Healthcare Management Concentration

Healthcare Management Concentration in Business Administration Major
The needs and expectations of managing healthcare organizations in a more effective and efficient way have given a privilege to professionals who have a background in healthcare management over the last two decades. Healthcare Management Concentration courses prepare students for improving the outcomes of management functions in healthcare organizations, focusing on the fundamentals of healthcare management, quality improvement, and healthcare law.

Concentration Requirements
The following three courses are required to complete a Healthcare Management Concentration in addition to a student’s Business Administration major.

Following three courses are required. Credits
BUS 350 Healthcare Management 3
BUS 380 Quality Improvement in Healthcare Management 3
BUS 381 Healthcare Law 3
BUS 350 – Healthcare Management

This course includes an overview of healthcare organizations. The important topics of healthcare management such as organizational structure, leadership, motivation, strategic planning, quality improvement, information technology, teamwork, finance, marketing, strategic human resource management, and ethics and law are analyzed in this course.

BUS 380 – QI in Healthcare

The course includes an overview and basic elements of quality improvement practices in healthcare organizations. The important topics of quality improvements such as PDCA cycle and data analysis for quality improvement in healthcare organizations are analyzed in this course. At the end of the course, the students will be familiarized with methods and techniques used to measure, evaluate and improve the quality of healthcare delivery services.

Prerequisite: BUS 350

BUS 381 – Healthcare Law

The course includes an introduction to legal and regulatory standards in healthcare organizations in the US. This course presents an overview of the legal issues facing the health care industry. It provides students with a basic working knowledge of health law. It is a comprehensive and inclusive review of a wide variety of health care legal issues. Students are provided with a realistic knowledge of health law and its application to the real world.

Prerequisite: BUS 350