Graduation Plans
– General Requirements
– Course Registration Rules & Links
– Transfer Student Information
– International Student information
– Instructions for Using E-Web Services
– Understanding your Degree Evaluation report
– Minimum Remaining Required GPA Calculator
– Links to University Forms

Major and Minor Information
– Major Worksheets
– Minor Programs of Study
– Plans of Study
– Career options
– FAQ’s

University Involvement
– Student Clubs Around Campus
– Scenario Success Scenarios

Internship and Career Information
– Success Strategies
– Requirements Pages
– Cover Letter Writing Strategy
– Interview Practice Questions & Strategy
– Internship, Career Resources Information
– Work Experience Options

Key Planner Example Screenshots

Login Screen for the Business Key Planner
Business Key Planner Homepage
Business Key Planner Advising Homepage
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