Dreamspark Account Expired

Microsoft DreamSpark Premium

Software Download Instructions for DreamSpark users who have expired accounts.

  1. First try logging into your DreamSpark account with your regular username here. If this does not work,
    try again with a semicolon immediately after your Eastern email.

    • Example: xxxxxx@my.easternct.edu;
    • If this is successful, the next page will load the “Continue Registering Your Account” script.
      Follow the steps from that point to re-activate your account and move on to step five to
      download your desired software.
  2. If the above method does not work for you and you continue to see any of the following messages,
    please contact busadm1@easternct.eduor 860-465-5265 for further assistance.

    • In the red warning box indicated by red arrow you will see the following message:”You are not eligible to purchase this item. Click here to view the eligibility rules in place.
      If you have submitted proof, there may be a delay until it is verified. For more information,
      please see here.” (Which will appear in a popup screen)

  3. On the following webpage screen by the red arrow you will see the following message: “You are not eligible or your verification has expired. For details and to request additional eligibility,
    go to Your Eligibility.”
  4. As you see below by the red arrow, it says “Status: Expired”.
  5. If step one worked, continue here to download your desired software
    Select desired program from the menu.
  6. Click on “Add to cart.”
  7. Click “Check Out”. (Note: After
    completing the checkout process, you will receive a confirmation email. DO NOT delete this email, save it for your records.)
  8. After reading, click “I Accept” in the DreamSpark EULA.
  9. Click “Proceed With Order”.
  10. Click “Start Download”.
  11. Follow the steps on the page that will automatically launch.
  12. Proceed with the download of your desired software using the Secure Download Manager
  13. When the download is complete, click “Launch” button, then right click the .iso file andselect “Burn Disc image”
  14. For the link to the Eastern Storefront, please click here.
  15. If you have problems or questions, please contact the Department of Business Administration at 860-465-5265 or email busadm1@easternct.edu