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  Minor in Healthcare Informatics

Offered by the Business information Systems program in cooperation with the Computer Science program, the Business Administration program, and the BGS Public Health program.

Healthcare providers are introducing considerable resources in areas like electronic medical records (EMR) and clinical systems. There is a potential for growth in employment in healthcare informatics since as of 2009 only 7% of medical practices maintained EMR. ECSU is the only institution of higher learning in CT that offers since 2009 a course in Healthcare Informatics as part of the Business Information Systems and the Public Health BGS programs. The expected growth in jobs in Healthcare Information Technology and the liberal arts mission of the university justify this interdisciplinary Minor in Healthcare Informatics. The program integrates courses in several disciplines to serve in a focused way the emerging needs in this area. The interdisciplinary program will prepare students for several jobs described by the American Society of Health Informatics Managers (ASHIM): application support and training, EMR consulting, desktop and network support, clinical analysts, business analysts, transition coordinators, data/information managers, privacy and security experts and health it managers. It complements well the skills developed in such programs as Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Business Administration, Biology, Psychology, Health and Physical Education or BGS Public Health.

NOTE: At least (4) of the courses below should be taken at Eastern Connecticut State University

PDF: Learn more about the HIM minor and course offerings

This minor has been cited by the Connecticut Allied Health Workforce Policy Board.

Structure of the Minor in Healthcare Informatics
  1. One required course from the list below (Three credits):
    • BUS 205 - Information Management (LAC Tier1 MAT or approval by the coordinator)
    • CSC 110 - Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving (no prerequisite)
    • CSC 210 - Computer Science and Programming 1 (LAC Tier1 MAT or approval by the coordinator)
  2. One required course (Three credits):
    • BIS 362 - Healthcare Informatics (prerequisite LAC tier 2 Applied Information Technology)
  3. Two required courses from the two pairs listed below (Six credits):
    • BIS 370 - Systems Analysis and Design (prerequisite LAC tier 2 Applied Information Technology)
    • BUS 363 - Introduction to Six Sigma Continuous Improvement (no prerequisite)
    • CSC 215 - Introduction to Web Development (LAC Tier1 MAT or approval by the coordinator)
    • CSC 305 - Data Mining and Applications (LAC Tier1 MAT or approval by the coordinator)
  4. One BIS/CS/Bus Elective from the list below(Three credits):
    • BIS 365 - Emerging Technologies (prerequisite BUS205)
    • BIS 377 - Organizational Database and Website Management (prerequisite BIS370)
    • CSC 249 - Visual Basic.NET (LAC Tier1 MAT or approval by the coordinator)
    • CSC 360 - Topics in CS with approval of the program coordinator
    • CSC 491 - Computer Internship (in a healthcare informatics environment, with approval by CSC chair)
    • BIS 490 - Internship in BIS (in a healthcare informatics environment, with approval of BIS coordinator)
  5. One Public Health elective (Three credits):
    • BIO 228/ PBH 228 - Introduction to Public Health (Prerequisite LAC T1NS course)
    • HPE 209 - Nutrition and Public Health (Prerequisite LAC T1SS course)
    • PSY 325 - Health Psychology (Prerequisite: PSY 100)
  6. OPTIONAL: Additional Healthcare Informatics Courses (Non-Required):
    • BIS 367 - Human Computer Interfaces in Healthcare IS (prereq: BIS 361)
    • BIS 368 - Inter-organizational IS in Healthcare (prereq: BIS 362 or BIS 367)
    • BIS 447 - Business Intelligence & Data Solutions (Prerequisite: BIS 377)
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