Career Services Support

Career Services Support

The Department of Business Administration faculty and staff work closely with the Office of Career Services staff in helping Eastern’s Accounting, Business,BIS, and other students with related minors and certificates in achieving their post-graduation career goals! In addition, the Department of Business Administration Office staff and that of Career Services coordinate efforts in helping students gain meaningful learning work experiences through internships, co-ops, and other degree-related work and service learning experiences, while students are enrolled in one or more of the department’s programs.

Services Provided by Career Services for Business, Accounting & BIS students (video)

Work Learning Experiences: Internships & Co-ops

Program Requirements:
A formally approved Internship or Co-op experience is required of all Business Administration major students and electives by students majoring in Accounting or BIS. All incoming students will be required to complete an internship or co-op under Eastern’s Liberal Arts Works requirement (LAW requirement). For an unpaid internship position and the BUS-490 Internship seminar class, a student recieves credits.

Business Administration Major – Internship Position Option:
The Business Administration Major Internship program consists of students working a total of 224 hours (i.e. 16 hours/week for 14 weeks) during the course of a semester, summer, or interim break at an unpaid position in a career field that relates to their career goal objective.

The Department of Business Administration works closely with local and regional businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies in lining up a number of different types of positions in a variety of organizations from which to interview and work.

The Business Administration Internship Program is administered by the Department of Business Administration [Webb Hall 423, University Assistant Karen Crowley (860) 465-4627]. Please feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss any business internship program questions.

Co-op Option:
Paid work positions relating to students’ career objectives are formally called “co-op” positions, which are administrated by the Office of Career Services located in Wood Support Services Building [2nd Floor – Room 239; (860) 465-4436].

If the paid “co-op” position is to be officially counted towards the Business Administration, Accounting or BIS majors, then close coordination and formal approval is required from the corresponding Department of Business Administration Internship Coordinator as well as that of the Office of Career Services.

Feel free to contact the Department of Business Administration Office [Webb Hall 423 (860) 465-4627] with any co-op/internship coordination questions.

Career Services Support of Professional and Post Graduation Career Goals

The Department of Business Administration works closely with the Office of Career Services in assisting Accounting, Business Administration and BIS major and minor students in their search for post graduation career positions. Students are encouraged to contact and work with the Office of Career Services a full year in advance of their expected graduation date in refining their professional career resumes, interviewing techniques, job search strategies, and job position research efforts as well as to discuss their career objectives and dreams with their departmental faculty advisor and program coordinator.

Multiple career events are held every year on the Eastern campus with representatives of local, state, regional and national employers giving presentations on career opportunities in their organizations and fielding questions concerning their job openings and organizational work environments. Numerous organizations conduct individual interview sessions on campus year round with upcoming graduates and internship/co-op prospects.

Please contact the Department of Business Administration and the Office of Career Services for more details on upcoming organizational recruiter visits and other special Career Services events.

Department of Business Administration faculty and staff encourage students to utilize the Office of Career Services for the following:

  • Career Counseling – clarifying career goals, exploring options, assessing interests and talents
  • Resume Review – offering constructive feedback on resumes and cover letters and resume preparation tips from a Human Resource Perspective.
  • Career Workshops – exploring career options, refining interview skills and job search management
  • Focus and Other Job Posting Sites – proactively creating, planning and managing ones career goals and job search efforts through software and online career websites
  • Alumni and Business Networking – connecting with recent alumni and local businesses through informal panel discussions and other semi-casual events
  • Career Information Center – perusing career and employer literature as well as information on graduate schools and professional society organizations and certifications
  • Interviewing Services – scheduling interviews with organizations recruiting on campus

Note: For detail information on additional services provided by the Office of Career Services, please visit their website.

Students are encouraged to consult with their Department of Business Administration faculty advisor and professors in terms of:

  • Learning about specific career fields and positions and selecting relevant courses
  • Mapping interests, courses, skills and talents into job search strategies
  • Developing post-graduation career strategies and goals
  • Obtaining business career feedback and suggestions on resumes and cover letters
  • Serving as references for academic and/or work performance
  • Gaining rich insights into local, regional and national employers and their work culture
  • Facilitating contacts with representatives of local, regional or national employers

Career Options – Things to Remember

  • Many of the most exciting, high-growth, and highly paid careers are at the intersections of multiple fields related to business and BIS. (Consider adding a minor, additional concentrations, and/or extra courses outside your Major to let you go in life and your career where you want.)
  • If you are interested in working in a particular type of job position or organization, be sure to tell your faculty advisor and a Career Services counselor during your first semesters at Eastern of your interest. They might have contacts in your field or organizations of interest.