International Business Concentration

International Business Concentration in Business Administration Major
Modern organizations must effectively navigate increasingly dynamic and global business environments in terms of not only increasing competition levels, but also finding business partners, and customer bases, and globally dispersed operations. This requires that business professionals must be aware of diverse international business practices and the various current social-cultural environments around the globe in which they operate. Courses in the International Business concentration at Eastern focus on international practices, standards, market institutions, regulatory structures, as well as market niches and cultural differences particularly in the areas of financial management, international marketing strategies, global operations and logistics, international project management best practices, and various other general business practices and ethical frameworks utilized around the world.

Concentration Requirements
A minimum of 9 credit hours from any of the following 300 and 400 level elective courses is required to complete a International Business Concentration in addition to a student’s Business Administration major.

Complete 3 Elective Courses Listed Below (9 credits) Credits
BUS 329 International Marketing 3
BUS 362 Global Operations and Logistics 3
BUS 370 Business Perspectives, Canada/US 3
BUS 437 International Finance Marketing 3
BUS 450 International Business 3
BUS 463 Seminar in International Business 3
BUS 329 – International Marketing

A multicultural perspective used to view the development of marketing plans and strategies in international business. Application of the marketing concept and marketing mix is examined with special attention to developing countries. Also included are export marketing and international marketing research.

Prerequisite: BUS 225

BUS 362 – Global Operations/Logistics

This course is focused on the management of operations and logistics in firms that source, produce, distribute and market in multiple nations and compete in the global arena. Coursework will describe the difference between local and global operations and examine the factors that influence the effectiveness of the operations function in a global environment. Three major areas will be addressed: 1) global operations and logistics strategy; 2) global operations and logistics planning; 3) effective management of global operations and logistics.

Prerequisite: BUS 260

BUS 370 – Business Perspective Canada/US

A comparative study of Canada and the U.S. from the standpoints of business and economics and the emerging North American common market. Includes the Free Trade Agreement and other international links as well as regulatory and industrial policies and the effects of fiscal, monetary and social policies.

Business Administration – Four Year Plan of Study and Elective Courses

Concentration Benefits and Career Information
Students who complete a International Business Concentration in addition to their Bachelors Degree in Business Administration are more prepared for careers such as Business Consultant, Global Sales Manager, Information Technology Consultant, Global Logistics Manager, International Finance Analyst, International Marketing Manager and International Sales Specialist.

Common Complementary Programs and Courses
Business has gone global with project teams routinely span the globe utilizing 24-7 virtual collaboration technologies. The International Business concentration provides the in students an opportunity to gain insights into business practices and cultures from countries and regions around the world. The International Business Concentration integrates well with all other business concentrations and the BIS Minor. Select the concentration and respective courses that help you achieve your career dreams!