Faculty Advising Sheet

Transfer Reference Sheet Tutorial

  1. Save the file in the attachment in the desired location.
  2. After saving the file, make back-up copy of this file.
  3. Open one of the files.
  4. Enter the student’s ID in the designated area (light orange cell) on the “Transfers” worksheet of the MS Excel workbook and press enter.
  5. Once the Student ID has been entered, the student’s information will populate the MS Excel “Transfers” worksheet and “Back Side” worksheet.
  6. Near the bottom of the screen, click the worksheet titled “Back Side”.
  7. The “Back Side” worksheet lets you review the student’s transfer courses, LAC course credits, and LAC categories satisfied as indicated by having a course name, waived with a message, or eligible to take indicated by a green category heading, or not eligible yet to will be taken. Yellow LAC category headings refer to First-Year Foundational LAC categories that must be completed within a student’s first 30 credits at Eastern.Note: light olive green cells are open for entering of data or for selecting from drop-down lists. The bottom right area of this page is used for special advising notes to the student.
  8. Now click on the “Transfers” worksheet tab at the bottom of the screen, this will bring you back to the original front side of the “Transfer Reference Sheet”.
  9. Now you can suggest courses the student should take in the upcoming semester in the “Suggested Courses” section. The following criteria will be entered:
    • Select the intended “Use” of the course – MAJ1 for a course in a student’s first major, MIN1 for a course in a student’s first minor, or the LAC category.
    • Subject Code – For majors or minors select the desired subject code of the major/minor to take from the drop-down.
    • Course # – for the “Course #” cell, select the course number from the drop-down.
    • Course title – You may either 1) select a course from the drop-down list. 2) manually enter a course title, course subject code, and course number, or if you entered a subject code for a course in the other columns, scroll up slightly to select the title of the entered subject code and course number.
    • Pick Ranks – Assign a rank number for each suggested courses. 1 for most important courses for students to take, 2 for moderately important to take, and 3 for low importance for students to take in their first semester at Eastern.

    Note: Courses that a student has transferred to Eastern will not appear in the drop down lists.

  10. After all courses have been suggested, save the file with a file name of StudentLastName_FirstName.
  11. All of these Transfer Reference sheets can be printed from a single worksheet by clicking on the page titled “PrintSheet” at the bottom of the screen, and then clicking File – Print.
  12. E-mail the saved student transfer files to Christine Guarnieri (Guarnieric@easternct.edu) in the Advising Center.