Business Information Minor Combos

A BIS Minor provides career flexibility & technical skills to complement many majors

Are you planning to major in Accounting, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Science, Economics or Digital Art & Design? A Business Information Systems (BIS) minor adds greater flexibility and relevant technical skills to compliment many other majors & concentrations.

In this economy employers are looking for people with integrated skill sets that prepare them for the careers of the 21st Century!

Eastern offers a Business Information Systems Minor designed to complement various business related majors and concentrations by providing you the matching information systems and technology skills needed for your major and discipline concentration or professional career that give you a competitive edge in the job market. Multiple BIS Minor electives can be selected from to compliment you major, concentration, and/or career plans.

Eastern offers majors in:
Accounting (ACC), Computer Science(CS), Communications(COM), Economics(ECO) Environmental Earth Science (EES), Public Health (PH), Digital Art(DA), BIS, and Business Administration with Concentrations in:

  • Finance (Fin)
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • International Business (Intl B)
  • Management (Mgmt)
  • Marketing (Mktg)
  • Operations Management (OM)

BIS Minor Requirements

Business Information Systems Minor requires three BIS courses:
BUS 205 – Information Management
BUS/BIS 361 – Business Information Systems & Web Technologies
BIS 370 – Systems Analysis and Design

and ONE of the following foundational Business Discipline Courses:
ACC 201 – Principles of Accounting
BUS 201 – Principles of Management
BUS 225 – Principles of Marketing
BUS 245 – Business Finance, or
BUS 260 – Operations Management

CourseTitleComplements the following disciplines
BIS364Introduction to Social InformaticsHR, Mgmt, Intl B., Comm., Ph
BIS365Emerging Technologies & Business ApplicationsCS, Fin, Intl B, Mgmt, Mrkg, OM, Comm
BIS367Human-Comp Interface Health-ISPH, HR, CS, Mgmt, HS
BIS368Inter-Organizational Healthcare ManagementDm, Acc, Fin, Cs, PH, HS
BIS375Electronic CommerceFin, Mrkg, OM, Comm, DA
BIS377Organizational Website & Database ManagementAcc, CS, Fin, Mgmt, Mrkg, OM, DA
BIS430Enterprise Resource Planning and E-BusinessAcc, Intl B, Mgmt, OM, Cs
BIS440Business Data Communications and E-NetworksCS, OM, Comm
BIS442Information Technology Project ManagementAcc, CS, Intl B, Mgmt, OM
BIS447Business Intelligence and Data SolutionsAcc, CS, Fin, Mrkg, Mgmt, OM
BIS462Seminar In Healthcare InformaticsHR, Mgmt, OM, PH
ACC420Accounting Information Technology & BusinessAcc
BUS445Case Studies in Financial Management Using SpreadsheetFin
BUS469Seminar in Special Topics (E-Business)Fin, Mgmt, Mrkg, OM

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