Department Software

Available Software for Department Students and Faculty
The Department of Business Administration uses several different services to distribute software and eBooks. To assist students, we are providing tutorials for each of the services utilized for department courses in order to ensure easy transitions and installations for all students and faculty. Below you will find a short description of each of the services that are available to you for academic use for being a student in the department or enrolling in a specific department course. At the end of each software or service description, you will find a link to the respective tutorial webpages, which contain the corresponding software/services website links.

The Department of Business Administration extensively utilizes Microsoft Academic Software-MS Azure (formerly known as Microsoft Imagine, Dreamspark Premium/Academic Alliance – MSDNAA). The MS Azure services allows the department to distribute several different Microsoft software products for students to install on their personal computers for academic non-commercial use. Some of these programs are needed for specific department courses, independent studies with department faculty members, or academic competitions by department student clubs.

A variety of software is available through Microsoft Azure which includes the following:

  • • Microsoft Office
  • • Microsoft Visio
  • • Microsoft Access
  • • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • • Microsoft SQL Server
  • and a variety of other software

Access the NEW Microsoft Azure Storefront

Imagine Software Download Instructions

NOTE: You are limited to one download of a piece of software. Be sure to install any downloaded programs onto the home computer or laptop that you will be using. The creation of an .ISO disk is recommended but not required.

Forgot your Imagine Password?.

myITlab by Pearson is a platform software that coincides with some of the Department of Business Administration course textbooks. It allows for online assessments and training related to Microsoft Office applications. For example myITlab is used in BUS 205 – Information Management in conjunction with the textbook Exploring Microsoft Office 2010. Below are some links that will help you register and enroll in your course on myITlab.

  1. Check your System Requirements to be sure your personal computer can run the software.
  2. A tutorial that will help you through the process of registering and installing myITlab step-by-step.
  3. A PowerPoint File with more information on registering and enrolling in your class for myITlab.
  4. A quick video explanation on registering and enrolling with myITlab.

Some courses now require a new eReader program called VitalSource in order to buy and access text books. For example, you must use VitalSource in order to buy “Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business, required for BUS 205 – Information Management.

A short tutorial on how to obtain your eTextbook using this new software.